10 Most Important Things to Talk About With a Girl You Just Met

By John Simon
10 Most Important Things to Talk About With a Girl You Just Met - Dating Advice

Talking with a girl you just met can seem pretty challenging, especially if it's your first time.

Luckily, learning a few critical conversation topics to start with can help you avoid those awkward silences and allow you to create positive connections.

The following are some of the main things you need to use to create a flowing conversation that ultimately creates attraction with a girl you just met.

1. Start with Appreciation

An easy way to start talking to a girl is beginning with a basic hello. Next, consider following it up with an appreciation of their specific traits or appearance. It could be the clothes they are wearing, their unique eye or hair color or even their smile. Remember that honest appreciation from the heart will always lift the mood and spirits of the recipient, so it is a great place to start.

2. Discuss Hobbies

Things to Talk About With Girl You Just Met: Hobbies

A reliable way to initiate a conversation is to ask a girl about her favorite hobbies, interests, and pastimes.

She'll be excited to discuss and share her interests with you as these are things she enjoys doing in her free time.

You can use this information to learn more about her as you also share your hobbies. You may even find out that you share a few mutual interests that will bring you two closer together.

3. Talk about Environmental Observations

Take advantage of the current surroundings that you are in to find things to discuss.

For example, you can review the kind of restaurant you're currently sitting in, the food and also the people sitting around you.

A fun game to consider playing here is to watch people and come up with exciting stories to describe what they could be doing.

This tip puts both of you on one team, which helps grow your connection.

4. Aspirations and Dreams

Nowadays, women are more concerned with career progression, and therefore have several aspirations and dreams in their lives.

Ask her about her main goals in life, and make sure you listen keenly.

Ask the reasons for having those goals to find out what she considers fundamental.

Also, by focusing this question on her aspirations, it allows her to freely contribute as these are issues that she's passionate about with strong feelings.

5. Work

Things to Talk About With Girl You Just Met: Work and Career

Ask her about what she does for work. How long has she worked there?

Does she like it and if not what's the one thing she would change about it?

How are her coworkers?

These questions are pretty straightforward, and you can also share your own workplace experiences.

Even though you may not be in the same working sector, you can always find everyday encounters that you both share.

6. Emotional Views

Women usually get sensitive and emotional when discussing relationships. If you ask the right questions here, they can work great for you.

Nudge her to share her thoughts on various relationship situations, like live-in relations, infidelity, and others.

These topics are always full of content, and you will likely spend a few minutes discussing relationships.

If you feel that you've developed an understanding of her assessments on relationships, then you can request her to share about any previous relationships.

She can let you know how she handled those issues.

However, if you feel some discomfort from the lady's end, quickly change to a lighter topic. And, ensure you apologize for the questions to retain the friendly vibe (more on this here).

7. Important Life Lessons

Discussing life lessons is an excellent method of taking the conversation to a deeper level.

By asking about what she learned from a specific story introduces a brand new dimension to your discussion.

For example, include the feelings that made you do a particular action and the crucial lessons you learned from that experience.

Now, you have provided plenty of hooks that enable the discussion to spontaneously and effortlessly evolve into other topics.

8. Current Events and Pop Culture

Pop Culture, Music and Events While Dating - Things To Talk About

If you get stuck, asking about views on current events or pop culture can assist in keeping a conversation going and avoid the awkward silence.

This question represents a broad category, and you can ask everything from favorite music and movies to whatever is currently getting too much news coverage.

Nevertheless, make sure you don't rely on a single topic to keep things interesting.

When it comes to current events, there are a plethora of sub-topics to talk about with her. You just have to come up with as many as you can.

For example;

  • Entertainment/Celebrities
  • Politics (be careful with this one though)
  • Educations
  • Etc.

Those are just a little I can remember for now but you can come up with interesting topics to keep the conversation going. And if you found out that she likes to talk about a topic more than the others, then stick that one as long as you can.

9. What's the Wildest Thing that She's Ever Done

Most girls would be willing to share their wildest experiences.

If you're talking to a shy lady who doesn't feel comfortable discussing it, you can tell her that you won't change your views about her even after she shares her wildest experience.

You can even start playing a fun game where you come up with crazy things to do together, like going on adventures.

This is one of the most pleasant things to discuss with a girl and most are more than willing to share with you their most favorite adventure trips.

You can never go wrong with this.

10. Friends and Family

Do you have a best friend, and how long is your friendship?

Do you like having lots of friends in your circle or just a couple of very close ones?

What fun things do you enjoy doing when hanging out with friends? All these questions can get quite personal.

So, ensure you save them for the later part of the conversation once you know the lady a bit better.

This is certainly one of the best things you can talk to a girl and I'm willing to bet that almost every girl is willing to share with you a thing or two about their family or friends.

But you must be very careful though not to ask her deep questions most especially about her family.

Many girls find it annoying and she may not be willing to give you satisfying answers at that point in time.

Talking About Friends and Family With Girl You Just Met - Dating Advice and Things To Talk About

You can also ask about her relationships with her family. That includes things like the number of siblings, their family traditions and asking whether she goes to plenty of family meetings.

Talking about family enables her to give you a sneak peek into the people she cares about, and you can also respond by doing the same.

It is also an excellent opportunity to learn about her family values, which will let you know if she's your type or not.


Now you should have quite a few things to discuss with a girl you just met.

Remember, always to take things slowly.

You want to ensure that you are kind, respectful and friendly in how you talk to her.

With these tips, you will find it easier every time you interact with a girl as you will gradually become a better communicator.

John Simon

John Simon

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