10 Unusual Things that Arouse Men

By Michelle Austin
10 Unusual Things that Arouse Men - Dating Advice

Every man has his likes and dislikes when it comes to becoming intimately aroused. Some are fairly normal, and others can be quite out there. Due to the wide variety of males and their mindsets, some things that sexually excite them can be quite interesting to investigate. In this article, we will present you with 10 uncommon ways to sexually arouse a man.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes your male partner tick sexually and how to turn a guy on, you came to the right place. Surely the things that arouse men are all over the place. It is not just the common things, such as a beautiful smile, luscious eyes, big breasts, or positive character traits. In truth, there are pretty exotic methods to turn a guy on. The various ways to arouse your guy range from interesting, delightful, to shocking. We can assure you that some of the things we will tell you will be pretty surprising. They include much more than what is conventionally known – be your prettiest self and touch him to arouse sexual interest. If you’ve ever struggled with keeping him turned on, these 10 tips might just help you put some new tricks up your sleeves regarding the art of successful seduction. In case you still are looking for someone to seduce, try your love luck with the best online dating sites. Let’s dive in.

Long Arms

Australian researchers found some staggering facts when they presented men with photos of different women. It was not the women who had the biggest chest, smallest waist, or shiniest eyes. Lo and behold – the ones with the longest arms were rated as being the sexiest. These scientists speculated that these findings could indicate that long arms make a woman appear leaner. This in turn could act as a sign for reproductive fertility.

The Smell of Cinnamon Buns

According to some experts from Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, the smell of cinnamon buns will get a man in a raunchy mood. Why does this work? God only knows, but next time you are on a date, ditch the perfume and dash yourself with some cinnamon essence to win over a man.


Watermelons are not only incredibly delicious; they also contain a great number of nutrients. One of which is an amino acid named citrulline. According to a study from Texas A&M University, citrulline has an effect on men that is similar to Viagra.

A Bad State of the Global Economy

It may be hard to believe, but hear us out. When times are tough economically, the mind tries to search for more primal ways of upping one’s worth and sense of achievement. According to a study performed by the University of Kansas, creating offspring is high on that primal list of achievements from an evolutionary perspective.

Male buddies

Research from Canada McMaster University showed that being around other guys works to increase a sense of sexual competition. This works to ramp sexual desire. Anecdotally, it can be experienced when there are many males around a few females. The sense of competition makes guys try harder to be liked by the few females around.

A Female Counterpart

Men tend to like females that resemble their own body shape. This was found by researchers at Southern Illinois University. A body type that resembles the one of a particular man is seen as optimal for reproduction from a biological standpoint. Like attracts like, as the adage goes.

Being Scared

According to a Canadian study, sexual arousal is greatly increased when one is frightened and anxious. This could be because when you are anxious, all the body senses are heightened, therefore even the slightest sexual stimulating thing works much more efficiently. On the other hand, it could be that when one is frightened, the body looks to release the build-up tension. In any case, you could give taking your guy out for a scary movie, if you want to score.

Fresh Bed Sheets

The body loses almost five thousand million skin cells during a 24-hour period. Additionally, there is a whole lot of oils, bacteria, and all sorts of nasty stuff that is being dropped from the body daily. Such facts are quite inspiring when it comes to changing bed sheets regularly. A study from the National Sleep Foundation suggests that the body senses how clean or dirty the bed sheets are, and naturally, the clean variant is preferred. It follows that humans tend to relax more in a clean bed, which in turn opens the gateway to enjoying all types of sexual arousal. Conscious or subconscious, dirty sheets are surely a turn off in any case. If you want to be successful in seducing your man, arouse your man on a clean slate.

Unusual things that arouse men: Infidelity

Apparently, guys produce more sperm and develop an increased interest in sexual activity if they have a suspicion of their partner cheating on them. Say you and your girlfriends take a trip far away, where you let loose, go to clubs and enjoy yourselves. It will work to induce something called ‘sperm competition”, according to researchers from Florida Atlantic University. Use this technique to arouse your partner at your own risk. Playing with faking infidelity can quickly escalate into a heated conflict. If you are smart enough to use it to your ability, you might just heat things sexually with a little induced competition for your guy.

The Color Red

Red is a color that is direct, evocative, and exudes passion upon the simple sight. When you look at popular culture, a sexy lady in a red dress has achieved an iconic status in the minds of men. This is not a coincidence. The mind reacts to red as something that signifies sexual interest, according to researchers from the University of Rochester. If you want to arouse a guy that has caught your eye, redden up those cheeks, layer on that bright red lipstick, and wear a flashy dress. It will work to signify ripeness, as well as an increased blood flow, which mimics a state of sexual arousal. This is an innocent way of integrating some well-known arousal techniques, and you might just find that it works like a blast.

As you can see, there are quite a few lesser-known arousal tips that will get a man heated up. If you employ these intelligently, your chances of seducing a man will be highly increased. Some tricks are dirtier than others, but you can get away with a combination of fairly innocent ways to increase arousal. On your next date, be sure to wear red, have some cinnamon essence on you, and have some watermelon ready as a snack. You might just find that your man will show an increased interest in you. Try them and tell us how it worked out. Additionally, we really appreciate hearing your opinions, best sex tips, and arousal techniques in the comment section below!

Michelle Austin

Michelle Austin

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