10 Ways to Impress a Girl Online

By Leyla Leech
10 Ways to Impress a Girl Online - Dating Advice

No matter how many times you’ve tried out online dating, you can agree with us that women can be a bit unpredictable. The approach you used on Lisa and got her to fall for you in a matter of hours can backfire terribly when used on Anna. It’s almost as if these ladies constantly evolve to be resistant to men’s charms and it can be pretty frustrating.

However, there are a couple of well-guarded tips that we want to share with you. These tips work irrespective of whether you’re trying to woo a mail order bride or just seeking to get your Facebook crush to notice you. Why are we so sure that these tips will work? We are confident because they have worked for many people using online dating platforms.

This article is not about to encourage you to be someone you’re not. Those kinds of tactics rarely work and even when they do, they get exposed in no time. The tips we will show you focus on understanding the girl you want to impress enough to predict what she wants to see in you. Afterward, you can focus the spotlight on those aspects of your life that will impress her.

So, if you want to impress a girl online, you should try to:

1. Initiate Conversations

Since you are the one trying to impress the girl, you should be the one to send the first messages. Try starting your day typing pleasant morning messages and ending it with soothing night texts. You can then hold captivating conversations in between. Doing this makes her feel like she's always on your mind, and girls love thoughtful guys.

How you start the conversation matters too. If your messages are lousy, have traces of misogyny, or plain disgusting, she may ignore you. You have to study her carefully to understand the kind of messages she appreciates and then tailor your approach accordingly.

2. Be Patient

Girls love to see how serious you are and they can only see that in how persistent you are with texting them. However, in a bid to persevere in your attempts to get her attention, don’t make the mistake of bugging her relentlessly. You see, there is a fine line between being patient in your advances and pestering a girl.

Don't send multiple messages at once. It just makes you look desperate for her attention and that doesn’t earn you any gold points in her book. Instead, you should just send a thoughtful message at a time until she responds.

You are most likely not the only guy texting her, so you have to be patient. Understanding that you are not entitled to a response from her will put things into perspective. So, take it in good faith if she takes longer to respond to your messages but still persevere.

3. Be Sincere

If you really want to impress a girl on social media and move from online conversations to a physical meetup, then sincerity of purpose will go a long way. You see, with girls you have to be as honest and open as possible. They get a lot of advances from men and many have learned to use certain behavioral patterns to sieve out phony guys.

Be real when chatting with her. For most of your discussions, try not to brag about your ‘achievements.’ Many ladies see this as male strutting, and except when she’s just in it for what she can get from you, it won’t impress her. If you feel that you aren’t impressive enough and she’s out of your league, lying isn’t the solution.

A great alternative is to share your plans with her. Ask for her input in little decisions, such as where you’d have breakfast, and she’ll be more than happy to chip in. Making her feel like she's part of your life will create a soft spot in her heart for you far more than putting on a facade will.

4. Be Sensitive and Pay Attention to Her

When you find a bride online and you want to impress her, you may feel the need to ask her questions about herself. Listen to her answers but also pay attention to what she’s not saying. Note when she ignores a particular question as this may mean that she's not interested in answering it.

It may also mean that the answer is too personal, and that’s fine. Depending on how well you vibe, it may take her time to open up to you. Be attentive and she will feel more comfortable around you. Pay attention to the fine details like memorable dates, as girls love it when you remember things that are important to them. It may be trivial to you but it is a big deal for them.

5. Use Words That Will Make Her Feel Safe

Dating Advice: Use Words That Will Make Her Feel Safe

When conversing with a girl online, it’s important that you make her feel safe around you. A way to go about this is by showing that you have a healthy respect for women. This will make her trust you and let her guard down considerably.

Never say things that may be generally termed misogynistic, especially with the feminism movement now in full force. Also, don't use anything she shares with you against her - it’s an instant turn off for women. Avoid manipulative tactics such as goading her into trusting you by saying, "Your secret is safe with me". When chatting with a stranger, trust is something you have to earn, and it’s the same when you are trying to impress a girl online, especially if she’s an introvert.

6. Be Pleasantly Unpredictable

As a guy out on a mission to impress a girl, don't be rigid. Be pleasantly unpredictable when dealing with her. You can call her out of the blues, send memes that remind you of something about her personality or randomly send flowers to her at work. But don't do this too often and pay attention to how she reacts to your actions. If she reciprocates the gesture, then she's interested in you.

7. Talk About Some of Your Achievements

Before you confuse this advice with the earlier suggestion to leave bragging out of the equation, let’s clear it up. When with a girl online, it’s fine to occasionally mention something worthwhile that you have done (or are doing). This is not the same as bragging.

The tone of voice and the circumstances under which you mention an achievement matter. Never randomly blurt out something notable you did. Instead, wait until your discussion naturally aligns with that achievement and then casually mention what you’ve accomplished.

For example, if you both love basketball and are discussing The Lakers’ latest win, you can mention that you were also good at basketball in high school. Wait for her to bite the line and probably mention how good you must’ve been at playing this game.That’s when you can go on about how many championships you helped your team win.

8. Come Up With Interesting Topics

Find out what she likes and pick an interest in it. This approach will ensure that you raise engaging conversations about the things she loves. For example, if she's interested in politics, respectfully bring up a contrary opinion and let her debate it with you. If you are wondering what topics to talk about concerning what she loves, use online resources like Quora that provide questions and answers on any subject matter.

Holding her in interesting conversations will have her swooning. This is one good way to get ahead of competition and have her spend more time talking with you than with other men. Having intelligent conversations with her will have her thinking about you and craving to spend more time with you.

9. Give Her Space

Even after you become a couple online, don't impose anything on her; instead, let her have time to herself. When you are just talking online, it can quickly get boring. So, to avoid getting into a funk, give her space occasionally to make her miss you. Don't assume that she's interested in taking the relationship to the next level and don't force meetups.

Respect her privacy and be understanding when she refuses to do certain things. She will appreciate it if you give her time to recharge. However, don’t stay away for too long or else, she may start losing interest.

10. Let Her Express Herself

Don't be the only person always doing all the talking. It will make you appear selfish if you always talk about yourself. Constantly ask her for her opinion and respect what she brings to the table even if you don’t opt to go with her choices. Don't expect her to be okay with you doing all the talking as communication is not a one-way activity.

Now That You Know These Tips

What do you do after you’ve succeeded in impressing her? Many men fail spectacularly at this point. This is because they assume that impressing a lady online is an activity that has a window period, when in fact, it is something to be done throughout the relationship. When a girl is used to the positive vibes that you displayed to get her to like you, she will expect more of the same when you start dating. It’s recommended that you maintain that energy if you want your relationship to last.

Leyla Leech

Leyla Leech

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