5 Best Ways to Make a Good Impression

By Rachael Sullivan
5 Best Ways to Make a Good Impression

Many things often depend on the first impression! Join us to learn about everything you can do to make sure you leave the best one!

We all make quick judgments when we meet someone for the first time. In the first few seconds after seeing someone, our brain processes this person's face, making us conclude about him or her in general. So basically, we believe that based on this, we can say whether this person is friendly, trustworthy, competent, honest, and so on.

Keep in mind that everyone has only one chance to make a good impression. Even if you are faking it, if you wish and manage to present yourself as reliable, this impression will remain, and people will keep counting on you! It is why a good first impression is essential! A good impression makes such an impact makes a lot of us anxious about meeting new people, especially when we consider these meetings as significant. Now, the feelings of discomfort and anxiety that we mentioned earlier might and often do arrive from the fact that these first impressions are often contradictory to the reality of who we are. With this, we don't intend to say that the goal is to mislead someone. But, usually, when we know that we will meet someone for the first time, we want to present ourselves in the best light possible. Therefore, we take time to prepare and stay on top of our game during this first meeting. Fear will be there, however, because we cannot be sure that we will be able to meet the future expectations of someone who formed the opinion based on the first impression.

If you find yourself in this situation, we would like to point out that you are not the only one who is feeling this way. Many people, including us, know quite well what you are going through, and thus we decided to help you in your endeavor to make a good impression whether you are meeting someone for the first time on free hookup sites or in real life.

What is Good Impression

Most of us grew up with messages related to the importance of a good impression. We were told we have to do everything to make an excellent first impression in school, neighborhood, etc.

But, do we know what a good impression is? Is it such a universal thing, or what is good for one group of people doesn't necessarily have to be seen that way by another? So, generally speaking, the psychological definition of the first impression is the event in which a person forms an opinion about another person they just met, judging only by the appearance. Making a good first impression is equally important in all parts of the world, but the ways to do it are different. On that note, the main question that appears in the minds of many people is โ€“ How can we make sure to each time make a good impression, regardless of who we are meeting? A lot of people say that after mastering this, you have a useful skill that will bring you a lot of benefits throughout life.

If you are concerned about this, you are definitely in the right place. The good news here is that there are pretty universal things that can help you figure out how to leave a good impression in literally every situation. In this text, we decided to present five of them that we see as the most effective.

Be Mindful of Your Words

It is often neglected, but the fact is that words have more significance than you might think. If you tell positive words, the people who are listening to you will be more open and receptive to what you are saying. It doesn't mean you need to be flakey when you speak. You can use simple positive language and some good first impression words to motivate your listeners. As we mentioned, this can be useful when you are meeting someone in a romantic, but it brings the most advantages when used in a business meeting, job interview, etc.

The main reason is that it sends the message not just that you are positive, but also energetic, enthusiastic, and capable that are all highly sought qualities in the business world. Also, keep in mind that it is best to avoid fillers such as 'um' 'like' etc., as they will send a message that you are not confident and knowledgeable.

Pay Attention to the Body Language

You have probably heard a million times how important it is to have a good first impression body language! But what do people mean when they talk about body language?! Is it just the way you stand? Or shake hands? Oh no, when we mention effective body language, we have much more in mind! Okay, so let's imagine that your arms are crossed on your chest for the first time when you meet someone? What does this say? As you can imagine, this kind of posture will send someone a message to stay away from you! So what you should do is keep your posture fully open, instead! Besides, during the conversation with someone, lean towards them to show that you are interested in what they are saying and that you are actively listening. Also, if hand gestures are your thing in general, don't stop using them now! Keep in mind that body language reveals a lot about how you feel, and thus this is also an essential tip for a good impression date!

Be Attentive of the Volume and the Tone of Your Voice

Some people talk louder than others. It is perfectly okay when you are with friends and people who know you. However, if you are talking loudly, make sure that your volume is down when you meet someone for the first time, as this can be interpreted as shouting. On the other hand, you also have to try not to be too quiet because people can see you as insecure and shy in this case. Besides the volume, try to ensure that you are attentive to your tone. If you speak in a monotonous way, people are going to lose interest.

Keep Eye Contact

Many people find this quite difficult. During the first meeting, we tend to be nervous and anxious, and thus it can make us wish to look anywhere but in the eyes of our interlocutor. However, when you make eye contact with a person you are speaking with, you exhibit confidence. It also shows that you respect that person.

Engage in Small Talk

When it comes to small talk, we are truly divided โ€“ some of us can't wait to jump at the opportunity while others avoid engaging in it whenever possible. However, regardless of your personal feelings about it, you need to remember that it is critical when you want to make a good impression. There are loads of good first impression questions you can also use for small talk, whether during the date, job interview, or something else.

Final Word

The most important thing when you are trying to make a good impression is to be genuine. Worrying that you made a mistake, or that you are misunderstood, etc. will only send a message that you are insecure and not sincere. The more you present yourself as you are, the more people will love you! Also, it will be much easier to preserve the image you presented at the first meeting. What is your advice on leaving a good first impression?

Rachael Sullivan

Rachael Sullivan

About The Author: Rachael Sullivan is a family lawyer for many years with a sole practice in family law. She met her husband on Dating Ranking and now she enjoys sharing healthy tips for relationships so that it can be as easy and happy as possible because words are powerful and can change everything.