9 Unusual Texts That Get You Dates

By Kee Pole
9 Unusual Texts That Get You Dates

Getting the first date from a girl (or boy) you like can be nerve-wracking. You are there imagining how they will react if you were to ask them out.

However, it’s better to go ahead and ask them once and for all that to wait and regret later. Remember that you might not be the only one interested in her. Therefore, you need to ensure the first move comes from you.

How to go about it is the question.

Many people will agree asking your crush out in-person is not very easy. You might get nervous and do something that does not paint a very good picture of you.

It has been proven that texting is the most effective way of setting such a conversation in motion. No matter the age, personality, or whatever the case may be, you can use a nice text to make a girl fall in love with you and do anything you ask of her.

But do you know how to text a girl? This is perhaps the most important question you should ask yourself before starting.

Texting can be easy if you are only responding to the other person. It can get tricky if you are the one initiating the conversation and setting it in the right direction.

In this guide, we will be sharing 9 unusual texts that get you dates. They are unusual because of their simplicity, which one would not expect to work.

Remember, securing the first date is the perfect opportunity to know if she likes you or not. The second and third dates will take care of themselves.

However, we will include texts that will get you a second date, in case you are not sure about what to do after the first.

1. I just wanted to say hi and check on your day

If you want a girl to fall for you, the first thing you do is show her that you care. Every girl wants to feel special and know that someone is looking out for them.

This may not be a typical let’s-go-on-a-date text, but you need to start somewhere to get anywhere. It is crucial to let your crush know that they hold a special place in your heart.

Any texting expert will tell you that this is a great check-in text. You can also use it as a check-in after the first date to let her know that you are still interested.

We all have bad days and may need someone to tell us that everything is going to be ok. This much is true, especially for girls.

Another important thing to remember is when to send this message. As you can see, this is not a text you will just send her at any time of day.

Consider sending this in the middle of the day, if you already wished her a good day in the morning.

There are several reasons this text will result in a date:

  • It shows concern and love. You are not pouring your heart out directly with the L-word, but the tone in the text gives it away.
  • It’s simple and direct. It doesn’t show any bad intentions. There is nothing else to think about but that someone cares about the recipient.
  • Girls love it when you check-in on them. Yes, every girl will be thrilled to know someone will always be checking in on them. This text will make them feel special and agree to a date, whether they just want to be polite or really like you.

2. “Hey, Cindy! Wanna grab an ice cream before *event*?”

If there is an event in your neighborhood that you know she would be thrilled to attend, it would be a good idea to take advantage of it and ask her out.

It could be a basketball game between your home team and another team or some locally organized races. Whatever the case, make sure you know she is attending the event.

Also, be sure to ask for the date before the game starts. This is because you might be so busy enjoying the event that you don’t get the opportunity to talk to her.

Asking her to go out gives you a chance to talk to her before the event begins. You can use that opportunity to ask her about anything you want, and she might be happy to answer all your questions.

Pick your location carefully so that you don’t walk just about anywhere. If you know a park nearby, you can stroll through it as you enjoy a bite.

And here are a few reasons why this text is a great way to ask for a date:

  • It’s not too direct. Some people don’t ask girls out because they are afraid of being rejected. Asking indirectly can help you get over this fear. Chances are she will either figure out you are asking her out on a date, or she will assume it’s just a bite.
  • It triggers a certain response. One of the best characteristics of effective texters is that they are able to send texts they already know the possible reactions to. This text will trigger a response that you may have already anticipated. It could come from your previous conversations with her or be based on how much you already know her.

You don’t need to focus only on ice cream. You can use anything else, as long as you are sure she might like it. Or give her several options so that she can choose what she likes.

3. Hey Alice. Texting you over the past few days has made me feel good. I wonder how it would feel to talk to you face to face!

We already know that texting is a great way to let someone know that you care about them. However, your aim should not be to continue chatting over the phone, but go out with her.

This is one of the texts you send your crush to let her know that you value her company. No woman will reject being appreciated as a special part of someone’s life.

Send this text within a week of meeting her or getting her number.

Here are some reasons why this message will work:

  • It compliments her indirectly. By telling her that you enjoyed chatting with her, it means she is already charming. But telling her directly may seem too flirty. There is nothing wrong with flirting a bit, but sometimes it’s nice to keep it subtle.
  • You are interested in meeting her. If you appreciate her over text, it would be easier to enjoy her company in person.
  • It triggers excitement. How would you feel if someone told you they found you attractive and fun? Such compliments trigger excitement in a person that does not go away easily. You can use the same idea to get her on your good side.

Include her name in this text. Casual texts beginning with “hey” or “hey there” are not the best idea if you are looking for something extra. Getting personal by mentioning her name tells her a lot about how much you are attached to her.

4. I didn’t know you were this smart and intelligent. I can’t wait to get to know you better. How about a cup of coffee this afternoon, if you are free?

We all love compliments. Every compliment you throw at someone makes them feel special and wanted.

Girls love it even more when you tell them how special they are. This text is a wonderful way of evoking that feeling on your crush.

Here is why this text will work:

  • It’s a compliment on her personality rather than her appearance. There is nothing wrong with telling a girl she is beautiful, but this is too obvious and flirty. She may think you are only interested in her physical appearance – you don’t want to show this, even if you are. Complimenting her personality goes deeper. It will also make her feel especially important.
  • Asking her if she has time is polite and considerate. It’s important to make sure she is free before you invite for on the date.
  • It’s simple. There is nothing hidden in this text that needs interpretation.

5. *Artist name* is coming to town. Knowing how much you like them, I have grabbed two tickets. Would you like to come with me?

Does she like music? Who is her favorite artist? These are some of the things that will get you a date almost immediately.

However, make sure you get the facts straight because the idea here is to surprise her. Find out about her love for music or anything else that might excite her.

Here are the reasons this text will work:

  • It puts her first. Chances are she does not even know something like this is going down. Telling her about it shows you care and understand what she likes the most.
  • It’s a polite way to ask someone out. This text can help you find out if the girl likes you too. It’s simple and straight to the point.

The main idea here is ensuring you know her well to be certain she will love the idea.

6. I would rate our first date at a solid 9 out of 10. What is your take?

First dates can be very tricky. Many people don’t like them and might not even want to think about going on a second one.

It is important to know how she feels about your first encounter if you wish to get a second date. This is one of the best texts to send her for this purpose.

This text will work first because you have already assured her that you liked the first date. You are telling her that she is likable, and you would love to do it again, given the chance.

Encourage them to rate the first date because that is the only way to can be sure of a second one. It’s not about what you liked but about what they liked.

7. I just went by that new Indian restaurant you mentioned yesterday. Can we check it out this Sunday evening?

Whether you are looking for the first date or the second one, using what she said can be a great way of getting a quick ‘yes.’

Note that you are referring to your previous conversations, which is a wonderful way of showing your crush how much you care. You can quote a new restaurant or an upcoming movie that you both want to see.

This inspirational text will not disappoint her, nor should it disappoint you. It is a good reason to want to see her.

8. I just saw the new picture you uploaded, and I think you are amazing. I can’t wait to meet you personally.

Compliments have never failed in arousing an incredible feeling of excitement and self-worth. If you are sure she uploaded a new photo on any social media, it could be a good idea to use that as an excuse to see her.

Making her feel special and wanted is an assurance that you already like her. There is no reason she wouldn’t want to go on a date.

9. I have to admit; I was very nervous on our first date. But I thought it went really well. I can’t stop smiling, thinking about what happened. Perhaps we can do it again.

Again, here is a great text you can send a girl after your first date that will get you another one. It is a self-explanatory message, and you can always tell from her reaction if you will be getting another one.

It’s another way of asking her to rate your first date, letting you know what she feels, and if a second is one great. You are also checking on her to see if she is ok.


A good text will get you a date. The most important consideration is that it must show a lot of care for the other person and that you want to meet them.

Kee Pole

Kee Pole

About The Author: Kijan "Kee" Pole is an expert dater, texter, and coach who helps men do great with women. He brings a fun, flirtatious style to dating and gets his students to do so too. Kee writes for men's dating advice site Girls Chase.