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By Erin Miller
Find Out How to Meet New People and Make Them Friends - Best Dating Dating Advice

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Isn't it shocking that most of us are going through loneliness? And according to facts, most of the people are unaware of how to meet new people.

We have social media that has united the world, which promises to bring everyone closer. Therefore, now we have full liberty to make as many friends as we want, yet we feel lonely! How Ironical!

It is like having everything at one moment, and nothing at the other! Alas! What has happened to us?

The reason – Relationships nowadays, especially friendships, aren't as meaningful as it was before. We have stopped meeting new people and making new friends, and therefore refused to sacrifice what it takes to have a real friendship!

First of all, friendships happen! They can't be forced! But for that, you at least need to create an atmosphere and environment where they can occur and take place.

If you force any friendship, it will add more frustration and loneliness to your life. You can put yourself into the environment where you get to meet people from different backgrounds, and it might be highly possible that you might find what you are looking for!

We cannot have a virtual relationship as virtual friendship is not long-lasting. These can be only and only formed through physical interaction.

It is an obvious fact that when we were kids, making friendship was super duper easy, and we would have a lot of friends. Also, those friendships were long-lasting. But as we grew up, making friends became a tough job. Reason- We are not so free-minded and find it difficult to open up to anyone as we fear others' judgments, and ultimately we end up being lonely. Loneliness is the biggest problem in human society as every two people out of 3 feel lonely today.

Stats Time- A loneliness support group website has had 62 % more viewers than last year, and more than 1,000 people have shown their interests in the portals related to loneliness.

But this problem can be quickly done away if we learn some techniques. We can create a good atmosphere which can ensure that our loneliness can go away, and we can meet and make new friends quickly!

Below are some all-time working tips that you can use to make new friends and guide you on 'How to meet new people?'!

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1. Develop self-confidence

This is the first step to begin anything new. Having confidence means you are ready to accomplish the task. However, if you have self-doubt, you won't be able to contribute to your job altogether.

A person with confidence is easily visible in the crowd. You will be able to deliver yourself effectively in front of others and make new friends easily.

  • 1. Look For something you are passionate about, or you like
  • Harsh Truth- Friendship can only occur among equals.

If people are poles apart, It is challenging to develop a friendship between them because ideas, likes, dislikes, passions, hobbies can not converge at a point, and there won't be much to talk about.

So, you need to discover what you truly care about to start a step in the right direction and find the answer to 'How to meet new people?'

This is also a problem with many of us, as we have no idea what we genuinely care about. We instantly leave a person when we find out that he/she isn't the same person as we thought!

2. Discover the groups as per your passion

It would help if you started searching for groups that are in line with your interests.

You can find many such places near the area where you reside. After discovering places, you need to decide which is nearest to you or select it at your convenience.


  • If you are passionate about fitness, you can join a gym to see many like-minded people.
  • If you are passionate about helping new people, you can enter any organization which works for the same.

So there are different people with a distinct passion for living all around.

You need to find them!

3. Join the group related to that subject

Once you discover what you are passionate about, you need to do simple things. Based on your passion, you can find a platform where people with a similar passion often come and have fun together. If you join such a group, it would be easy for you to socialize with them.

You will have a lot of things to talk about, and therefore, such a place can be a paradise for you if you are looking for the answer to the question 'How to meet new people?'

Your loneliness can go away permanently, and this place will help you to have a better friendship.

  • 1. Start attending their meeting.

After you are done with selecting the group, now you need to figure out that-

  • When do they meet?
  • What do they discuss?
  • How can you participate in those groups?

You have to decide on everything thoroughly to make things easier. You can crack jokes and try to be as funny as possible once you start attending the meetings.

Fact- Funny people are more likely to attract more people.

  • 1. Ask questions and listen more.

Once you start interacting, ask as many questions as you want. Make sure that you speak too much and listen to everyone else.

You need to ask many questions, which will help you know about those people and will be able to access your decision of whether you did the right thing joining them or not.

4. Lower your expectation

We develop a lot of expectations from people in the 1st or 2nd meeting. One or two sessions are not sufficient to make new friends, but we need to invest a lot of time to have long-lasting relations. This whole process requires a lot of patience and commitment, and you must be ready for it if you want to do away your loneliness.

The expectation in one or two meetings can hurt you badly.

Disclaimer- Before developing any expectations, you need to have full trust in the person, you will make friends for a long time.

Advice- Keep your expectation low and go with the flow. It will help you deal with unwanted problems.

  • 1. Start opening-up

We all have become very reserved when it comes to opening up as we fear social judgments. This has become the new normal, and each one of us goes through it.

Tip- Do not reveal yourself ultimately but yes, up to a certain extent. Once you open up, you can expect others to open up.

Opening up is all that requires to have a strong relation.


As many people feel lonely around the world despite being surrounded by so many people, it is a severe problem and needs our maximum attention.

The only solution to this problem is to have a quality and strong friendship. It is not so easy to find new quality friends as otherwise, loneliness would not have existed.

A right atmosphere can be created that supports building up of a strong friendship.

I have given you a few steps that will surely answer your question of 'How to meet new people?'

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What should you not do while meeting new human beings?

A. Setting up many expectations in the initial meetings is a common mistake committed by most new people in the initial discussions.

Q. How to meet new people?

A. By joining groups as per your passion and hobbies, these places can help you meet similar minded persons.

Erin Miller

Erin Miller

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