How To Compliment A Woman The Magic Recipe Of A Happy Relationship

By Luisa Hilburn
How To Compliment A Woman The Magic Recipe Of A Happy Relationship

15 compliments that all modern women love to hear

Complimenting a woman who pleases you is not really easy. You do not want your words to be superficial, common and unimaginative. But at the same time, you do not want her to feel a lack of affection or love.

You must find more original themes and focus on creative compliments that will touch her right in the heart.

Compliment for a woman: the importance of sincerity and originality

What to say to a woman without being misunderstood? All the men found themselves, at least once, in the situation where they gave a compliment to an attractive woman (something like "you are really beautiful today!") Hoping to receive a "thank you". But, instead, they had a "Because I'm not beautiful the other day? ".

Sound familiar? Women are particularly picky about receiving compliments. If you say something too straightforward; you are a sex addict. If you say something too platonic, they do not get the message. As if you could never win!

We tend to forget that women too have an ego, like men. Often, when a woman reacts dramatically it is not because she is neurotic or crazy but because her ego has been touched. Besides, why do women always feel like they are competing with each other? Because their egos push them to be the most dynamic, attractive and independent person.

Why do women feel the need to control the lives of their boyfriends? Because their egos tell them: "Be careful, you get stepped on! ". Why do they waste their time with men who ignore them? Because their egos push them to conquer them.

For all these reasons, complimenting a woman is extremely important! You want to give her feelings of confidence and security and, above all, you do not want her to cry after you! Women like compliments on their personality and their intellectual qualities. And, very often, a compliment for a woman is a better sedative than any expensive gift.

As a matter of fact, they have not often heard a woman boast of the compliments her partner has made her. To help you in your quest for the perfect relationship and a happy companion, we have prepared a list of compliments for women.

List of compliments for women

List of Compliments To Give A Woman - Dating Tips

The compliments that women like to hear and what they really want to say:

1. What else can you tell me about oriental dancing (or any other subject that fascinates her)?

With this question what you really say is: I support you and I love your centers of interests. I take them as seriously as you.

2. I will not tell you that you are hot or sexy

Not because I think you are not, but because I do not think these words are strong enough to describe how I feel about you. These words can not describe all the sex appeal, charm and liveliness that emanates from you.

On the other hand, I'm going to tell you that you are beautiful because it encompasses both your physical and intellectual traits. You are more than a beautiful face.

3. I'm sad that you failed your exam (or what she planned to do)

Because you worked hard and it was really important to you. I want your goals and dreams to become mine. for better or for worse.

4. I'm not saying you're perfect

I'm just saying that I would not change anything about your physique or your personality. I love every part of you, perfect or not, because they make you unique and fascinating. I like everything that differentiates you from others. What am I telling you? That I will love you unconditionally.

5. Your personality is what I prefer at home

Compliment A Woman On Her Personality - Dating Advice

Of course, I think that you are beautiful and that you look like a supermodel. But, what I like most is our connection and the way we always have fun together. I have the impression that with you, I absolutely can not be bored. And, for me, it's more important than physical attraction.

6. I love the fact that you continue to surprise me every day

You are one of the most interesting people I have ever met and, with you, I never know what to expect. I feel like I need a whole life to get to know you.

7. It does not matter what your parents, friends or colleagues think

Your opinion is the only one that matters; everything else is relative. But if their opinions are important to you, they are important to me too. Nevertheless, your opinion dictates all this.

8. No, this outfit does not make you fat

And, if I roll my eyes is because I understand that you do not look like Scarlett Johansson but is it really important? Nobody looks like her; for me, you are much more beautiful!

9. Few people are able to talk about rebirth (or any other theme that fascinates her)

So, even if I do not know anything about this subject, I love the passion that you have for this one. I will do everything in my power to learn more about this theme. all because you interest me and I want your passions to become mine.

10. I love your insecurities

Compliment A Woman On Her Insecurities - Dating Guide

That laugh that you hate or those wrinkles that make you mad are the reasons why I fell in love with you. What you call "default" is only a mark of your authenticity and originality. I understand that you have trouble going beyond these insecurities but know that someone (me) loves you more because of (thanks to) them.

11. Stop saying you're ugly when you sleep

For me, you are adorable! You are serene, calm and rested. you look like an angel fallen from the sky.

12. I love your literary side

You like to read and it amazes me. What I mean by that is that I like your intelligence. I think you have a lot of interesting things to say and I'm really curious to hear your opinion on some global issues. I love the fact that I can learn something from you.

13. You are darling

I want you to know that you are unique to me. I know there are not many women like you on this planet and for that reason I want you to know that I appreciate everything about you. When you are sad or have a bad day, remember: you are everything to me.

14. I like even the smallest details

Your cute laugh or the head you make when you concentrate; even your way of biting your nails when you're stressed. I like the fact that I can learn more about you every day. And, I do not want it to stop.

15. I'm proud of you

This is THE compliment for a woman: I think you are impressive, accomplished and respectable. I want to support you in whatever career you choose and, more than that, I'm proud of you for the kind of woman and person you are.

Luisa Hilburn

Luisa Hilburn

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