How to Know If a Shy Girl Likes You

By Joyce Hue
How to Know if a Shy Girl Likes You

Shyness is an emotion that affects how a person feels and behaves around others. Don't be confused between shyness and being introverted. Shyness is also partly a result of genes a person has inherited. It can be influenced by behaviors that they've learned, the ways people have reacted to their shyness, and life experiences they've had.

On the other hand, shy can also be categorized as fear since shyness makes us afraid to do things that we are not used to doing. They can be very sociable around their friends and family but not with someone who's not in their circle. Meanwhile, for introverts, they are not social even with their own family. They rather spend their time alone than socialize with people.

Whether you an introvert or extrovert, when it comes to shyness, it does not depend on trait anymore. It's the fear that consumes you. Therefore, shyness is anxiousness about social interaction with someone they are crushing on.

This kind of person prefers to conceal their feelings rather than confess it to the person she likes. Even if they are good in keeping their mouth shut, but their actions speak their feelings. If you have an eye on her and want to know her more, here a list of signs to know if she likes you:

1.) She smiles and looks at you a lot

Have you noticed that she smiles and looks at you a lot? Or when both of your eyes meet, she starts to fluster? As for me, it is hard to hide my feelings around the person I like. It makes me really nervous and it is hard to deny physical attraction when you're in love.

If you really want to know the difference whether she's just being nice or she's interested in you? Try to take interest in her things. For example, if she's a bookworm try to ask her "is it fun" or "how was the plot". If she starts explaining without looking into your eyes, she might have a crush on you.

2.) She shows up with a new style

She will try her best to look good in front of you. She was also willing to change her current appearance just for you to notice her existence. From my point of view, it takes lots of effort to change my style for, but it also gave us confidence by trying something new. Even if you are not interested in someone who tries to impress you by her appearance, at least appreciate her effort.

How to know she changes for you? Changing our style, it does give us confidence and to remain calm around someone we like, it's a bit challenging. If you notice her changes, don't forget to compliment her appearance. If she blushes and is a bit nervous in replying to your compliment, then that might be it.

3.) You run into her almost everywhere

This may seem a coincidence for you but if you came across her more than twice a day, that ain't coincidence anymore. Believe me, she just wants to give you as many opportunities as you can so that you could initiate the conversation.

In order to let you initiate the conversation, she will try to find ways to make that happen. As for example, hands a handout to you, run into you in the hallway or drop her book in front of you. It may seem a coincidence to you but however, it is not.

As for me, I'm afraid to initiate the conversation since I know I will mess it up. Therefore, I rather wait until the day he will approach me.

4.) She stalks you on social media

Stalking someone on social media does sounds like a creep. However, stalking is one of the normal things to do since we have the rights to do so without any violation. To be honest, I would also do the same things. I prefer this kind of interaction rather than having a conversation face to face.

I may be sound like a creep, however, at least I know what he was doing and what his activity is. It's satisfying for me to see him happy. Even though I can't get close to him, as long as I know he's doing just fine, it's fine for me though. His happiness is my happiness.

Shy Girls Stalk Crush On Social Media

It is not easy to know whether she stalks you or not. Here list of activities I did to stalk someone I like:

  1. Instagram – Instagram gave 24hr to see who's viewed our stories. In order for him to notice me, I would be one of the fastest people to see his activity and likes his photos. What I did is I turn on post and story notifications. If he posts something, Instagram will alert me with a notification.
  2. Snapchat – Snapchat will notify you when people screenshot your updates. I can't screenshot every time he posts something, that will make me look like a creep. What I did is I screenshot things that he finds cool such as nature, animal, cute things and etc.
  3. Twitter – Twitter allows us to view people who retweet our tweet. What I did is I retweet most of his tweet in order him to notice me.

5.) She attracts your attention

Has she done something that is not her thing? As for example, you like girls who do sports. In order to attract your attention, she would join sport even though she hates it. In order to impress you, she would do something that is not her thing. How can you tell the difference whether she joins because of you or she just wants to do something new?

If you notice she is trying her hardest to focus on something, that means she does on her will. If she was doing something while glancing at you, that means she has feelings for you. This may be hard for you guys to notice, and if it constantly happens, I'm sure you will.

(Tips: Eyes never lie and if you caught her looking at you, try to reply with a smile)

6.) She is comfortable around you

As for me, if my guy's friends invite me to a party, I would rather sit at home and watch Netflix series the whole night. As for my crush, it's an exception. Even if I have to face my crush's friends, I'm okay with it as long as I can be near to my crush.

However, if she stays close to you while hanging out with your friends, that's mean she comfortable being around you. Since the shy type of person doesn't like to communicate with strangers. We would do anything for someone we love, right?

Therefore, if you manage to get her to hang out with you and your friends, that's is strong proof that she's crushing on you. It shows that she does care for you since she won't dare reject your invitation.

7.) Her friends tease her in front of you

Friends can be such a pain in the ass. They are the one who are supposed to keep this secret, but in the end, they are the one who reveal it. Friends, they don't take this matter seriously and think you are just messing around. When you got teased by your close friends, it will make you feel restless to be around your crush.

Friends Teasing Shy Girl In Front Of Crush

Same goes for her, if she got teased by her friends while glancing at you, that might be it, or it's just coincidence. Therefore, if you want to confirm it on your own, try to approach her after she got teased by her friend and see her reaction. If she is flustered and nervous, it might be that she has a crush on you.

8.) She will be clumsy when you were around

If you notice she keeps dropping her stuff if you crossed the same path. That is because she was nervous to have you around her. Therefore, if you want to confirm her feelings towards you try to pop out of nowhere while she was doing work with her friends.

If she gets flustered and can't look at you, that means she does have feelings for you. Try this method a couple of times if you can't tell the difference whether she is the clumsy type or she's nervous to be around you.

The bottom line

If you have no intention to makes her yours, then you need to remember to never cross the boundary between acquaintance and friends. However, if you are willing to accept her flaws, believe me, she will accept you with all her heart. Make sure that your intention is to have her in your heart and not a toy that you can play with.

Lastly, if you really meant to get serious with her, I wish you the best and I hope you will use these tips as a guide.

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Joyce Hue

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