How to Not Break Up With Your Partner During Self-Isolation

By Louis Robidoux
Coronavirus Dating Advice: How to Not Break Up With Your Partner During Self-Isolation

Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives and we have to cope with a lot of new things and changes. For instance, being locked at home. It seems to be great that now we can spend time with the ones we love, but weeks go by and our enthusiasm is dropping. Our partners seem to be more annoying than ever - this is the result of self-isolation.

It seems that all those things that you could bear with before the pandemic, now seem to be annoying and you are easily irritated because of that. Moreover, the most fun we can have now is to go to the store for essentials or running around your house oto have at least some exercise. So life seems boring and you have to share space with another person for 24 hours per 7 days.

In such situations, people tend to break up. So it’s important to work on your relationships during this quarantine if you don’t want to lose each other. In this article, you can learn some tips that might help you to maintain your romantic relationship, to argue less and not to go crazy while maintaining self-isolation and staying at home with your partner.

Make a Plan

It seems weird, but creating a schedule or a plan of each person’s responsibilities is something that might work. One of the reasons why couples are having problems while maintaining self-quarantine is that they blame each other for not putting enough effort. For instance, people argue over preparing food, cleaning up the dishes, not cleaning the apartment, etc.

The best way to handle such situations is to clearly state who is responsible for what. It would be wrong if only one person is responsible for everything at home since this person would feel used. This will lead to arguments and might be the reason for breaking up.

If you are working from home right now and the both of you have free schedules, you might substitute each other’s responsibilities. For example, your job allows you to work in the afternoon, so you could take the household responsibilities in the morning. And your partner can substitute you in the afternoon.

It’s essential to share the load. That way both of you will have the responsibilities, you will each be in charge of something. Eventually, you won’t have anything to argue about since you are sharing the load and each has a task to perform.

Find Your Own Space

Being locked with your partner might seem not bad at first. But eventually, people understand that they need more space. Like in life before the self-quarantine, you had your romantic life, work life, etc. You could go out with friends without your significant other. You had some hobbies and things to do without your loved one.

And that is the key. Even though now you can’t go out without a serious reason, you can find what to do while being at home. It’s great to spend time together, do something fun, but you should have personal space. Both of you need some hobbies of your own. For example, Someone might be interested in handmade stuff, while the other could read something related to construction.

You can find a ton of ideas on the Internet. Just open YouTube and seek for something that might be of your interest. Just make sure that both of you are busy separately. That way you won’t see your loved one 24/7, and you won’t start annoying each other.

Find Time for Self-Care Procedures

Some things might help you to ease up your stress. For example, having a relaxing bath with sea salt and with essential oils, having a mediation session. A good idea for women is to find some skin or hair care ideas on the Internet and apply them. First, you will have something to do. And second, without having an opportunity to visit a beauty shop, beauty procedures at home might make you feel a lot better and to regain a bit of control over your life.

Overall, both in a couple should do something relaxing that helps them ease up the stress. Even if it seems that you are OK and not too stressed, it’s a false impression. Being locked at home is stressful and it’s important to do something that helps you feel better.

Have Some Solo Time

If you live in one apartment or in one house, that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay separated from each other. Try to have some time alone, you can read a book, watch a TV-show, play an online game, etc. Both of you should have some separate space where you can hide from each other to avoid meaningless arguments and fights over nothing.

Coronavirus Dating Advice: Don't forget about intimacy

Don’t Forget About Intimacy

As it was mentioned above, it’s stressful to stay at home and to see each other 24/7. And it’s important to get rid of stress so it won’t be too overwhelming. Having sex could actually minimize the stress. It’s important to maintain closeness in a couple, to have meaningful romantic relationships, to have some mutual interests, etc.

But having sex is very important when it comes to maintaining your relationships. Otherwise it will resemble friendship more than romantic relations. You will be able to reduce stress and both of you will be less willing to have arguments.

Talk About Your Issues

If you keep all your feelings locked inside you, it will eventually lead to a huge emotional eruption. If you feel that you are not satisfied with something, then you should talk about these issues. It’s always a good idea to express your thoughts and feelings, not only during the self-isolation period. But make sure you are calm while telling about something that is making you unhappy. Be respectful and loving, and communicate your thoughts peacefully.

But be patient as well. Even if you tell that you don’t like something about your partner, it doesn’t mean that your significant other will immediately start improving his behavior. Be realistic and don’t be upset if you won’t gain what you want immediately. Just stay calm and bring up this issue again later. But as always, be calm and don’t start arguing.

What to Do if You are Separate

If some couples think that they are depressed because of living together and not being able to escape each other’s presence, there are couples that live separately and can’t see each other. It’s hard to tell who is less lucky in this situation since while being separate, your romantic relationships might not be the best time.

You should consider spending more time online if you are not ready to move in with each other. You can talk over the phone or see each other via the video calls. But if that is not enough, you could try good old methods, for instance, a handwritten letter, small present, etc. Such things help a lot, they show your interest and love as well as it’s simply romantic.


Don’t get upset if everything won’t go perfect. It’s natural for people to have flaws, but that’s what makes us unique. Just try not to lose your cool and talk about those issues that make you depressed and unhappy. Remember, you love your partner and you don’t want to lose your loved one over something not important.

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