Top 10 Peculiarities About Men Women Find Attractive

By Sherry Kimball
Top 10 Peculiarities About Men Women Find Attractive

If we are asked most of us will say that we know what we find attractive in a partner. But have you ever thought is there something more than what you think? Or have you wondered what is it in you that attracts the opposite sex? To get some idea we compiled a list of things that women find attractive in men!

When you look at popular culture – movies, series, music, and so on you notice that the message sent to men on how they should behave and look like to attract women is often the same. The most common representation of an attractive man is a strong, macho guy, who is always there to protect and save women. This guy at the same time needs to play hard to get so women have to work hard to conquer his heart.

But is it everything women find attractive in a man or is it just a Hollywood myth. A lot of research shows that these are much more complex than that and that there isn't just one specific type of men that women find attractive.

This also kind of makes sense, because we are all very different and enjoy different things in general so there is no reason why we would all go crazy about only one type of man! Additionally, each man is an individual for himself and has some characteristics that some women find attractive while others might not feel the same way.

There is plenty of research that explores the topic and tries to find answers to what attracts women to men and vice versa. A myriad of things came out of course but some aspects are more common and we will today address some of them.

In front of you is a list of the ten most interesting things we discovered while looking at what women find attractive whether they are just looking for a date or potentially lifelong partner offline or through the best dating sites. We hope you will enjoy it and find something inspiring.

What Do Women Find Attractive in Men

More Than Just Good Looks

In our world physical appearance has very high value. We are thought to believe that the partners we choose have to be physically attractive. However, it is not completely true. That is not to say that looking good isn't important. In the beginning, looks are bringing two people together. But if we are talking about relationships and not just a date or two, then it is not a crucial thing women find attractive in a guy. Many other things are more important for having a healthy long term relationship.

Appearing Older

Some see it as puzzling but it turns out that women have a thing for men who look older than they are. Some scientists believe that this attractiveness for older men comes as also women become mature. As they progress in their careers and feel more confident in themselves they become more interested in looking for partners who are well established.

Having Good Sense of Humor

Being handsome is one thing but if a guy has a good sense of humor, a girl will find him attractive. Women believe that men who are funny and entertaining are necessarily more intelligent and this is something important to them. It is also believed that if you meet someone who can always make you laugh then the relationship has the potential to be happy and fulfilling.

Women find men's humor attractive

Having a Dog

If you are someone who would say in a poll that women find attractive more men who are dog owners than those who arent you would be completely right. Studies have shown that men who have dogs or cats are more gentle and nurturing. These are considered as important features of a long term partner. Pet ownership also sends a message of being more outgoing and satisfied.

Playing Music

Studies show that women find attractive more those men who play an instrument. Among the most popular instruments are all types of guitar and piano. Even Charles Darwin in his book The Descent of Man wrote that when a person gets engaged in music – to play or compose –this shows that she or he has highly developed cognitive and physical skills. These characteristics are of course very desirable in the partner so it is only natural that women are more attracted to male musicians.

Cute Jealousy

Jealousy can be a complicated issue. You certainly don't want to be in a relationship with a super jealous guy who is constantly asking you where you have been, forbidding you to see male friends and so on. But women often appreciate a bit of cute jealousy that shows that their partners appreciate them and thinks they are attractive. Then we can also ask the question another way around – do guys find jealousy attractive? It depends again on what kind of jealousy we are talking about, but a bit of attractive jealousy that comes from love and protectiveness can be cool for some men too.


The common idea is that geeks aren't attractive at all and that women can like them. But that is simply not true. Indeed, they don't pay much attention or put a lot of effort into their physical appearance nor they are used to sexual or romantic attention. However many of them are adorable and cute and there are plenty of women who find nerds attractive. Additionally, women who are drawn more to intellect and like guys who are studious such as nerds.

Having Muscles (not being bodybuilder)

Many women say that they wouldn't be attracted to a bodybuilder unless he was really charming, or maybe for a short term relationship or one nightstand. But if a man has nicely toned muscles that is a different story. That is something that we often find attractive in others. The reason is that a well-shaped body makes men more physically attractive and affects the hormones in the body.

Being Kind

Without a lot of need for explanation, kindness is one of the highest valued characteristics women find attractive. Research indicates that nice men are found to be at least twice as attractive as their less more neutral counterparts. Hot guys are of course more interesting for a fling or something like that, but when you come to the commitment and long term relationship kindness and altruism wins over.


When you are thinking about the list of things you find attractive about your partner you probably want to check to volunteer. This is kind of connected to the previous point. Volunteer work shows that a person is empathetic and caring for others whether humans or animals. Men also find women who volunteer more attractive than those who don't. However, volunteering has a stronger effect on women when they are choosing their long term partners.


As you can see there are things about men that women find attractive. These are of course not the only ones. But we have to admit that when we did the research we were surprised to see how many of them we didn't consider before especially they aren't so present in the mainstream. In the end, out of all reasons, we found we selected these 10 as we found them to be the most extraordinary.

Sherry Kimball

Sherry Kimball

About The Author: Sherry is a consultant and been involved in many successful projects with a range of companies throughout the country. She enjoys researching, discussing, and writing on the topics of relationships, weddings, and dating. When not absorbed in the latest gripping articles, Sherry loves cooking, doing sports, and otherwise spends far much time at the computer.