A Teen's Resource Center

A teenager is someone who is between 13 and 19 years of age. It is a phase of life where a person transitions from childhood to adulthood.

This entire period is a learning process about one's self. It is a time when children will now want to make decisions for themselves. They will learn about responsibility and how to stand on their own two feet.

As such, here are some resources that can help you learn everything about being a teenager.

Arts and Entertainment Books and Writing College and Career Clubs and Organizations Computers and Internet Money Matters Homework Help Dating Health Issues and Conflicts Sports Style Summary

Being a teen is difficult. You will face a lot of challenges and you will be subjected to peer pressure. You will be bullied, and you will be going through tough times.

You must overcome these challenges by learning how to make the right decisions. You can use the guides shown above to help you overcome these difficulties and blossom into a flourishing adult.