All About Swing Dancing

If you think this was only popular in the 1990s, think again. Swing dancing is not yet totally out. One good way to impress your date is to show your swing dancing skills. Remember Brendan Fraser in Blast from the Past? How about Christian Bale in Swing Kids?

Before you hit the floor, know that there are many variations of swing moves like Savoy Style, Carolina Shag, Imperial Swing, Jive, and much more. It is a type of dance that was popularized as early as the 1920s and there are other dance moves that were derived from it like the Jitterbug in the 1930s. In New York, the Savoy Ballroom is credited as the birthplace of swing.

Swing was the hot stuff until the 1950s until people slowly moved on to other types of dancing for entertainment. However, it has been making its comeback lately and before you know it, everyone will be crazy about it once again. So, what better way to learn it than to get yourself acquainted to it now? It can be a fun activity for you and your date.

Styles of Swing Dance

There are many variations but the top two are Lindy Hop and Balboa. The Lindy Hop is called the grandfather of swing style. It is a partner dance popularized in the 1920s in Harlem, New York. It is called so because of the person who popularized it, Lindy Charleston. Balboa went hand in hand in popularity with Lindy Hop. But unlike Lindy Hop, it originated from Southern California in Newport Beach, in the Balboa Peninsula.

Swing Dance Steps

A highly popular dance step is called the Swinging Charleston, which was popularized in Charleston, South Carolina. This is also the swing that you saw in the movie The Great Gatsby.

In this step, the partners will do the same steps on each other's side. You typically see this in old movies. It is either that or they will dance in front of each other with the exact same steps. What's wonderful about it is that the choreography is really neat in the eye. This requires a loose posture, like a carefree attitude, and relaxed knees, and your body weight must be on the ball of your feet. This is necessary because this steps requires a lot of leaning forward.

Swing Dance Terminology

To be an effective dancer, you need to understand the terminologies so it is easier for you and your partner or instructor to communicate. Perhaps the most popular one is called Boogie Woogie. It is a step that involves six beats. It is fast and there are a few rock steps performed on a slot.

Swing Dance Organizations

If you did not know yet, there is an international group called the World Swing Dance Council or WSDC. It hosts swing events and awards the best swing dancers around the world. The best of the best become part of their Hall of Fame. The organization was founded in 1993 with the aim of making swing dancers come together, communicate better, and spread the appreciation for swing as a dance art form.

Depending on your location, you can choose from the following popular swing dance organizations: