Bond and His Girls

James Bond is a name that everybody knows. He is one that will go down in the history of films as one of the greatest characters ever conceived. And, he has a woman by his side all the time. The man who prefers his martini stirred, not shaken, has managed to last in the industry for over forty years.

History of the Character

The character was first developed in 1953. The creator is Ian Fleming, and overall, he completed 12 books about the character plus two collections of short stories about James Bond before he died.

There are other writers who continued the legacy, and these are John Pearson, Kingsley Amis, John Gardner, Raymond Benson and Sebastian Faulks. Charlie Higson also created series about James Bond as a young man, not as an adult.

In the first books, Bond was a Commander. He was also an officer in the MI6. In it, the author chose a common name to hide the colorful life of the secret agent. James Bond was Scottish, but his mother was from a wealthy French family.

The character’s first appearance was in Casino Royale. It was a series that continued, and in 2008, it launched another release called Devil May Care. This was written by one of the older writers for the series.

James Bond on Film

In the 1950s, EON Productions bought the rights for the films. The first movie finally arrived in 1962, and it was Sean Connery who took the role. Connery went on portray the character in six movies, and then the role was passed on to George Lazenby. George only made one film, and then Roger Moore took the mantle for seven movies. Timothy Dalton, another actor, played the role in two movies and then Pierce Brosnan took over. Pierce only managed to make four movies and now, we have Daniel Craig on the helm.

Overall, there are 22 films in the franchise. Almost all of them are based oi the books from Fleming. The latest movie, Quantum of Solace, was based on a short story, not a novel. It grossed $4 billion in the box office, while Casino Royale grossed about $600 million.

The Bond Girls

Although Bond never needed a female sidekick, it is good to note that he also did not need the help for dating as he had several trysts with different girls. These are women who appeared alongside him, and mostly they only appeared as background characters. The women did not really have important roles, but they were more popular in the films than in the books.

The first woman to be alongside James Bond was Honety Ryder, played by Ursula Andress in 1962. Fatima Bush was seen in Never Say Never Again, and then Elektra King from the World is Not Enough. Miranda Frost appeared in Die Another Day, and we also have Tracy di Vincenzo, and Vesper Lynd.

James Bond on the Web

Here are some resources about James Bond that will give you more information about the icon.

As of today, a new movie is in the works, and there is a huge debate about the character’s race being shifted to African. Let us wait and see what goes.