Dating Safety: A Self Defense Resource Guide for Women

People get every day from around the world. Most victims are women, and the attackers are strangers who either sexually molest them or rob them. Apart from these attacks, women are also subject to domestic violence, rape, and other forms of violence. It is important that a woman knows how to defend herself, and how to avoid or prevent being the subject of an attack. Being alert will help and prevent such attacks, but learning how to fight is better.

Staying Aware of Your Surroundings

It is highly important that you are keen and alert all the time. You should be aware of your surroundings, and be suspicious if you are being targeted for an attack. Attackers always pick easy targets who seem to have no care. Women must be alert to look for suspicious characters and those who are behind them.

Examples of places where a woman need to be extra cautious are elevators, buses, and isolated places. You should know if somebody walked behind you. You should know the neighborhood, and you must stay away from individuals who, for some reason, are trying to touch you.

Women are also prone to date rapes. They think that their date is honest, and they do not imagine being victimized. Anyone can be a victim. And as a woman, you should be aware if your date is acting suspiciously, and you should not trust a person just because of how he looks.

Avoiding Danger/Dangerous Situations

Women must do what they can to stay sober on a date or group outings. Never go to late night parties on your own because this will only increase your chances of being victimized. Do not get too close to strangers, and do not accept drinks that strangers offer you.

Know where the closest police station is, and always shop with a companion if you are doing it at night. Do not carry a lot of cash, as you might be robbed and lose a lot of money. Thieves often observe their victims and choose those that have the most cash with them.

Also, leave credit cards at home, and just bring one that you would need. Do not write down your passwords or your street address on anything that can be found in your wallet.

If you are alone, do not park your car in dark places. This also applies if you are jogging at night. If you are biking, do not wear your earphones because you may not hear someone approaching or chasing you.

If you have to take public transportation like the bus, make sure you have a companion. Invite your friends to go home together. If you are alone, make sure you take a bus that has other passengers.

If you are alone at night, check out who knocks at the door before opening it.


Women are subjected to many situations of sexual harassment. As such, they must be prepared to fight or know what to do when the situation arises. Women should not be afraid to stop the person harassing them. Some teenagers may not be fully aware that there are criminal lurking, waiting for the right time to strike. Some young girls may also be afraid to speak up if the perpetrator is an elder relative.

Parents must be responsible for teaching their children to avoid harassment, and that many places are dangerous for young girls. Women should also refuse entry to any individual if they are not comfortable, even if these people are known to them.

Some women may also become victims in the workplace, and they must not be afraid to speak up against their bosses. They have to fight back and seek counsel from human resources. If a woman does not like to go on a date, she must be firm and say no to the person who invited her.

Sexual Assault/Rape

Date rape is not an uncommon occurrence. Most victims are teenage girls because they are naïve about their situations. They usually go to parties by themselves, wear revealing clothes, and then stay in dark places. Girls are victimized if they do not know how to prevent assault, or if they do not know how to fight back.

For protection, women must know how to defend themselves and fight back. Better yet, women must know what places to avoid, and how to react if the situation becomes suspicious. They must learn techniques about self-defense, and what organizations to call if they ever become victimized.

Fight vs Flight

People can get themselves in bad situations. It is best to know when to fight or run away. In such cases, women must shout to be heard. They should also be trained to fight an attacker. If the attacker is a robber and only wants to get the bag, it is best that you let it go. Fighting for it can cost you your life.

It is true that women who fight back may scare the attacker, but this is dangerous. The reasoning behind this is that attackers are cowards who only prey on seemingly weak people, so they target women. And because of this, you must appear strong and ready to fight.

If you are facing a group of attackers, it does not make sense fighting them. You have to run. Run and find the first person how can help you, and try to find a crowded area where you can get help.

Alcohol & Drugs

You should never take alcoholic drinks from strangers, and do not leave your beverages unattended because people can put pills in it. There are many drugs out there used for date rape. Examples of these drugs are Rohypnol and Ketamine. These drugs will make you feel dizzy.

If you take these drugs with enough alcohol, you can vomit. Ketamine is the common choice of criminals because it freezes the victim. On the other hand, Rohypnol is a drug that has no taste and odor. The effect of the drug can take up to eight hours, and then it will make a victim confused for up to two days.

Some drugs are fatal.

Items to Keep Handy/Self Defense Aids

If attacked, you must use what you have to protect yourself. Even your cellphone would do. You can bring a stun gun with you, or pepper spray, to improve your chances when you fight back.

Because attackers usually choose weak victims, they choose those who travel alone. If you cannot help but be alone, you must be ready with weapons that can protect yourself. Make a call to the police if you suspect that you are being followed. Stalkers do not want confrontation.

Common Objects That May be Used in Self Defense

If attacked, you can poke and hit. You can bite and scratch. Do what you can to hurt your attacker. You must target the attacker's face. Do not feel mercy when the attacker starts bleeding. Look for weapons in the area that you can use.

Examples of these are stones, bricks, wood, and more. Use your bag to defend yourself. If you are attacked at home, you must use stuff from your house that can hurt someone like knives, pans, forks, and more.

If you have hardware tools like shovel and hammer, use those too. Choose heavy objects that you can use to inflict damage and run away.

Self Defense Techniques/Moves for Fighting Back

You should take into consideration to get trained for physical combat. If the attacker is grabbing you, you must know how to counter-attack. This will help you from being victimized. Use your elbows and our fist to hurt your attacker.

Non-Physical Techniques

Non-physical methods are used to prevent physical violence. You can scream or warn the person. Never say "please" because this tells the attacker that you are weak and begging. You have to sound strong and resolute. Say something to the person and warn him that you will fight back.

Common Threats/Attacker Moves

One thing you can use is fingernail attack. Scratching criminal can transfer some of his DNS in your fingernail, and law enforcement can use it to convict a criminal. If the attacker tries to choke you, do not be afraid to use everything you have, like biting, scratching, or clawing.

Strike with your elbows in the attacker's neck. Also, aim for the eyes or the ribs. Then run as fast as you can.

Resources for Being Attacked

Here are some resources if you were victimized of sexual assault or a violent crime.


These are some of the most renowned organizations that can help you if you are victimized.

Training & Self Defense Learning Resources

The links below will show you what kind of training you can get, where, and they will also teach you what kind of martial arts are best used to defend yourself against criminals in different types of situations.