Meeting People with Ham Radios

Although many people think that the first ham radio message was put on air in 1901, there is no sufficient evidence to support this. It is also said that the message was transmitted from New Foundland to England. History says that this signaled the birth of the amateur radio operator.

Later, enthusiasts have dominated the ham radio, mostly Americans in 1914 who thought that it was a fun and fulfilling hobby. Soon, its growing popularity lead to the creation of laws governing transmission of radio frequencies. The Federal Communications Commission got involved and required a license from each person operating a ham radio. Just like driving, a person can buy and modify ham radios after getting his license. Most of these devices are comprised of transmission gadgets, receivers, and antennas.

Many people think that ham radio operators are loners. What they do not realize is that these people are part of a society. The truth is that many people are engaged in this activity because of the opportunity to meet many like-minded enthusiasts. They go on air and meet others despite great distances. They maintain anonymity and speak in codes. In fact, the people who take ham radio as a hobby all come from different walks of life—from housewives to young kids to kids. There is no boundary that can keep a person from pursuing this hobby.

People do not just meet on the air. They also meet in an organized club. This meeting is called an eyeball. They join local or national organizations that hold annual get-together activities. What keeps the bond strong between the members is the secret code that they use to speak to one another. It makes them intimate and trusting with each other. In fact, it is this code that keeps many people away from them because they do not understand ham speak or ham lingo.

No amount of new technology can make the ham radio obsolete. It is practical and dependable. According to the FCC, more than half a million people apply for a license annually. Despite the fact that phones and other gadgets look cooler and can do more, nothing beats operating ham radios because of the tight knit society that it fosters and the excitement of meeting them.