Resources For Gay Christians

Christianity in itself poses enough difficulties, but to be a gay Christian adds more complications. For many centuries, homosexuality was frowned upon and persecuted. It was not tolerated until recent modern times. Until today, it is not unusual for fundamentalists to discriminate against gays. Even Christians show disdain to gay Christians because of their belief that homosexuality is against God's will.

Though there are gay Christians who want to worship God and join in a fellowship, it is very difficult to find Christian communities that support gays. It is not widespread as your typical organization because churches need the blessing of its mother organization before coming out in the open to accept gays or membership. Many churches may allow you to come in and worship if you are gay, but they will still try to convince you to change your ways and be straight.

It is good to know that there are groups that provide support to gays who have this unfulfilled need. These are Christians who have learned to accept the LGBT community. These groups do not just let gays attend a service, they also accept gays for who they are.

Find an Affirming Church

A church that accepts gay Christians for membership is called a gay-affirming church. To be clear, these are churches that do not have the intention to turn gays into straight individuals. They are taken in as equals and as brothers and sisters through Christ. This means that a trans-gender can be a member without giving up being a trans-gender. And since they are accepted, they can openly maintain relationships with the same sex without fear of persecution or ex-communication from the church.

An affirming church fulfills the spiritual needs of gays. They host bible studies and they congregate in the same manner that churches do. Affirming churches are not just present in the United States. You will find many of these in Asia and Europe. Today, many churches are coming out in the open and announce that gays are welcome in their congregations.

Gay Christian Support

Being a gay Christian is tough. Although it is great to be a part of an affirming church, sometimes it makes a person feel better if he is a part of a group that extends its support beyond church services on Sundays. Groups like this are beneficial because a gay Christian can expect help and support from its members anytime. Like any help groups, this serves as the perfect avenue to express one's sentiments and feelings and expect the other member to empathize. It becomes a good and reliable source of motivation.

Gay Christian Marriages

Today, there are many churches that openly allow gay marriage. However, gay couples should also plan meticulously and decide where to get it done. Currently, there are only five states in the US that allow gay marriage. These states are Massachusetts, Vermont, Iowa, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. These states have programs where gay couples can receive counselling before getting married. These states also have representatives who facilitate the marriage. However, getting married through the government does not mean that your marriage was sanctified by the church. Pretty much, your marriage is considered legal but not sanctified in the eyes of God.

There are other countries apart from the US where gay marriage is allowed. Examples of these are Norway, Sweden, and Belgium. The issue with this is that these countries may not accept non-residents. The only course of action left if you are a US citizen is to go these states and get married there.

Gay Christian Groups and Organizations

Gay Christians should not limit themselves to getting support only to churches. There exists many organizations with the sole purpose of providing religious services to gay Christians. These organizations gather together for worship and they make efforts to educate the masses about Christian programs for the LGBT.

These organizations are typically present online. They understand that the internet is the fastest way to getting themselves known. The founders of these organizations also understand how difficult it is to come out and be open about being gay and Christian at the same time. Today, the internet has become a tool for gay Christians to get support and yet protect their identities.

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