An original short story by Mia (4)

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  • partyingpal Dating Profile
    partyingpal OP 2 Posts Corona, California, USA
    Jul 29, 2021 12:05 AM UTC

    The rain is falling in a rhythmic pattern waking me before the alarm goes off. I hear your even breathing, and feel the warmth of your body laying so close. I turn off the alarm, that's not how I want to wake you, I watch you sleeping, drinking in your handsome rugged face. Your chest moves in and out and your eyes lids are still, you're almost awake and I move with stealth actions as I pull the sheet down to expose you. Oh, yes you're still naked after our lovemaking last night, mmm.

    Quietly I slide down the bed, smile at you and move close to your relaxed flaccid p*nis. My mouth is open and my warm breath is on you and my tongue is lapping barely touching you. No hands on you, I'm braced above you so I can see your expression, a smile grows on your face, you're starting to stir. Now my mouth is going up your shaft sideways, mouthing, licking, sucking, lapping you, slow so I don't miss a single spot. Slide my mouth down with my tongue flat against you with a slightly sucking all the way down to your balls. I suck one in softly and take it in my mouth loving it there; then the other one, alone in my mouth, do dare I take in both?

    I look up at you and you're watching me now, you run your fingers through my hair, yes I dare, and smile up at you and see your eyes are urging me to continue. Your jewels are so tight now, they fill with c*m, I let them be and move up your hard perfect c*ck sucking it and licking, wrapping my tongue around it, my finger is playing with the pre-c*m in your reservoir, wiping it all over your bulging head. I've come to love your taste, need to your sweet sticky salty c*m like I need air to breath, your c*m is my food, I love how you are so able to constantly give to me the nourishment I crave.

    I'm kneeling over you now, sliding you into my mouth, down my throat, and you moan and push yourself deeper into me. You start to f*ck my mouth my throat, stroking in and out, my fingers are all over your balls, and your a**, touching and circling your a**, pushing it and tapping it. "You want me in there babe?" is all I need to ask and you shoot your first of many loads this morning down my throat! I drink your gift....

    Now you're awake and reach down to pull me up to you and flip me on to my back, I gasp out of surprise and smile with delight, I love it when you take me this way. Your c*ck is so hard now, it's so fucking beautiful, and you're stroking it, looking at me and grinning, I reach out for it, but you push my hand away, rub your c*ck on my face, not letting me touch it with my lips or tongue. Then you rub it on my neck and across my breasts, putting your dripping c*m on me, leaving dots of it glistening. I move to wipe it up so I can taste it but you don't let me, you love making me wait, building up the anticipation.

    You rub your steel hard c*ck down my belly, putting the tip into my belly button, filling it up, you have such great control, you're dripping and it would be easy for you to c*m now but you've got a devious smile, I love where this is going. You put your hands under my a** and lift it off the bed completely bringing your face down to me as you pull me up to your mouth. You barely touch me with your tongue, just the tip brushing against my lips, sucking in the nectar sticking and dripping from me. I shudder as you push your tongue deeper into me, lowering me back onto the bed, I now raise myself up and put my legs over your shoulders, you drag a pillow and position it under my lower back for support. With one hand under my a** you use your right fingers to spread my lips and finger f*ck me while you suck my cl*t, gently, then flicking your tongue on it you hear me moan and I'm pulling on your hair begging you to come up and kiss me, to slip your
    hard pulsing dripping c*ck into my now molten pu**y.

    You pull me down to your mouth and plant a messy kiss on my mouth, you taste so good and we kiss, deep and long, as you slowly put your head at the opening, preparing to plunge into me. I feel you there and grab at your buns to let you know "Now! Baby please Now!" and you explode into me and I gush all over your c*ck again and again. Breathing hard we both fall back onto the cool sheets, smiling and laughing, you pull me close,look into my eyes, and the world is perfect for me because you kiss me.......

  • ak4life Dating Profile
    Aug 3, 2021 7:11 AM UTC
    Damn chica that was a perfect moment of o*gasm, thank you. Wish i knew you ! 😘
  • partyingpal Dating Profile
    partyingpal OP 2 Posts Corona, California, USA
    Aug 5, 2021 2:02 AM UTC
    Damn chica that was a perfect moment of o*gasm, thank you. Wish i knew you ! 😘

    Thank you very much. According to what you selected on your preferences I'm older than the age limitations you've stated. I know people chronology younger than me but they don't know how to embrace their sexual urges and desires.. youthful energy is fueled by exploring passion and lust without feeling ashamed. Life is short but it doesn't have to be dull or uninteresting.
  • steph91yee Dating Profile
    steph91yee 1 Post Santa Ana, California, USA
    Aug 21, 2021 6:21 AM UTC
    Omg just reading that I got pre c*m dripping out lol 😜😈😍
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