the picture uploader is not working.. (2)

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  • Gnosferatu Dating Profile
    Gnosferatu OP 2 Posts Exiting Website, Indiana, USA
    Jun 15, 2022 7:46 AM UTC
    I cannot seem to get profile picture uploader to work.

    Also many other links on this website are not working either. What gives?

    I just wanted to post some pictures of me on my profile. I have made certain they are within the resolution or size range. I made certain the file size is not too large or small. I am using valid JPG files. But when I select a file off my hard drive, nothing happens.

    Any help or fix regarding this bug will be appreciated.

  • Gnosferatu Dating Profile
    Gnosferatu OP 2 Posts Exiting Website, Indiana, USA
    Jun 26, 2022 6:20 AM UTC
    I am starting to think this is a scam site or a bogus site. Really, a single's site that has only a couple few users on here at a time? Something is wrong with that statistic.

    I asked for someone to assist with the picture uploader malfunction on this website. But so far no one has commented, not even the site owner. I wrote an email to the site's support desk, but no response either.

    So this leaves me thinking this website is really a bogus site. I do see pix on here on some profiles. But as I read these profiles, they all read pretty much alike, and I have never seen so many women claiming to be on drugs and looking for casual sex too. Average women would never openly admit to things like that, even if it were true. So I am not thinking that those profiles are real or genuine. So whoever owns this site, I think is creating these bogus profiles and putting pix with them too.

    But also there are a lot of profiles on here who do not have pix. And on most single's websites, most people upload pix. So that tells me that other users on here who are likely genuine are not able to upload pix either.

    So I am concluding this website is bogus. Anyone reading this with the same problem I am having should probably just find another single's website to join. With only two or three users on here at a time, there is no chance you will ever find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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