Is a bit old. Have more beard now and tend to wear my hair open.
A bit pixely but much more recent
member offline Andrew_Mona
28, Germering

member offline Andrew_Mona: A dreamer who got lost in the world.

28 year old Man, 5'9" (175 cm)
Woman, for Boyfriend / Girlfriend
Body Type:
Technical assistant
Associates Degree
Non-smoker, Non-Drinker, No Drugs
Is a bit old. Have more beard now and tend to wear my hair open.A bit pixely but much more recent
Is a bit old. Have more beard now and tend to wear my hair open.
Is a bit old. Have more beard now and tend to wear my hair open.
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Mixed Color
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Less Than a year
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I Don't Exercise Often
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82110, BY

About Me:

Hey ya,
I really don't like writing but I will do my best. so hear we go.

What how and who am I?

In short I'm a weird crazy freak thanks for reading.
To make it not quiet that short is a little more complicated as these things tend to be but I will give it a try.
I can be very shy and reserved and tend to be somewhat pulled back at social events.
But I can also be the complete opposite in a more privet or intimate setting
I have a rather dry, dark and morbid sense of humour; play video games; watch anime (hentai to); MBTI → INFP; would like to get out more but don’t see the point to do so alone if you'd like lets go some place; I drink tea and I am somewhat particular about it; am more or less fluent in English and German as well as trying and failing to pick up Japanese; Find animals to be better company then humans most of the time; do believe in magic (in a way); very kinky (what you gone do about it?); hold conceded in love and live in very high regard; to a certain extend aspiring to be a gentleman but I'll let you be the judge.
most know me as a very cam and laid back person with an open mind and open ears;
only a few have seen the passionate storm that is hidden within.

Why am I hear:

My live is kind of in shambles and my hart is bleeding but I want to rise from the ash born a new but without what is missing of my hart I seem to be an able to take flight.

My Ideal Match:

Bringing us to you / what I am looking for:

A student and teacher
A master and slave
and of course
Partner and equal

Also bring a very open mind; A willingness to communicate wants, needs and the like; a good balance of dark and light; a bit playfulness; curious; willingness to try things; also be braced for nonsense insanity and more/worse And just keep in mind that I may not be for the faint of heart.

Hop this was understandable and/or did you find at least some part intriguing.
If yes:
I think I may want to get to know you so say hey.
If no:
Try reading it again but upside down this time and tell me if it helped.

Oh and if you got this far thank you for reading. Truly.

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