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57 year old Man, 5'10" (178 cm)
Woman, for Lets Hang Out / Chat / Friends
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Animal Lover
Self employed/Electronics
Bachelors Degree
Christian: Other Denomination or Non-Denominational
Smokes Sometimes, Drinks Sometimes, No Drugs
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Over 20 years
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1-2 Times Per Week
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I Dont Follow Politics
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27609, NC

About Me:

In General: Friendly and kind of shy with females. Would consider myself to be that old fashioned door catcher. Like to joke around and entertain others. A bit of an avid talker but not too much so, and enjoy the same type intellect in others. I find loquacious people fun. I think of myself as compassionate and sensitive. Like spur of the moment activities. 
Love animals and have 3 birds 1 dog. Studied animal husbandry, used to raise and train Chow Chows for obedience and tricks. Worked with wildlife for help rescue of orphaned wild animals such as deer, water fowl raptors as well as raising exotic chickens and turkeys. 
Love playing instruments when time is available and have many craft type hobbies that I'm involved in. Photography, art drafting are other points of interest. Hardly ever bored. 
Healthcare was a big part in my life for 32 years. Trained EMT volunteer.*******

I like to: Dance, Bowling, Play instruments, Fishing, Arts&Crafts, Cooking, Travel, many others!

I can be: Extremely versatile. Can apply my knowledge into fun and interesting things.

Things i most care about: The person i'm close to, care for and love dearly!

Inanimate objects: I would have to say, my musical instruments.

Place that made the biggest impression on me: Colorado, I was born in N.C. Went to visit my older brother in Denver CO and decided to go to high school there. One of the best things I ever did in my life.

Person i most admired growing up: I had a mentor at a young age whom taught me many things about nature and survival.

Place i'd like to re visit: Florida! I went with my mom to Florida at the age of 4 and since have always had a place in my heart for the island chain "Marathon"

My most scary moment: Walk top plates and ridge beams on condominium's, that is at first. After, it was a thrill to say the least!

Most Embarrassing moment: Working for a half a day at an office job that I did not get. Still unsure how that happened!?

Funniest moment: Was getting fired for standing around drinking coffee and telling jokes at a job, where the boss thought I was an employee. I gathered later that he was the mark of fun for some time afterwards.

Things I abhor: Men that manipulate, push their weight on and or strike at a woman.

My Ideal Match:

Inner person: It would help if she would just be herself! I have no trouble accepting people for who they are.

Attributes: I'm hoping she is mature in mind, responsible. Knows how to take care of and handle herself. Education is not that necessary as long as she is smart enough to handle life matters. Strong and resilient in the face of opposition. Kind, loving & understanding. A helper and willing to be helped. Artsy, and unpredictably fun.

In the real world, it's come what may: I found, people that try to change for one another hardly ever works. If change happens it was meant to be!

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  • Icenesis Dating Profile
    Icenesis OP Blue Rock, North Carolina, USA
    Oct 12, 2019 8:14 AM GMT
    Personals gone bad!Prospective newcomers to these type of forums; beware of people running multiple personals, using many different pictures, sites, even lying about their sex, age even race. They will say anything, promise anything to gain your personal information to use in thier favor.
    Scammers are paying huge sums of $ for active emails. Once ransom ware hits your box the mere act of trying to delete it will cause activation in some cases.
    I was hit by 3 this week. That seemed like angels, then! If I have anymore serious trouble I will list all their names. Lisax74, Heyehelena
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  • Icenesis Dating Profile
    Icenesis Blue Rock, North Carolina, USA
    Oct 12, 2019 5:45 AM GMT
    Why is online dating too difficult to maintain?
    So like I've been on and off in online dating for years now. I'm 23 now and I started like 17 or almost 18 I think? Sure, I've met some guys online but never in person since I really wanted to be with a foreigner. Even just talking online, I too had to deal with heartaches as well.

    What's your story? Or do you have something to say or give advice perhaps?

    First of all, wow, you were underage when you first signed up for online dating site. That was illegal. I am not sure about where you are from but here in the US, have to be 18 or older to do so. Second of all, good thing now you are an adult. You are young, you got time, and you really want to marry a foreigner, well, be careful. If you want to marry an American, it is getting tougher now due to tougher immigrant laws and more red tape. Many countries are feeling the heat too. Europe is facing that problem right now. Second of all, you met men online but never in person. Ok, I have experience with online dating for long time and have observed how all this function. Many men you have met and you chatted a lot. It is morning there, evening here or evening there, morning here (I am in East coast USA which is 12 hours behind your time). Timing is tough. Most men work during the day while it is evening and freetime for you to chat. The other thing is when you have had met men online and never in person is because this is a very HUGE investment. I have written an e-book regarding this called, "To Marry or Not to Marry a Foreign Bride" and this deals with investments, timing, and type of relationship. The farther apart each other, the harder it is. Say, for me, it will cost me about 3 to 5 thousand dollars for a single trip. Say staying for 3 weeks to 4 weeks and no way I can get to know you equal to a year to two years IN PERSON if I met someone locally. Then the man has to spend a lot of money to apply for K1 visa including application, lawyer fees, application fees, paying for your airfare to come here to marry within 90 days of approval. Today in Western nations more and more are unemployed or underemployed. IN the US, the groom has to have at least 15,000 dollars annually to sponsor his newly wedded foreign bride. I know life is tough in the Philippines and I never been there however, I understands your life because I went on missions to Central America and its very similar economically, culture (Spanish and a lot of English speaking people in Central America). So, I know. I like to say more but I made some good points here. But I pray you will have success in marrying a foreign man. By the way K1 visa takes 8 to 16 months to process and waiting that long time. So... is this worth it? Also some men you may have talked to are married men. I heard horror stories from Filipinas. One got caught and expelled from the Phils. And she was stuck with being separated. Cant afford to have an annulment to end her marriage.

    Whip smilie emoji/emoticon smiley Talking of horror stories! A cousin of a friend of mine got tangled up with a seemingly professional and very intellectual Brazilian. After about 6 months of sending her gift of cash, jewelry he offered to send her a round trip 1st class plane ticket to meet him in Puerto Vallarta where they were to leave on a Carnival Cruis for almost a week. He lavished her with gifts while buying her a new set of special luggage and new outfits. They had planned to get married in his home town after visiting her parents for his permission. Unfortunately at the last minute, he had obviously paid a fake Doctor to say that he was contagious, with a self induced fever. However the Dr. Had convinced her that she needed to return home and see her own doctor or she would be detained and then quarantined in a local hospital that was substandard and may not return home for some time. She took the Dr's advice and her new fiance' promised that he would see her in a few weeks and everything would go as planned. Everything she knew about him was an elaborate fake/hoax. On the flight home at the licenciado Gustavo Diaz international Airport in Mexico she was detained and arrested with over $500,000 in brown heroin contained in the 6 "special luggage pieces, full of new outfits. That was in 2009. She is still serving time as she was given a life sentance, which was reduced to a 15 year term! Devil2 smilie emoji/emoticon smiley

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