If you see motion, you may have some stress.
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64, Hilliard

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64 year old Man, 6'0" (183 cm)
Woman, for Long Term Relationship
Body Type:
Some College/University
Christian: Methodist
Regular Smoker, Non-Drinker, Drugs Regularly
If you see motion, you may have some stress.
If you see motion, you may have some stress.
If you see motion, you may have some stress.
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Longest Relationship:
Over 20 years
Second Language:
No Second Language
My Exercise Habits:
I Don't Exercise Often
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Yes - All over 18 years old
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No Pets
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43026, OH

About Me:

Like most, I have my selling points & cleanup pretty good. I also have my downfalls and stuck in some of my ways. I could write you a book, maybe more...I certainly talk plenty but listen well also. I'm 64, I've got a lifetime of experiences to share. I'm not really sure what to say here, I don't want to scare anyone off and miss out on what may be the best thing that's ever happen to me. In my 64 years, I've learned a few things but the one I find most true: If a man could build for himself what he considered to be his perfect woman...There will come a time when he thinks that he screwed it up. Doesn't mean that he is stupid, it means that he's human. And yes, same for women. I've spent to much time in my head and I need put myself out there (wear my heart on my sleeve sorta speak). I don't do bars or drink with the exception of maybe New Years, that is if there is someone to celebrate it with. I'm a details type of person, very meticulous. I like to make plans to do things and stick mainly to the agreed plan but nothing is written in stone...I just like knowing ahead what I may do during the next day. I'm a P.A.D.I. Scuba Dive Master, Military Veteran, Ex Trucker, Ex Business Owner...Jack of All Trades / Master of None. I smoke a pipe, actually a couple different pipes (Tobacco & medicinal). After being a hard worker most of my life, I have my aches, pains, and a few limitations. I am snarky, I'm trying to stop and it's quite a work in progress. it makes communication harder than it need be and is easily misunderstood. I don't play golf and honestly don't care much for sports. I do like walks, eating out (if I cook it, I don't feel like eating it when it's done so mainly I don't, cook that is. Piloting drones is one of my hobbies, photography, computers, slingshot, blowgun, little video games, and being outside, admiring nature, breathing the chem. trails... I am in awl of Gods wonders, it's intricacy. I didn't appreciate these things when I was younger. One of my favorite things is bicycling and not just any bicycle...mine is a two seater, sorta bucket seats, side by side with loads of places to ride, close to where I live. though I have only lived here a few months (thank you GPS) I'd like to sit with someone and watch tv, movies, look in your eyes, hold your hand, swap stories. Sex, absolutely but in it's time, things need to be needed, felt, and ya just don't push it. To me good sex isn't just going through the motions, it's going through the emotions too... good sex. it's like black and white without color to give it beauty and life. maybe this sounds all girly coming from a man but the older I get the more endearing things are for me so deal with it or do not respond...we more than likely would not click. This is not a game for me. At my age, life is short and to spend it alone, miserable, in my own head, etc...And no I'm not wanting an escort for hire. I mean really...serious responses only. It takes work to make a healthy relationship, if ya don't have the time, strength, to go through these human things of trial in a compromising state of mind...I believe it would be doomed from the start. I pay my bills, I'm honest - sometimes to a fault. But I won't fall for: does this make my a** look big. My Momma raised a smarter boy than that. I need some tooth work and if I knew someone here that would take me to and from, I'd get r done but I understand why they wouldn't want you to drive. But I do like driving. Oh yea...I like TRUMP!

My Ideal Match:

Female: I want someone who can be close. I meaningful physically, mentally, emotionally support you, be able to give of themselves as I would of myself for them. I need a woman's time doing something together. I don't want a part time relationship. I may not have dated for decades but people know when they click together, it doesn't take long. Either ya enjoy each others company or ya don't. I don't care if your short or tall, black, white, yellow or otherwise though I've only been with white. I would prefer a woman that has her weight proportionate to her height but again I like a little meat on them bones, so a little chunky would not be out of the question and no insult intended ladies. Beauty on the outside is good but it is nothing without beauty on the inside...nothing! And your walk with God doesn't have to be strong as long as you know a single God, of Love, compassion, understanding,,, all knowing and all seeing, is there for us all. Listen to me sound like a preacher, I'm not really all that. Your hair color, eye color, big nose, what ever, is not all that you are to me and I sure hope that you would feel the same (Last great words of a ugly guy) I'm picky but not, I just have a certain woman in mind & I'll know her once I've spent some time with her. Big breasts, small breasts...full lips, pencil lips, wide hips, small hips, short, tall. Just be real and true, to yourself and to me then we've got half the trouble licked.

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