4th of July, 2020
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61, Aiken

member offline lilmswit: Looking for, that soul connection.

61 year old Woman, 5'4" (163 cm)
Man, for Long Term Relationship
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Free Thinker
Self Employed
High school
Non-smoker, Non-Drinker, No Drugs
4th of July, 2020
4th of July, 2020
4th of July, 2020
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Mixed Color
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Over 10 years
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No Second Language
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5+ Times Per Week
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Yes - All over 18 years old
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No Pets
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I Dont Follow Politics
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29801, SC

About Me:

Looking for that SOUL connection..

I am a young at heart 61 year old. I'm very genuine, honest and kind. Also, been accused of being sweet...lol I am looking for someone who has the same interests as myself.
Someone who is straight forward, honest and says what they mean and means what they say.
Someone who isn't interested in status, money or materialism .
Somebody who is interested in matters of the heart.
Someone who isn't self absorbed, someone who sees life from the same side of the fence.."so to speak"
A life partner, friend, soul mate..This is my last 'hurrah'..if you will. I'm getting it right, this time around. So, I know what I want and what I'm looking for.

I don't Believe in in Religion, I think it's used as a means to control people.
I believe we create out own reality, what you put out there, it comes back to you.
I totally believe in, Karma.
I believe we are all SOULS, having a human experience. I believe we are all connected.
I don't believe in heaven or hell. I believe there are different realms..I do believe there is a "creator".
I don't believe in coincidences, and do believe in synchronicity. Everything happens for a reason.
I'm definitely a free thinker, in more ways than one.
If you can relate to any of this? do send an email. I would enjoy hearing from you. Until then, best of luck to you:)

My Ideal Match:

Looking for a genuine, honest, caring and straight forward man, who isn't self absorbed. One who isn't wrapped up in material things.
Someone who knows what their journey is all about.
A person who says what they mean and mean what they say.
A person with a great sense of humor, and can laugh at themselves.
Someone sensitive, caring, considerate, and fun.
An open minded person.

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    Jul 25, 2020 4:35 PM GMT
    The universe
    I grew up in the era where the Big Bang and The Steady State were in competition. Now we know the Steady State is ridiculous, as the observable universe is expanding. Then we learn that 98% of the matter is unaccounted for, this giving rise to both dark matter and dark energy. String Theory is exploring super symmetry and 11 dimensions, most of which are folded and undectectable. Loop Quantum Gravity posits there discrete parts of reality that can be observed, as per Einstein.I

    Sorry, this sh it is boring to most people. I was bored and thought I would type to a place no one has posted.

    This stuff is not boring it’s sad most people dong get excited over this topic. I have a hard time believing no one on here ever wonder where they came from Here’s a question. Do you believe in hypothesis that octopus might from outer space

    I definitely question where we came from! From all the years that I've been looking stuff up(researching for 10 yr's) I've come to the conclusion, that nothing happened the way we learned it. Our history was rewritten, by the ELITES. Religion was created to control people, along with the Bible. So much that has been hidden from us. So many lies have been told. People believe in the mainstream media news too much. People need to start asking questions, and get rid of your 'tel lie vision"(television)
    Do your own research and quit believing everything the news media says. You are only told, what THEY want you to know, not the truth! There might be 2% of truth, and the rest is made up. So a shred of truth mixed with big huge lies. Dont believe me? Start researching for yourself, and you will find the truth on your own.

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