Cold night out in my garage building, 2022
Summer, maybe back in 2015...not exactly sure.
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72, Kitchener

member offline prodimus: We meet people because we're supposed to learn from them.

72 year old Man, 5'9" (175 cm)
Woman, for Lets Hang Out / Chat / Friends
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self employed
Bachelors Degree
Non-smoker, Drinks Sometimes, No Drugs
Cold night out in my garage building, 2022Summer, maybe back in 2015...not exactly sure.
Cold night out in my garage building, 2022
Cold night out in my garage building, 2022
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Mixed Color
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Over 9 years
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No Second Language
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3-4 Times Per Week
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About Me:

“Oh, Barefoot Boy...he don’t like your concrete. He seeks the country, any way he can.” (H.Chapin)

I flunked consumer brainwashing back when I was in school. Consequently, I’d rather make or re-purpose something than join the milling crowds at a shopping mall.

Having had the great good luck to have a family who moved to a farm when I was a young teen, I discovered the 43 acrs of forest at the back of the farm, where a ‘cold water creek’ flowed through the middle of it. It changed me from a ‘hanging out downtown kid’ to somebody who loves all things natural. While I wouldn’t want to catch 60 pound rectangular hay bales that get fired out the rear of a tractor drawn baler or be the one piling those bales at the top end of a hay elevator up in the hottest part of an old bank barn, I do miss the quality of life and hard work/extreme fitness that came with it. Well, being a teen helped too.

I have little to no use for the idea of living in those high rise confinement boxes called condo apartments. There was a time when I did indeed live in one of those, even managed a portfolio of about 700 of them in two different provinces at differnt times, but I only lasted 6 months before I had to get outta the one I rented. Sanity was far more important than a downtown address.

Cable TV and I had a terminal disagreement years ago. Now, having ‘cut the cable’, I can think again. I recommend it. As it is, I can’t even tolerate commercial radio, where ads are aimed at insulting our collective intelligence and whipping us into a blind frenzy of excessive consumption for no other gain than filling a landfill site far too quickly...and at enormous environmental costs to all of us.

Admittedly, I am not as ‘handy’ as I would have loved to have been...but there’s still hope. While I can build almost anything in an acceptable manner, I’d have loved to have been a master fabricator in metals and woods. As it is, I can do a decent but not masterful job of what I manage to build.

Living in several very different parts of Canada gave me an opportunity to understand myself, what makes me happy and what does the opposite and where I feel most comfortable living. Learned a whole lot from listening to other people, interacting with them for all sorts of reasons, and reflecting on what they told me. It also grew my appreciation for this country as a whole.

Careers change over time...and so do the skills we develop in order to adapt to that fact. There have been a couple of those careers that added ‘notches to my belt’ and a lot more. Life in general does something like that too.

“Domestic realignment” gave me an opportunity to buy my house twice. As a result I am iving in my own home but sharing it with others as tenants. They’ve come from a wide range of ages over time. It has been mostly a very positive experience (they came from 33 different countries of origin so far). That has been a really good way of enlarging my cultural grasp, culinary experiences and so much more, all without having to leave home turf. It has been a substitute for growing a family, as was a career as a teacher, where I could ‘adopt and be adopted’ by other people’s kids without having to pay for their post secondary education, buy them a car, pay for their clothing or bail them out when they experience their own lessons in life.

What of my relationships?

Well, I do admit that at one point in life, I ‘committed marriage’. She was my first real love; we were on different paths in life, had different ‘biological clocks ticking away within us’, and despite the fact that we meshed exceedingly well in so many ways, we simply drifted apart and accepted it. Others have come along since to teach me even more about the joys and challenges of relationships. I honestly don’t think anybody has got it down to an art, other than those who early on figured out how to find comfortable and acceptable ways to work together and develop supportive, positive compromises.

Enough dodging you say...who ARE you?

I could be described as being a practical, creative empathetic intellectual sensualist with a penchant for simplicity and natural beauty. Yet, I write run-on compound sentences with underlying meanings, sometimes find it difficult to clearly express feelings as they are arising, but can encourage others to express theirs in the knowledge that they are safe and secure in doing so. Despite being relatively few in number, my friends have been in my my life for decades and I count myself very lucky to be able to say that. It seems easy for me to open up conversations with random strangers, explore almost any topic with all kinds of people. There have been times when I have been called upon to counsel in times of stress, grief or challenge and I did in fact work in that role in the education system for a while. When I can do it, I’ll help others to learn to help themselves and hopefully do so without enabling a dysfunction. There have been a few volunteer roles provide me with lots of rewarding work.

I know how to: fix some cars; repair plumbing; install a home heating system; build a steel roof; design and install a fence that lasts a quarter century or more; stay out of debt; cook my own meals...and maybe a few good ones for you too (a recipe is a sort of a suggestion, right?), plant a garden...though I haven’t for a couple of years; research and share the findings; chair meetings; guide an organization; manage properties; find my way almost anywhere WITHOUT a GPS; honour privacy.

No pets for now, but passing dogs are likely to come up and say “Hi! Wanna play?” I can’t refuse. Horses seem to have a different sense of humour than that....far less overt; they’re better at solitary play unless running and dominance play is involved but human-horse interaction is more intuitive analysis of US, than games suggest. Cats? (Do they actually HAVE a sense of humour?) Well there’s one so far that I have door. He’s got attitude. I have a degree of hope that I may eventually convince him that my yard is not his litter box.

A few contrasts; I would rather...

* Shovel snow than drink myself into a stupor while lying on a beach doing nothing in a warmer country where the populace is earning less a year than I spent to get there.

* Speaking of being in a different country; I would rather explore the farmlands and wild areas in a different country than hide inside the compound of a hotel being waited on by locals.

* Attend a seminar at a think tank listening to experienced researchers than watch a blockbuster movie in a cinema. I can watch something online to make my brain drift off into somnambulant dream-states.

* Take a back road diversionary tour and twice the travel time than use 401 and deal with GTA traffic unless on a mission with a schedule.

* Walk the dunes and lakeside trails than lie on a beach anywhere.

*put out extra amouts of wild bird seed than trap those squirrels...but I’m thinking about alternatives since they are creating their version of the moon’s surface from what had been my back lawn and veggie garden.

* Stand alone and feel the chill to witness the incredible stillness and overwhelming beauty of a clear cold star-filled winter night sky out in the country than tolerate the noise and rush of a big city and maybe NEVER see the night sky filled with stars.

* Spend a huge lottery winning on setting aside funds for an NGO that helps people in need than build a monster house (don’t you have to actually buy those tickets first?)

My Ideal Match:

What am I looking for on this site?
Beyond the obvious answer...’a woman’...a few specifics might help.

I’d enjoy the company of a woman who fits some or all of these decriptions;

*fairly active;
*taller than my navel;
*within 35 years of my current ‘chronological age’ (I didn’t say I ever grew up...);
*has or doesn’t have kids;
*lives reasonably close to KW; (I can travel to meet her)
*intelligent...may or may not have a post secondary or graduate level of education. (Intelligence is a
natural gift...formal education is after that fact but doesn’t automatically prove the former.)
*creative...shown not necessarily by presence of things she has made...could be through clever problem solving or social connection skills or...?
*natural; that’s self explantory
*maybe a bit of an earth mother...
*sensual, tactile, uninhibited in expressing affection. (We can encourage each other).
*drives...might even have large equipment experince on a farm.
*unafraid to express her ideas
*independent yet open to connection
*self supporting
*has a sense of the ridiculous
*loves living