Write For Us! Dating and Relationship Advice

Writing for LetsHangOut.com is an excellent opportunity for some great exposure for your business! Read about the perks and benefits of writing for us and what we are all about. As of September 2018, LetsHangOut.com has an average of about 1,000 unique (and real) visitors and 8,000 page views each and every day!.

Who are we and what we do?

LetsHangOut.com is a completely free online dating and social networking site. Every day, single men and women sign up on our site and complete their dating profile for others to read. Members can complete hundreds of compatibly and relationship questions, which are used to match them up with other members based on percentage points. Members can also search for other members all across the world using a variety of search filters. LetsHangOut.com is open to everyone of every age and background, including those looking for people to hang out with, people looking for a date or a boyfriend/girlfriend, long-term relationships and marriage. LetsHangOut.com also has a site-wide live chat room and discussion forum. Members on our site can chat live 1-on-1 with each other using our own private instant messenger and even talk to each other using our video chat features.

Since LetsHangOut.com is a full online dating site, it only makes sense that we would provide a Dating & Relationship Advice Blog for our members and new visitors to read. It provides advice, tips, news and guides related to dating and building relationships. This is where writers will contribute and submit their guest articles, posts and content towards. Every article posted on our site is also posted in our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

What kinds of articles are we looking for?

The writing we are looking for includes how-to guides, tips/advice, personal experiences and lessons on anything related to dating, love, romance and relationships. We want writers with insight and experience with dating and romance. We want writers to share their knowledge with readers and let them know what works and what doesn't work. Article must be unique for LetsHangOut.com and never published anywhere else before. We prefer experienced writers in the industry who have a history of writing quality content, although this isn't required.

A tiny, general sample of topics we welcome (not a complete list) - practically anything involving dating & relationships:

  • Dating/Relationship Studies & Polls
  • Dating Advice for Women/Men
  • Dating Advice for Seniors/Teens
  • Dating Advice for Single Parents
  • Dating Advice for Introverts/Extroverts
  • Dating Advice for [... insert your dating/relationship idea ...]
  • Top 20 Tips for [... insert your dating/relationship idea ...]
  • 10 Ways to [... insert your dating/relationship idea ...]
  • How to Impress Women/Men
  • Tips on Finding Marriage
  • List of potential ideas goes on and on...

How long should articles be?

We believe that truly insightful topics related to relationships, love and dating cannot be explained in a paragraph or two. Articles should be at least 1,200 words or more. We gladly welcome longer articles. Shorter articles can be accepted if they are highly comprehensive, detailed and of high quality.

What else is required?

  • Every article should have a minimum of one main photo/image for the header. We recommend having more images throughout a long article, but it is not required. Images must not infringe on anyone's copyright. Click here for our list of free image sources and avoiding copyright issues.
  • An author name, biography and image of the author is also required. Each author will have their own page with their own list of articles.

Are links allowed in articles?

We do allow links in articles, but only links that are used references to authoritative and credible websites when the article requires a reference that cannot otherwise be summarized in the article. We are strict when it comes to links and we will be highly against including links to websites where the primary purpose is to sell a product or services. We won't accept links to websites that appear spammy in nature (SEO spam), affiliate links, websites sites that are low quality, thin or largely empty, xxx-rated, or websites targeting specific keywords in their domain names.

How would I be credited for my article?

Each article will have an Author's Summary at the end of the article. This can include your name, a few sentences about yourself, along with your photograph. In addition, you can provide a link back to your website/blog, and links to your social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc). Readers can click your name to view a list of articles that you have written on our site. If you wish to remain anonymous, this would be fine as well and we will only post your article under an anonymous name or as Anonymous Guy/Gal.

Link Policy: We would delete links that we do not recommend to our readers. This includes links to spammy websites, websites targeting specific keywords in their domain name (SEO spam), affiliate links, websites that are low quality, thin or largely empty, xxx-rated sites, and sites selling products that we don't recommend.

Why would I share my articles with readers at LetsHangOut.com?

When you contribute to LetsHangOut.com, we provide you with a platform to share your ideas regarding dating and relationships, with a highly targeted audience. Virtually all of the thousands of visitors and members who visit our site, are single men and women seeking dates and relationships. What better place to promote your advice than on a dating site? If you want to share your stories, experiences and knowledge with more than just your friends, this is the perfect place to establish yourself as a relationship guru for a huge audience of single men and women!

Why your article may be rejected

Very rarely do we want to reject articles from writers. Unfortunately, there are cases where there isn't any other choice. To prevent articles from being rejected, please keep these tips in mind:

  • Proof read your article - Before submitting your post, always proof read the article to check for spelling and grammar errors. Try reading the article out loud to see if it sounds right.
  • Idea is incomplete - Make sure your idea is comprehensive, orderly and complete. If you make controversial claims and theories, always back them up with experiences, facts or studies relevant to the topic.
  • Article is not unique - Make sure your article isn't too similar to articles already written on LetsHangOut.com.

Tips for writing a great article for LetsHangOut.com

  • Edit your article - Ensure that your sentences and paragraphs read smoothly and have continuity. Don't hop back and forth between different ideas, which can be confusing for the reader.
  • Structure your article - Begin with an introduction and a few pointers describing what you are going to write, write out the middle or body of the article describing your dating/relationship idea, and then finish with a conclusion and a few pointers to end the article. However, if you are an experienced writer, any writing style will do fine as long as the reader is happy and the article is insightful.
  • Break up long paragraphs - Paragraphs that are too long can be tiresome for readers, so break these up into smaller paragraphs.
  • You may be an expert, but keep the reader mind - You may be very knowledgeable about certain terminologies and relationship concepts, but the reader may have little to no knowledge on the topic. So write a short introduction or short details introducing a concept to a beginner before elaborating on it.
  • Subheadings and lists - Add these to help create a structure and flow to the article, separate your ideas and make it easier for the reader to read. This helps to make the article comprehensive and detailed, instead of a long article without any subheadings and points.
  • Pictures - One main photo is required for each article. Adding a few additional images or memes throughout the article will go a long ways in producing a quality article that reader will love.

We may make changes to your article

Please note that we may make changes to your article without notification. We rarely need or want to edit articles, but these changes could include:

  • Changing the title - We will try to keep the title if it stays in line with the topic as much as possible. However, if the article can be communicated with readers in better way, the title may be changed. If the title is too similar to other topics already written on LetsHangOut.com, we may modify it slightly to make the article more unique.
  • Spelling/Grammar Errors - Obviously if there are spelling or grammar errors, we will edit these as soon as they are noticed.
  • Broken Links - If a webpage that you linked to no longer exists, or it was replaced with something that is no longer related to the article, we will remove the link or replace it if a similar page is available.
  • Spam Links - If a linked webpage appears to be spammy, is xxx-rated, affiliate links, promotes our competitors, primary purpose is to buy a product/service, or is very aggressively targeting specific keywords in their domain name (SEO Spam), we may delete these.
  • Paragraphs / Structure - In very rare cases, we may split up paragraphs that are too long, or make major re-ordering of the flow of the article if it becomes too troublesome for readers.
  • Adding Links - In some cases, we may find strategic phrases in your article and add a hyperlink to another article on LetsHangOut.com if it fits the topic. For example, if you have an article called "How to have a great first date" and it mentions a quick tip on kissing advice. We may link to another article called "How to be a great kisser" or "Should I kiss on a first date?", if it is helpful to the reader.


Your article and its title may be edited to conform to the editorial guidelines of the LetsHangOut.com editors.

If your article is selected for publication in LetsHangOut.com, you acknowledge that you would be granting LetsHangOut.com exclusive rights to edit and publish your work.

After the article is published in LetsHangOut.com, you may choose to publish your article in any other medium or even your own personal blog or website, but it must be done so only with a link directed back to your article in LetsHangOut.com citing LetsHangOut.com as the original source for the article.

By submitting your article to LetsHangOut.com, you acknowledge and affirm that the article provided by you is written by you specifically for publication in LetsHangOut.com and is original and not previously published in part or whole in any medium whatsoever.

How to submit your article to LetsHangOut.com

To submit an article to LetsHangOut.com, please have your article in a word file and send it as an attachment to contact@letshangout.com with the subject line addressed as: "Article Submission - LetsHangOut", or simply contact us by email if you have any questions. If you are a first-time guest writer on LetsHangOut.com, please provide some past examples of your writing if you have any. If your article is accepted, we will want your name, photograph and an author's biography to add with your guest posts.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your knowledge on dating and relationships with the rest of our singles community!