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Hold your colours against the wall when they take everything away...
Me and my best friend, Nacho. Nacho because she's "Nacho puppy - she's mine."
Love of my life right here!
Twisted the knife and opened your eyes....
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42, Austin

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42 year old Woman, 5'8" (173 cm)
Woman, for Casual Dating / No Commitment
Body Type:
Film/TV Junkie
Restoration and construction
High school
Regular Smoker, Non-Drinker, No Drugs
At workHold your colours against the wall when they take everything away...Me and my best friend, Nacho. Nacho because she's "Nacho puppy - she's mine."Love of my life right here!Twisted the knife and opened your eyes....
At work
At work
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Longest Relationship:
Over 10 years
Second Language:
No Second Language
My Exercise Habits:
3-4 Times Per Week
Has Children?
Prefer not to say
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Political Views:
I Dont Follow Politics
Postal Zip Code Area:
78704, TX

About Me:

Im a gemini through and through not two faced but there are definitely 2 sides to me. One super sweet sugar and spice and all of that shit. The other...well just hope you never meet that mother fucker who takes over when ive been hurt too much. She likes to f*ck. You'll know her when you see her, believe me. Sometimes I can't even look!!
So if you've made it here then obviou?sly you must be at the very least somewhat interested in getting to know me and i am most certainly interested in you. So let's do this the old fashioned way and strike up a conversation together and see where our lips and tongues lead us....I don't know what I'm looking for honestly, I think for right now, at this very second I'd say a booty call, I'm h*rny af, haven't fucked around in months, and need to get laid. Did I mention honesty is the best policy when dealing with me? That's right, be honest with me and you'll have not only my undivided attention but my utmost respect straight off the rip - and you're half way through my "must have" check off list already. But bullshit me and lie and try to run game and you might have just missed out on the ride of your life. Won't know unless you're willing to be up front and honest. So tell me what you're looking for or into, I like sex probably a whole lot more than most people and I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to the f*ck, as in I want to spit in your mouth while I am knuckle deep in.....well, let's leave the rest a mystery after all if I tell it all then there won't be nothing left to find out, will there? If you want to get to know me better or are willing to test drive just inbox me on here and let's get to know one another. At least one conversation before the clothes come off, but I do love to have good conversation - almost as good as sex to me, I am a Gemini after all. We are good at anything having to do with our mouths. Wanna find out? Inbox me on here, I'm really just trying to meet new people around my area, I'm new here but I figured what the hell, might as well say what's on my mind.

My Ideal Match:

I'm looking for a girl that knows what she wants and I like possessive bitches - if we hook up, you're not going to want to let me go. I prefer monogamy over any other style of relationship however I do so enjoy other people's kinks and if monogamy isn't your thing and you're a multiple partners kind of b*tch well you gotta be willing to at least let me watch once! It's a fair deal to me! And idc if your lesbian, bisexual, pan sexual, asexual, etc etc or if you're just a bored breeder having a peek over the fence - whatever your needs may be in bed trust and believe me when I say I'll meet them...and then some.
And did I mention I'm recently discovering my bisexuality? Oh, I didnt? Well let me explain....
To Mr. Or Mrs. Right,
I'm not here to get attached, so yes, I'm definitely looking to f**k but so far, my conquests fall short. They get to the finish line and leave me in a cloud of cLeAR smoke and dead battery v**rators. So what's the rush ladies and gentlemen, why the big hurry? I wanna c*m too and if you're pounding game is A++ - I just might sq**rt all over you. If you're into giving me your best-youll get the f**k of your life, I can promise you that. But please - I am only interested in GROWN a** women and/or men, men who've got some hair on their b*lls, bellies, and bu**s and women who like being treated like a queen, Rugged and rough type to the guys, throw me over your shoulder and cart me off to nearest horizontal flat surface and have the endurance and stamina to go that tiny bit xxxtra for a girl. Because I'll give you everything you've ever wanted in the bedroom. Just be a thoughtful, patient, and gentle teacher with me and you've found your pillow biting princess, love em and leave em just leave a tip after removing the tip to please em, scratch my back and I'll sink my teeth into yours. I'll send you a pair of panties I've worn if you're willing to buy and ship them to me. C*m on out, f**k daddies. I'll show you how a real texas girl rides a bull. ;-)