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About Me:

**I'm just gonna play it lazy-styley for now and bunt these right off the "Tips on being successful and getting found" list, cause frankly,
I always just kinda did my thing and hoped for the best. I never even considered that there are things I had to make sure of
in case I should need to be found, but no more living on the edge over here.

---I've only got a couple hobbies, activities, etc. but they occupy the bulk of my existence.
If I'm not creating music or clumsily stirring up some unbearable conspiracy of noises, then, I'm probably listening to some other music and thinking about making some whole OTHER music. If it's none of the above, I might be playing a videogame (probably one with really good music) or watching a movie (and obsessing about the music... I really dig the whole sound design for movies, actually). Eliminate all of those, and, chances are, I'm writing something totally nonsensical and thinking of what I can change to cause it to make even LESS sense or editing photos with the same purpose in mind. Absurdity and nonsense make up a huge chunk of my sense of humor, the more straight-faced the delivery, the better. In a weird way (like that needed to be said), they've taken on philosophical roles, over the years, and are an important part of who I am.
This all kinda leaks into the next bit...

---As a kid, my goals were a little loftier: Frankenstein, Superman, a fireman, to be precise, if you asked 4-year-old, Chris.
I was grief-stricken to discover in my teenage years: Just because some grown-up says "If you dream it, you can be it", you are not guaranteed the literal achievement of every simple whim. My growing restlessness with the mundane nature of the decidedly unimpressive world around me reached its epoch when it was explained that it was Frankenstein's monster I wished to grow into, and that was completely impossible without, first, being deceased, and second, being constructed, piece-by-piece, using only the mismatched limbs and organs of other deceased folks... Oh, and lightning, or whatever. To tell the truth, when I look back, it's a little silly and I should've researched a little deeper than a couple late night Boris Karloff movies and a trip to the theater to see Young Frankenstein.

---My goals? Aspirations? Future Plans?
This world talks a good game but always dips on you when it's time to throw the damn switch. I knew I couldn't settle and I still haven't.
My universe doesn't just accept that RED means stop or GREEN means GO, based solely on: "Cause it was already like that when I got here".
My reality is constantly testing the weak edges of this nerfed-down sandbox we cohabitulate (that's a real word in my universe, so...)
and the calculations are being extrapolated into all kinda other big words and then RE-something-ulated until my new reality is complete and I can finally take my
throne as Frankens... I mean, I'm pretty much, just gonna be me now, but it'll be awesome, right?

---I get carried away cause it's fun, and liberating, to immerse myself, head-first, into all this stupidity, attempt to describe it and manipulate it, without a {wink} or an "LOL" to break character. I've been a storyteller since I was a kid. A musician since a teenager. I never much attempted to pursue the writing into professional arenas and the rockstar fantasies of my late teens and the bulk of my 20's, were shaken through a sift, not long after my 30th birthday, washing out all the small potatoes, ego fueled, pipe dreams and leaving behind, a new clarity of what was there the entire time but too obscured by bullshit, to see:
There's an over-arching story that organically envelopes all of my incomplete, once thought "dead on the vine", stories and premises, and gives them a permanent home. There's a voice in my music that has been developing over the years, to become better suited as the narrator to the biggest, most epic, unfathomably gigantic, like, even bigger than however big you were just thinking when reading that and then twice as huge as what I just said cause I won't even pretend my silly, post-primative, imagination meat is capable of envisioning anything that preposterously huge-mungous (huge + humungous. you're welcome).
Whether or not I have enjoyed a certain level of happiness, satisfaction, prosperity, health... ANY of that; I was/am/will be here to receive the distinct vibrations that, somehow, translate into these noises that follow me around, like moths already burned up in the flame, but continuing to hover busily around, distracting me and chasing off my sleep at night, conspiring to, one day, unite into entire songs that I can swipe out of the ether and turn into something tangible and permanent in the world.

My Ideal Match:

Someone with the kind of sense of humor that doesn't make me constantly regret being me.
I'm sure I technically have a "type" but I have a hard time putting my finger on it. Yes, I want to meet someone I find physically attractive, but I'm not so sure what the defaults are in that department. I tend to be attracted to rocker girl types, if I dig down deep. Certain goth-ish, Suicide Girl (sort of), punk rock (while retaining some actual femininity, as opposed to looking like she's about to audition for The Exploited)... but none of that is completely accurate.
You know what? I respect and appreciate "love" and try to make it a point to perpetuate it and share it with my family and friends. I've loved every girl who has possessed the audacity to actually look forward to sharing her time with me (of all people). This has included the fashion/lifestyle choice that I mentioned, but also, a few preppy girls, country, geeky, and just plain, totally ordinary ladies who had no real concern with identifying themselves through a "look", besides whatever made them feel good about themselves. I like to think I treated each of them with respect and never tried to make anyone over to better fit my personal taste.
So, having worked through that matter and flawlessly cleared things up, I guess what I'm getting at is,
I long for that short period in time when girls saw Cyndi Lauper as the ideal role model.
Yep. Final answer. I think every single aspect of Cyndi Lauper's character is the ideal version of that particular area. Say,Cyndi with Adrianna Chechik's sexuality, Bjork's spritely spirit, Jenna Marbles' sense of humor... Oh NO! It's Frankenstein all over again. This is becoming distressing.


I GOT it. If you are a: "not-at-all" to "extremely" quirky lady with her own confident taste in what she enjoys, be it fashion, music, writers, personal philosophy, etc. AND you find it amusing to engage in a bit of self-aware, back & forth, ribbing, at the expense of each other's taste and, essentially, our own, all in celebration of the laugh the universe must be getting out of ALL of us for being so defensive about a buncha silly, human crap in the first place... then you should consider dropping me a line (that is, if my physical appearance and Albert Einstein grade fashion sense doesn't make you instantly nauseous).

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