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About Me:

firmament, nor what is beyond. What did it encompass? Where? In whose protection? ~ I'm science minded, well-mannered, even-tempered, pragmatic and rational, yet, an unconventional thinker. I'm a Realist and seek objective perception; the glass is half-full (with liquid) because it has been filled to that level, half-empty because it has been drained to that level, and when there is no beginning point of reference, at the mean line. I act to distance myself from confirmation biases and propaganda; I pull back curtains to illuminate that which hides in darkness. I am fond of obscured but valid knowledge that can be discovered within ancient spiritual and knowledge traditions. I like classical music; e.g., Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 in A major is a favorite (especially it's rendition for the film Zardoz). Also, I like certain sub-genres of rock, alternative rock, jazz, electronica (techno, industrial, ambient), reggae, and a few others. I'm a sci-fi enthusiast, but prefer plots that have a basis crafted from something which seems like it could be drawn from the sciences, especially cutting-edge or fringe science; however, I'm practically grounded and do not live and breath sci-fi. I enjoy a wide range of film genre such as action drama, film noir, future noir, and some comedy. My demeanor is practical and usually congenial, but, sometimes controversial. If you want conversation, message me, but, be ready for probing, in-depth conversation about many topics. Books and reading are important. I'm comfortable in formal attire, but I don't often have a reason to wear such. I prefer direct statement when in conversation; nevertheless, some matters need to be handled delicately. My sense of humor is, well, sometimes playful, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes penetrating. You'll find conversation with me interesting and usually easy, but some have found it disruptive and reach for the "blue pill" (see the film The Matrix). My Western Zodiac sign is Caner while my Eastern Zodiac sign is Dragon. Aikido teacher, having written several books about it, too. Not here for a hookup. I'm an INTJ/P, aligned with Number Six's struggle.

My Ideal Match:

Ideally, you're a good listener and conversationalist, perceptive, a little provocative but respectful, action oriented, somewhat philosophical or spiritual but not necessarily religious, seeking knowledge that is not tainted by confirmation bias, and one who can grasp and move through the layers of reality in our world while not manifesting undue anxiety or escapism. You're a woman who has not become an avatar of any deceptive social agenda that has been crafted by an elitist intelligentsia and perpetrated upon society by any number of its subversive socio-political operatives. You're a woman who thinks that the term "open minded" is vacuous and cliche'. You're a little bit daring, aroused by meaningful topics of discussion:

1. From what ancient myth does the quote in my headline and opening sentence come?
2. Who was "Number Six," and what was his/her socio-political message for Western societies?
3. Is an unbiased understanding of history useful toward shaping humanity's future?
4. Are there immutable truths?
5. What type of socio-political restrictions or problems are present for people living within a society; and, how do any of these interfere with their ability to perceive immutable truth?
6. How are the socially derived and evolved concepts of trust, freedom, and loyalty interconnected; and, how is this interconnection applicable to relationships between people?
7. In a society, what type of signs (socio-political signals and events) can emerge that warn citizens of an insidious, creeping reduction of freedom and privacy?
8. When is secrecy necessary?
9. How do confirmation biases affect the characteristics of a society?
10. From your perspective, what is the meaning or significance of life?
11. You speak of "love." Contemplate; describe its various manifestations.
12. From whence do you come, to where will you go?

Without discussion there is no beginning, and, if you're unwillingt to discuss these topics, don't bother contacting me.


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