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30 year old Man, 6'0" (183 cm)
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Hopeless Romantic
YouTuber/Writer/Future Politician
High school
Non-smoker, Non-Drinker, No Drugs
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About Me:

I am a person who currently is in a place of transition. I've been through a lot in life and it has made me a bit depressed. However, it has given me experience and perspective in life. I'm not the prototypical male. I'm far from ideal looking for an ideal. I know it may seem unreasonable, but I have a level of dedication one can rarely find. I have specific emotional needs. I'm going to be as upfront as possible, so there's no "disappointment" at all. Due to past circumstances, I've landed myself in an adult foster home. Past failures of when I was fourteen and the only reason I didn't move out was simple.
A)The current monetary incentive. I live in a nice house with six bedrooms and two bathrooms and only pay $600 a month
B)The food's really nice
C)I personally don't want to live alone
I'm reaching a point where I need a change in my life, but I am also very meticulous. So I'm not just going to dive in and desire to move in. I plan on keeping things slow and steady. I'm not looking for any woman, just the right one.
My hobbies and freetime activities are kind of mingled in this case, as I currently do YouTubing and some novel writing on the side. I plan to enter both politics and the animation industry, each at some point.
My life has a lot of heavy, tragic backstory to it. However, for once in my life, I'm on an upswing of confidence.
I'm 29, but I didn't enter the field because I had some personal issues to sort out before I felt that I could be sufficient enough to date w/o dragging the lady down.
What makes me unique? Hmm. A vast library of knowledge, ridiculous amounts of talents in academics, politics, debate, hobbies, etc.
I'm a bit more compassionate than most. I'd say that despite looks and hobbies, I'd slightly be a tomgirl by definition, as I prefer cute over sexy. Let's just say I don't gel well with aggression.
I like metal, anime music, rock and a little bit of rap on the preference, but I also listen to a variety of other genres. Anime is my main source of entertainment, games secondary. Kinda bored with TV and movies and would only watch the latter as a date.My favorite games are generally anime/JRPG based. What can I say? Anime's a great escape for me.
I do have flaws though.
A)I can come across as egocentric, even if I don't want to.
B)A large laundry list of mental disorders
C)I'm still trying to figure out how to ready people emotionally. Situations in life kind of put me in a place where I had to be aggressive and violent to survive
D)Oh and I guess if you find a Trump/MAGA supporter a downside, if you're that egocentric
E)I can get too detailed and I've been told in the past that my personal lexicon can make others feel like less of a person, due to my word choice. Even though my intent is to be descriptive.
F)Not everyone has the patience to deal with me. I'm considered a bit prudent, reserved, introverted, and often portray things I don't mean to portray.
G)I do have crime offenses I've had in the past, but not since 2004. I worked hard and paid my dues to repent for said crimes, but there's a lot to go with that sadly.
H)As a result of everything above I'm a bit conflicted. I have a lot of positives, but my negatives weigh down on my conscience
I)Power struggles won't work. Past evidence shows frustrations others have with me, because they can't win in an argument.
If anything, I seek to inspire happiness in people. Even when I don't feel so happy myself. I think that eventually, people will finally reach their desired happiness. If I can make it happen for them, all the better.
I'm still a work in progress, sadly. I'm always willing to talk and hear out your problems and I'm about discussing things with people. You might be surprised upon how receptive I may be to certain ideas or needs of the significant other.

My Ideal Match:

CUTENESS. I'm a major sucker for cuteness.

Clear, white skin. Eyes that draw my attention. Nothing too gaudy or puffy. I don't like women who try too hard.

I don't like aggression. I've spent most of my life living in said aggressive places, with a very strict and aggressive mother, various homes, etc.

I like being around personalities that are open, patient, kind and soothing. Don't give me the "anime girl personalities aren't real" nonsense either. Those personalities come from the heart, so ofc they're real.

A person who's my opposite. Bright and cheery. Fun, outgoing and someone supportive enough to help me get out of my shell.

Keep in mind I know people have their own issues, which I can tolerate to a point. Nothing related to drugs, alcohol or anything that can result in a sad tragedy. I've seen enough of that for my lifetime.

I like a good middle with a woman. Not to aggressive like the socialites you see on TV. I'm not into that sort of culture. I like refined, dignified females with self-respect, but also knows when I'm uncomfortable.

I want someone to be emotionally and physically close to. I've lost family and my life was altered to a drastic point. A person who I can be happy with.

Being an anime/anime game fan is optional, so bonus points if we share similar hobbies. <3