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About Me:

Apologies for my headline....but at least it drew your attention! That said I do wonder about whether meeting up in the current climate....may have to wait and we may just have to be penpals for three months! Ironically, I’m guessing many of my peers who are just looking for s-x will probably be put off by not being able to have a quick ons on less competition for me.....every cloud!

Anyway a big Thank you for looking at my profile....very brave given I don’t show a photo! That said, I am no hypocrite and do myself look at faceless profiles and....yes despite what you are every word....

I have decided to change my profile and just say it as it is....

Do I turn heads when I walk down the street....well, NO, but surely that’s a good thing as otherwise you may consider me a member of the local mafia, wringing the odd neck!....likewise, I don’t consider myself to be George Clooney....

Am I betrothed or married...again NO, I am looking for the one....not just the one for one night.....but the one for...possibly....EVER.

Now at my age, I think it is safe to say I know what I would like.....I’ve set out in 13 simple bullets what I am looking for:

1. Dry sense of humour....although, I think when in tune...couples can laugh about almost anything good and bad.....I would though add, there is just one exception, I am not fond of being laughed the bedroom...unless it’s becaise the TV I put up on the wall has fallen down.....when I say TV....I do mean “television” not transvestite!

2. Take pride in their appearance or in my own case....make the most of a bad job....please imagine Shrek but having had an extensive facial...I would add, I have no Botox or even a perma tan....likewise I’m not anywhere as green as Shrek. I’ve veered off the point....sorry....I would like my partner to smell good, look good, be good (most of the time!) and taste good.....all of the time.

3. Wear a smile....I really struggle with grumpy people....although, thinking about it, I think I on occasion can be grumpy....eek! I like well adjusted folk who are not prone too drama, unless it’s a boxset! I’m a person who considers my glass to be full, even if almost empty (as I’m sure it has been for many of us on here at some point).....unless it is my prospective partner’s wine glass then always literally full as may need yoir vision and perception to fade a little to help me appear more amusing and even better looking!

4. At my age, am I looking to sit in an armchair with my pipe and slippers, reading the Telegraph and helping my partner choose a knitting pattern for my next Arun sweater? Nope, but neither do I want to party every night....I’d like to go out a couple of evenings each week in the the warmer weather I’d like to be outside enjoying each other’s company and being active..more than sitting in, unless you have little adults in which case, I would adapt.

5. Chemistry....there has to be some, I’m not sure I am ready for a life of “companionship,” if I was I’d get a dog. I think intimacy has to feature, I’m not saying we have to maul each other 24/7, that said, now I think about it I think I would like that....if only in my you mauling me, or me mauling you....particularly on front of my Mum, when we go round for a cup of PG, does make me wince a little. Anyway, having re-read that sentence, I’m not sure I like my turn of phrase “mauling” but at this moment I can’t think of a good alternate....groping....nope......fondling....nope...manhanding....not, I think I’ll have to give that some further thought, suffice to say I do like the “physical intimacy” and consider myself a red hot blooded male who likes to invest time in their partner’s well being (that sounds so dreadful I think I’ll leave it in....if only to make me laugh when I review my profile in the cold light of day...tomorrow).

6. Distance....I’m really not sure about this...I’d like you to be nearby so if we fancy a cuppa or glass we can just pop in one another’s....that said, I’m not sure I do want that....I think I would have to consider the merits of each....once we are truly on track for a (long term) relationship

7. Intelligence - I’d like you to be quite bright.... I’m not very smart myself, but would like our fare share as a partnership of IQ between us.....for me, Pi is for eating (having a maths lesson just before lunch used to make my tummy rumble), in chemistry, I never trusted the teacher as some lessons all we talked about was a Li test, and well I’ve often struggled to spell the word pseudonym!

8. Good friends. I think choice of friends can say a lot about someone (I’m not sure what my friends would say, hopefully the odd positive thing....although I think I should clarify that comment.....some positive things, not odd things)! I have a good group of friends, many of whom have been my friends for many many years, I’m very fond of them and really enjoy their company and laughing with them.

9. ONS or relationship - I would like a LTR, yes, again I would say a very LTR relationship which has meaning and substance (I did once have a ONS....but 5 weeks later got together and had a relationship for 2 years, so not sure it was a ONS after all....more a try before you buy....we both bought....well until the two year warranty obviously ran out!). In addition, I would like to think there is an emotional connection before any “jiggy wiv it” as I think it is more meaningful and not meaningless! Just my thoughts....perhaps I am too old fashioned and my morals, beliefs and values, are more 19th century than 21st where I understand people get jiggy early doors and then six months later start to “go out!”

10. Lady or wanton woman....I think both, ideally, I’d prefer the wanton woman was faithful to fact that’s non-negotiable, likewise any Darcy theatrics on my part would be sacred to you.

11. Prospects - many would say I have a great job (well, actually only my boss when he is telling me there is no pay rise) and want for little....that’s quite true but I also value family and friends and therefore have no intention of chasing big bucks to purely leave more to my children....who would only spend it on sweets, drink, drugs, fast cars, wild living and anything else they have seen their father doing (I’m joking...I intend to leave them £20 each and enough to cover my funeral will be lavish!). If you are career driven then that’s great, however, time for us is important, there’s only so much time I can spend pining for you!

12. Bad habits - I must have some but not too sure so have asked an ex...I’m waiting for her feedback......

13. Patience, I am reasonably, I mean I’ve not chased up the ex for their feedback, as mentioned under item 12. above and and it’s been 4 months since

My Ideal Match:

A genuine, caring, thoughtful lady