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38, Sun Prairie

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38 year old Man, 6'4" (193 cm)
Woman, for Lets Hang Out / Chat / Friends
Body Type:
Big & Tall/BBW
Night Owl
Concrete Finisher
High school
Regular Smoker, Drinks Sometimes, Drugs Regularly
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Longest Relationship:
Over 4 years
Second Language:
No Second Language
My Exercise Habits:
3-4 Times Per Week
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Political Views:
I Dont Follow Politics
Postal Zip Code Area:
53590, WI

About Me:

I'm a big bear of a man of viking ancestry. I'm a protector, it's not something I had to learn, I just do.

Now then, only bush I beat around is worth the effort it takes workin the honeypot and getting rewarded with sweet sticky nectar. I'm quite proud of my self pertaining to how I work the berry bushes and as if by magic, lol. Ok, so I got an imagination, I'm confident, self assured and possibly a tad full of everything a c*ck sure concrete guy, in his Prime, should be, I mean, c'mon, I'm a FInisher, that means i like to not only work, but also play hard, I don't know what quitting any time before the jobs done is like, does that mean I'm a living sculpted example of male hotness, f*ck no lmao, I'm insulated, steadfast, sturdy and if I'm being honest I got the strength of a pissed of bull with down syndrome, atlases shoulders, hulk Hogan's arms, the juggernauts leg power and a whiskey barrel for a chest and keg in the middle (six packs are for the sickly and malformed, 6 packs couldn't get a stunted and unnaturally small kid born without a liver buzzed let alone drunk... Lol

Sooo, if you made it through the random musing put to word form and vomited indirectly onto my screen I applaud your either interest in what might be just beyond your screen, is there more? Do I ramble on content in my horror slasher like writing, freely abusing your eyeballs on line at a time. Do I continue my flagrant and dastardly methodical destruction of all written word or shall I convey unto you a token of my esteem for how you refuse to give in to going with anybody else's about me, maybe chuckle or are you a cackler?... Chucackling at the trove of tiny d*ck pics you hold onto for giggle sake, it's ok, the male reproductive organ is a broken tool of a organ, it's makes llamas seem ok, they can spit with precision repeatedly and they smell better then most of us, they're not gonna 1 pump c*m dump into your sementary plot then eat shit and do what we do, guy stuff, totally ignoring nor even realizing you couldn't of, your sexual organs are a finely tuned hormonal shit shoot, maybe if he'd of tried instead of double fisting grub and booze while you climbed into the saddle, didn't even get a warmup right? He was so rearing for a release at the end of the track that he finished first, which I'm this case is last.

Damn, ain't that a bout a b*tch... Well, thorough breds are always quick to finish. If you're still with me I can tell what you need, as a draft horse, I'm a living eating shitting being that can and daily at the make my way ploughing your fertile valley from sunup to sunup and all night long, sure, im no where near as fast, I could care less if I finish at all let alone first, I'm big, I'm docile and of a gentile way, just big, can pull anything, lift and carry immense loads tirelessly and all ya gotta do is scratch under my chin, deburr my hair now and then leave me a tasty treat, access to water and throw me some oats here and there, you get the majestic glory of a over strength oversized cockerdoodle just packing an upsized battle staff that's bigger then that dog... Then there's my special pony show with tricks for treats as long as treats are given by tricks. Lickem if you can't don't stickem, foreplay is an art form and I'm a horse sized Michelangelo all ready to let me paint your cystine chapel in blacklight reactive body paints. Wanna be my final masterpiece and join me in retirement?

Ya, bored, haven't played in months, need a female I can woo with my massive stack... Of literary objects, I like the written word more so then spoken, words wrote out are what they are, words spoken for the ear can be pure honey or poison, it is what it is sadly.

I'm 6'4 280lbs, big but not a fuggly mcporkysnatch. Just ok, I'm rugged, swarthy and may have my own gravitational pull, come take a trip around the sun with me and maybe you'll manage to enter orbit and I'll have a beautiful moon to enjoy and cherish until the end

My Ideal Match:

Looking for party people, they're my tribe. Looking for a good time that never ends