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About Me:

Hey there!

I am one of those "lay it all on the table" "no bullshit" "if you don't like me, it's OK" I have no time for lies. Games, are meant to be played with a deck in your hand, on a board @ a table, in a big fucking field of dreams and especially on the ice baby! Yes, I love hockey and boy do I ever seem to have this thang for goalies.
My most important message, is that I have ZERO, again...I have ZERO expectations in finding the love of my life. I was in love twice, I think? It may have been lust, but that isn't my point here. I am not looking for anyone other than a Best Friend. As soon as any guy puts that "title" on our friendship, all of a sudden I am now a piece of property and every man in the entire universe is looking to buy up MY LAND. No thanks, go buy some real estate, I am not it. HIS STORY always repeats itself, let me tell you my luck when the GIRLFRIEND title happens....ALL the reasons they fall in love with me, are ALL the reasons they end up hating me. I am bored. Been there, done that, and I just want something that used to come so easily, and now is nowhere to be found. Qualities in People I can not seem to find today are as follows. 1. RESPECT (seems it is a common tattoo but not alot of the tattooed have a clue what they got inked on themselves?) Good job guys! 2. LOYALTY (another good tattoo idea, but you may want to look up the meaning because it is not defined a sewage rodent, I can promise you that! and oh ya, stop with the false advertising, it's NOT a good look.) Which brings me to number 3. Transparency/Honesty (to a point, i mean if it's going to hurt your mom's feelings, definately don't tell her the hair looks bad, you know where i am going with this....if the cops pull you over, NOT the time to totally be transparent if you had one drink, because they will and I promise, probably start assuming ALL kinds and rip your car apart while your eating the pavement, all due to having a beer 6 hours ago.....LOL, or if I am on the run for good reason, back me up, for gosh sakes!!!! Don't turn me in when your my RIDE OR DIE and that leads me right back to that LOYALTY bit. If I am Bonnie, please be Clyde. Just Clyde, no other thoughts, it's just that easy. Over thinking is MY job, I will take it for the team on every occasion. lol It's proven to work 99.9% of the time and those are DAMN good odds.

My Ideal Match:

This is IMPORTANT so PLEASE PAY CLOSE attention... A little bit closer....keep coming....OK perfect! I am a minimalist. I like the simple life that tends to not be AS simple but I like the work involved. I hate the indoors and have been living in my 3 tiny homes I call concepts, because I just wanted practice but I am practicing for the Perfect One and will be doing it mainly free. I like FREE these days, and never really was about the money game. I can rock used clothes, and prefer it that way due to all the clothing land fills that actually can't be filled anymore. I believe we ALL have huge responsibility in ruining this place called Earth. I also, believe that we are extremely late in doing anything about it, and I am actually really upset that I took the time all these years to separate all my god damn garbage when in fact it was all going to the same fucking place in the end. We ALL should be pissed. But the guy in charge, admits he is in the wrong and is just at a loss as to where to put it all. He seems to be genuine and he didnt' deny it wasn't happening and honesty goes a very long way with me, as long as you are going to do something about the mistakes you made. We are all human, right? I don't like to argue, unless the make up sex is going to be THAT good, then I may argue more and for no apparent reason. Im openly admitting, when I have good sex, it's like a lion has been unleashed and it's just one hell of a show. Im very shy until the 3rd time, that is when all hell breaks loose. I tend to attract younger guys for that reason alone. It's a bit much if you don;t have the stamina, Im just being honest. But again, not what i am seeking at all, it's definately something I should warn someone about though in case it happens. Now for the Grand Finale and Transparency of ALL Transparencies.....drum roll please....kidding....ok, so this is the fuct up part. My "new life" is far from normal. Since this plandemic, SHIT GOT WIERD. I recently, started living as though I was Scully and I lost Moulder. Yes, my XFILES life, is just that. I haven't seen it yet, but the Matrix is apparently what I am experiencing but it's become my full time job with the whole video, photos, having the documentation has been my only vice, and I wouldn't tell of the experiences Ive had without something I can back it up with, it's that far out there. I have to just say that Science IS ONLY FICTION UNTIL IT"S NOT. I have my business and my Niche is tree root tables, reversable for tiny space living. I love building with wood, it's my passion. So with my new life, I will give you an example, my wood will morph into different animals, from what i've seen so far, and they move just like transformers, i have this very sci fi that is not actually fiction at all, lifestyle and you WILL witness it. I have ZERO tolerance for ignorance and if you are not awake, please wake the f*ck up, but I am not interested in being the one to wake anybody else. I am annoyed. If you are vaxxed, I am truely sorry and i could have easily given you a suicide hotline number. I am much too independant a personality and not easily brainwashed. Sorry i am NOT good company for you. Thier is evil running the world and it is NOT BRAND NEW and a Monetary Policy is NOT WORKING, as a matter of fact, if you look up the word CORRUPT it won't but SHOULD say, INVENTED FROM A MONETARY SOCIETY POLICY. Becuase it is totally a set up and no one even realises they are being corrupt because they are in competition, everyone trying to feed their families will end up having to throw their neighbour under the bus, just to get the business becuase without that sale there is no food to put on the table. the evil ones in charge of this whole policy nonsense actually set you up to fail before you even started with this system so that they can own everything. What these idiots dont realize is that andreochrome, is for babies, reptiles live in tanks, and we are ALL going to the grave with the same amount of money. WAKE UP. This is agian, history repeating itself. But the bigger issue here, is not the other life forms in the universe. It is US HUMANS. We must get back to the basics, get this 5G network shut down ASAP and stop listening to your doctor until we have some doctors that graduate from books that aren't influenced for BIG PHARMA. I will NEVER put a dime into Big Pharma, EVER. I don't take meds unless it is anti biotics but my body will tell me when it needs them, NOT A DOCTOR. And i won't get into the rest of how messed up this world is, I just want peace, and my freedom to choose what I do in regards to my health and well being and for f*ck sakes, I could not stay locked up when they demanded we do ? I had Google telling me I was a disease spreading whore and all the while i was in Crown Land Country where there were no cell towers for eons and eons. I was at one with nature and survived a whole year with NO technology in the bush....and I was alone for 3 full months of it. I am a survivor and know my way around the bush. I am not afraid of anything out there, but here...god get me the hell away from all these people. Sorry but I just can't relate to most. And with that said, I hope I have defined who I am clear enough for you to know if you should be wasting your time AND my time because let's be honest, our time is valuable. So good luck with your journey and please wake up if you aren't already. Have some coffee, listen to the birds sing, and you know, clear your eyes and just take a good look around you. There are a ton of different species that you probably haven't noticed and my sci fi friends and I are making some of these, and the mushrooms, go take a sneak peek in the wooded area closest to you. If you don't know much about it, I suggest you learn quick how to survive off the land, cause there may just be a need for you to learn or you may not survive .... enjoy yourself, there are 50 at least new species i've noticed in the forest and they are all coming up at the same time! Not normal....nope....so check out the dust too, and you will realize just how disgusting the air is. There is shit on the forest floor, I have NO IDEA how it gets there, adn the abundance of the shit....it's fucking sad. I want to make a difference. I will die trying.