How to Impress a Girl on the First Date: 15 Tips for Everyone

By Robert Faulkner
Dating Advice: How to Impress a Girl on the First Date: 15 Tips for Everyone

The scary part is behind you because she agreed to go out with you, right? Wrong! You still need to impress a girl on your first date. This article contains the first date dos and don’ts. Who knows, you might land a second date or meet the love of your life.

If you’re going to impress a girl, do it at the first meeting. Some relationships may have survived terrible first dates, but few people give second chances in today’s world. After all, it’s human nature to trust first impressions. These 15 tips will help you impress a girl with one date.

Be Confident

The thought of failing to impress a girl you like on the first date is terrifying. But your pounding heart shouldn’t be evident to your date. For starters, calm down by hitting the gym, meditating, or listening to music. However, avoid alcohol. Aside from scaring your crush away with your tipsy personality, alcohol impairs your judgment. You might think your date is interested when they’re not.

Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact shows interest in your date even before you pull out your best quotes to impress a girl. But don’t exceed five seconds, lest it feels like staring. You can shift your gaze to their nose or forehead. Another option is looking at their lips to signal attraction and improve your chemistry. However, don’t stare at the hot waitress or the girl on the next table; your crush wants all your attention.

Pick the Right Place

The possibility of a second meeting relies on the location you chose to impress your date the first time. But which are the best places to impress a girl? While there’s no definite answer to this question, there are several ways to do it with your first date location. First off, pick a spot that inspires conversation. The place should be quiet and free of interruptions.

Furthermore, your choice should match both your interests. Don’t plan a picnic if your crush hates the outdoors. Places with recipes to impress a girl are a plus.

Don’t Mention Your Exes

There are many ways to impress a girl, and stories about your ex aren’t one. While you can inquire about your crush’s relationship status, don’t dig into their past relationships or talk about yours. Avoid topics like the reason for your breakup and how your ex hurt you; your date isn’t a therapist (even if she is).

Impress a Girl by Looking Good

You need to look nice to impress a girl. One of the tips on how to dress to impress the girl you’re meeting is wearing fitting clothes. Besides increasing your confidence, the correct fit focuses your attention on your crush instead of what you’re wearing. Another way to impress a girl is through personal hygiene habits like:

  • Applying cologne
  • Cleaning your teeth
  • Grooming your beard
  • Cutting your nails
  • Moisturizing your skin
  • Getting a haircut to impress a girl

Text Before and After the Date

You can’t impress a girl if she can’t make it to the appointment. That’s why you should text in advance to confirm the meeting. This also shows you’re excited about the date. Similarly, talk to her afterward to say you enjoyed her company and hope to see her again. It doesn’t have to be a text; you can call or email her. If you know how to impress a girl on the phone, she’ll agree to a second date.

Text Before and After Date - Happy Young Man

Take Things Slow

Don’t unleash your entire pick up lines to impress a girl. Apart from sounding cheesy, your flirting attempts might backfire or leave your crush uncomfortable. Again, don’t claim to love her when you know nothing beyond her best hookup sites profile. Instead, say something like, “You made my evening” at the end of the date. You should also avoid touching her if it makes her uncomfortable. Unwelcome hugs and high fives are your cues to take your hands off her.


Most women expect you to pick up the bill, especially if you invited them. But don’t focus so much on how to impress a girl that you ignore her wishes; some women prefer splitting the bill. Instead of turning down her request directly, tell your crush you don’t mind sharing the cost on future dates, but she could leave this one to you. If she insists, let her have her way.

It’s Not an Interview

While you can prepare a list of questions to impress a girl to save a dying conversation, don’t turn the meeting into an interview. A better option is asking a question and building on the topic. For example, you can ask about her hobbies and mention what you love about those activities. Remember, you don’t have to struggle with the things to say to impress a girl. The fact that she came to the date proves she’s interested.

Don’t Brag

You’re not going to impress a girl or anyone for that matter if you brag. You may talk about your achievements, but only if she asks. Furthermore, be passionate instead of boastful. Apart from being annoying, bragging means you’re compensating for your inadequacies.

Be a Gentleman

Though you don’t need extreme chivalry to impress a girl, you have no excuse to abandon your manners. For example, you can impress a girl by helping her open and close vehicle doors. But not everyone appreciates this gesture; some think it disregards their abilities. In this case, allow her to open building doors and pull out her chairs. You can still impress a girl in other ways, like keeping off the phone.

Pick Her up

You can impress a girl by offering a ride from her place to the date venue. This is especially true if her house is far from yours. Aside from declaring your interest by driving all the way, the journey allows you to talk and play songs to impress a girl. If she prefers coming to the place on her own, meet her there. This means you should be the first at the location.

Be Polite

You’re not going to impress a girl you just met by remarking how great her thighs look in that dress. Instead, start with subtle compliments like, “You look beautiful tonight.” You can also impress a girl by being polite to waiters. You may joke for a girl to impress her, but maintain light humor.

Avoid Irrelevant Conversations

Avoid uninteresting topics like finance and common ones, like movies and books. The first rule to impress a girl is appealing to her emotions. As such, share funny experiences she didn’t expect to hear, for example, your childhood and college escapades.

Be Honest

Though lies might impress a girl, it won’t be long before she uncovers your fake persona. Additionally, be forthright with your crush about what you expect from the date. Don’t declare your love to impress a girl if your plans aren’t long-term. However, narrating your entire life history on the first date won’t impress a girl either. Some details are better-kept secret or saved for future meetings.

Be Honest On Date - Couple Drinking Wine

The Best Outcome: Setting a Second Date

What next after the first date? That’s right; a second date! If you have searched how to impress a girl online, you know you need to impress a girl on the second date to increase the attraction. This time, elevate the conversation and look for subtle cues she’s interested in. For instance, she might get louder, laugh with you, or be more welcoming to your touch. Are there other tricks to impress a girl you just met? Please share them with us in the comment section below.

Robert Faulkner

Robert Faulkner

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