Hattiesburg Submissive for Dominant Male (1)

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    SubSpunMaleIn601 OP 2 Posts Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
    Mar 4, 2020 5:44 PM UTC
    Eager to learn, easy to train. Complete whore and c*m slut. It is a total addict for the taste of a**hole. Take the last of it’s pride, dignity, manhood, ego, self worth and destroy it in your hands in front of him. Turn it into your personal urinal. Humiliate it in private and in public to the laughter of others. Whore it out until it's faggot c*nt is longer fuckable. Lock up its useless pathetic little dicklet and only allow it's release twice a year to masterbate using its own hand, using thenbloto catch it worthless jizm consume it.
    It is nothing but inferior property put here to serve, please, pleasure, entertain amuse Superior Real Men.
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