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  • LetmetakeCareOfU Dating Profile
    Apr 10, 2021 10:16 AM UTC
    If you are age 18 and up and you are interested in having a great time with a fun loving sarcastic guy who is interested in doing something different being more adventurous then right now. I'm starting to go blind in my right eye and we'll I love my wife but I feel like she is going to cause me more harm than anything good. She doesn't really help me out when I need it. And we always argue, I'm a great person I pay the bills help out her kids and we'll since I have known her her kids have not ever shown that they care for me as a person let alone her even but she doesn't get it like I see it and I am hella tired of this. And the no sex thing Seriously man I enjoy sex I love to make a sexy girl moan loud and call me daddy and I enjoy spoiling my girl from time to time. And I would love to get a chance to see what else is out there even if you want to be discreet I would like to get a chance to know you exchange pics and maybe hook up and move on with who ever is interested in a 6'2" italian guy who is 36 year's old has green eyes tattoos no kids and just someone who is interested in being my sexy girl back and my true ride or die type of woman please for the love of God please hit me up and let me be the one to kiss you hold you and f*ck you hard and deep all the time baby girl.
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