who knows someone who can deepthroat like no other (1)

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  • mlok7083gmailcom Dating Profile
    mlok7083gmailcom OP 4 Posts Olympia, Washington, USA
    Jun 7, 2021 8:12 PM UTC
    anybody who can deepthroat is worthy of pretty much anything because that is the way to a mans boner. opps i mean to a mans heart. so if anyone knows someone who cand eepthroat lemme know because i just find it controversial that no one REALLY answers on here like the right way. no one really understands some just need some no strings women.
    also anyone who wants to dirty talk? dirty talk is the way someone expresses a fantasy and if women dont understand it then they should try it and see that it works wonders in trying to find out about the person your with. so anyone know someone who can deepthroat or dirty talk like no other?
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