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    Aug 4, 2021 7:56 AM UTC
    So this is my boggle. Before I even begin let me set the record straight. In no way am I a hater basher shovenist sexist or any other word or phase which is negative twords women. Unfortunately quite the opposite. I love everything woman from tip to toe. I am driven by my 5 senses and a woman satisfies all of them to the umph degree. I love the smell that a woman creates when she is getting ready. From the body wash to shampoo to conditioner to moisturizer and the steam caries the scent. Blow drying the hair as it dries it releases the scent of conditioner. I love as they bend forward and in one motion raise there head as the hair whips into place. Then the make up ritual begins all the powders foundation concealer blush mascara. The smoky eye the bronzer the blush the lip liner lipstick and LIPGLOSS OMFG. As the already beautiful woman transforms into model mode. The next phase which is also equally my favorite is getting dressed. Aka FASHION SHOW. No woman I have been with has CAN EVER WEAR the first thing she chooses. So she begins to change in and out of clothes like a model. My Joy is seeing clothes come on and off with a full length mirror check in between. Even when new clothes are purchased for a specific occasion doesn’t mean it will be worn. This continues to my delight. Then the choice of shoes is about to start. Placing them on in a in a calm manner as the decision to wear or change is made kicking them off with urgency only to calmly try the next pair. But note god forbid one shoe can’t be found. Instant panic as if that was the pair. Once the matching shoe is found. The pair are kicked off faster then put on. Out of frustration and time consumption a choice is made. The same comment always follows. I guess these will have to do. Not what I had in mind oh well. Now the finally accessories. This is a difficult part because time has passed and now choice is limited to color scheme. All her efforts are now jeopardize by a hasty choice due to time management which is later blamed on some previous events. Aka dodling her she is less than happy but has no other alternative. Now the worst of this whole ordeal. The search begins for purse keys and phone.This is where insanity takes over. The screaming and throwing of anything and everything begins. What was a somewhat organized mess is now resembles a war zone. As I ask for a kiss goodbye the same words chime out. CANT YOU SEE IM ALREADY LATE!!! What’s up with that.
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