The Odd Couple theme song film soundtrack original music score (2)

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    Mar 2, 2024 5:59 AM UTC
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    The original soundtrack album for The Odd Couple (which can be heard elsewhere on YouTube) is noticeably different from the recordings used in the 1968 film, so I've assembled all of the music that you actually hear in the film. I've eliminated any dialog, although you can hear sound effects in a few places. It adds up to only 12 minutes of music, and yet composer Neal Hefti (who also wrote the Batman theme) gives us about 6 distinctly different arrangements of the title theme. At the end, I've tagged on a version from The Odd Couple II (1998). In addition to the iconic theme, a version of the cue beginning at 10:11 is heard in every episode of the 70s TV series
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