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    Apr 1, 2024 3:39 PM UTC
    Welcome to the group. We all can come and share ideas and learn from each other and talk about our lives being Native American and we all can share Stories, Wise Sayings,Visions, Poems, and other things about us and our ancestors and also talk about our lives being a native american in the United States!Also we are a group dedicated to helping native american singles find their mates for romance and friendship and marriage! So please join an lets make this a good place to share our dreams our family history and more lets make this a good place to sit by the fire and share our lives,and our experiences and any and all Members are welcome to use this community in a respectful manner. Post messages to help Native People living in the United States, Pow Wow information, Looking for Love or Romance,Native Programs, Native Events, Prayers, Birthdays, Weddings, or just to say hi.This Group is here for everyone, and let members know when to meet or where to go for help in your community. There are a lot of Native People living in the United States, homeless, not knowing there are other people like themselves in the same city. Please let the people know where to get help. Don't let them suffer any longer. We have lost respect for our culture and lost our Native Language. Please don't let it die. There are too many people here to see that happen. This Community is looking for Native American teachers to help teach any language songs, dances, and more; whatever you can do to help. This Community is looking for your support and don't be shy....this is the place to meet, greet, and even find love if you can with stand the heat to seek the one that makes your life just a little bit better. So take a chance to find romance, we all need a little love.We are a focused Singles group that make it easier than ever to Meet or Date Native Americans, Aboriginals and First Nations single men and women who are out there who want to meet you and establish friendships or romantic relationships! and those who are seeking marriage and to start families. Shared goals are an important foundation to any relationship. This group is here to help bring marriage minded men and marriage minded women together!
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