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lippy Dating Profilemember offline
, Pennsylvania
, United States
I'm a mad scientist. I mostly use my spare time to create artwork~ Studying to become a better scientist. What I do with my life other than working is creating art, whether for volunteer work at ...
lippy  30  
Woman Seeking Men
Lets Hang Out / Chat / Friends

Messiah Dating Profilemember offline
, Florida
, United States
I dont have much to put here im a shy guy so I doubt I will message anyone very frequently, but I am looking for a connection. Something casual is fine, but a deeper connection is welcome too. Just me...
Messiah  24  
Man Seeking Women
Casual Dating / No Commitment

DerMac143 Dating Profilemember offline
Port Angeles East
, Washington
, United States
Females ..maybe couples A couple looking for a third either hookup or to make a connection. Mac(me): 23 yr old pansexual, fluffy mom Derek : 27 yr old straight, athletic, slim, dad We like cudd...
DerMac143  27  
Woman Seeking Women
Casual Dating / No Commitment

kaiokenmaster Dating Profilemember offline
, Minnesota
, United States
I'm looking for someone close who wants to date seriously but otherwise, I don't plan on going anywhere. is were far away and still wanna sext or chat HMU I'll still talk. Although I'm not one to pay ...
kaiokenmaster  23  
Man Seeking Women
Casual Dating / No Commitment

SirMaximusOwnage Dating Profilemember offline
, Texas
, United States
Yellow jello! I am the socially awkward nerd. To get it out of the way right away, I'm an aspie. If you do or don't know, what that is, don't worry. It's nothing horrible. I am a dork, a hopeles...
SirMaximusOwnage  34  
Man Seeking Women
Boyfriend / Girlfriend