How To Take The Right Step Towards a Happy Relationship

By Cheryl Hearts
Dating Advice: How To Take The Right Step Towards a Happy Relationship

Everyone dreams of creating an ideal relationship. But this result also depends on your efforts. Therefore, we will give you some tips on how to create relationships based on harmony.

Happy Relationship - Is not a Dream, It Can Become a Reality

Everything in our life is built on love. The role of this feeling is very great. But along the way, you may encounter a lot of problems. For example, if you are trying to “plug” any holes in your life through relationships, such relationships are doomed from the very beginning. The only question is when will they end. Of course, they may not end until death. But not because they are ideal, but because habits are hard to change and uncomfortable, and not everyone is ready for revolution.

However, harmonious and happy couples exist. It is only necessary to understand what principles the partners follow. But observing ideal relationships, it is difficult to say why they are ideal — each happy couple has their recipe. However, we still try to highlight the general principles that should be followed. This will help bring you closer to happiness.

Intimacy as the Basis of Strong Love Relationships

Intimacy does not mean only sex. True intimacy is beyond sexual relationships. It is based on a deeply personal connection between two people.

When couples say that the reason for their separation was the lack of a “spark” in the relationship, as a rule, they lacked it - real intimacy, which is based on trust, acceptance, admiration and the ability to see the best in each other. Yes, these simple words are the foundation of this “intimacy” between a man and a woman. If you want your love relationship to be strong and long-term, you will have to work on its formation.

Be Sincere with a Partner

Opening up or trusting a partner is often misunderstood as a weakness. This is not so. If you have a soulmate next to you, he will accept you and your personality, and will also provide all kinds of support. Even more, he will thank you for such frankness.

Vulnerability is the willingness of the first to say, “I love you,” without hoping for a similar answer. This decision is to wholeheartedly invest in relationships where there are no guarantees. Where they can easily hurt you. But this honesty can give you real happiness.

Play like Kids

Love relationships in which game elements are present can be happy, strong and durable. “Serious” relationships, which are affected by the 40-hour workweek, loans, taxes, and other “adult” problems, are more prone to disintegration.

Why does playfulness keep couples together? Maybe because the game brings us back to that carefree time - to childhood, in which there were no problems. The game allows you to relax and stop straining each other. When we allow ourselves to be relaxed, we become "real." We fully focus on joyful moments. And it brings us together. It makes love relationships more intimate.

Be Generous

Generosity in a love relationship shows a willingness to give away just like that, and not to receive something in return. To give pleasure and happiness to your partner. Believe us, your partner will also be pleased with your generosity or acceptance of his generosity. This feeling is also expressed in the willingness to forgive him when he offends you, and sincerely ask for forgiveness when you offend. Be generous in your love relationships. Give him your recognition, admiration, smile, joy. And your partner will be grateful for such an understanding.

Surprise Each Other

Surprises can breathe life into even the most “wilted” relationships. They can create truly magical moments that become a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of the routine and have already begun to forget why they live with their partner. At the very beginning of a love relationship, all the dates, conversations and games in the bedroom are full of surprises. Every day you learn about your partner all new things.

But over time, this light tends to fade away, if you do not intentionally take care of "tossing firewood into the fire." We all enjoy seeing joy and admiration in the eyes of a loved one. And this is one of the factors that keep partners together.

Sometimes little joys are enough. For example, a gourmet dinner (prepared by you!) By candlelight, a surprise birthday party on his birthday, or buying tickets for a football match. Add the task of surprising your beloved to your weekly checklist and you will be amazed how much this will bring you closer each time.

Allocate Time Designed For You Only

Work, household issues, parenting, books, series, social networks - all this takes a lot of time. This attracts the attention of partners, especially those who have been together for a long time. If you are always at work, in business and cannot yet refuse them, try to allocate the maximum amount of time and attention to your partner. Otherwise, the relationship may end.

Do not forget about simple and pleasant little things. You can write him a nice SMS throughout the day, send your beautiful photos. And when you stay close, forever forget about business at work, friends, and colleagues. Because you now belong to your soulmate.

Physical Contact

Touch can change mood, express feelings, give pleasure. You are sad today - tell us about your experiences or just shut up while he strokes your head. Is the partner extremely excited returned from work, dissatisfied with the requirements of his boss? Help him calm down. For example, give a massage, hug, calm and kiss. A chain of such actions can awaken in you and your partner a completely natural desire to have sex. The passion that awakens during sex destroys the walls of misunderstanding.

Appreciate Your Love

In life, there is a lot of confusion that can affect the love relationships within a couple. Imagine someone is telling bad things about you or your lover. Think about it or not. Here everyone decides for himself. But think, who do you trust more? Is your doubt worth the risk to which you can expose your relationship? Is this a serious reason for their destruction? Your happiness costs much more than the gossip of the people around you. Remember that near you there can always be ill-wishers who envy your happiness. Be reasonable and make the right decision.

Common Dream

As the classic said: “Love is not when two are looking at each other. Love is when two are looking in the same direction. ” The goal that both partners want to achieve is unified because it requires mutual understanding and mutual support. As a result, “you” and “he” cease to exist. “We” is formed, which is an expression of your general opinion, your love relationship.

This does not mean that you must have far-sighted plans (for example, to save money and build a house). It can be something completely insignificant (a desire to spend a weekend together, to try something for the first time together, a joint hobby). Both partners must want this. And it will bring you closer and strengthen your relationship.

Respect Your Love Relationship

Now we are talking not about respect for each other’s feelings (this was already done before), but about actually building a relationship with a partner on a pedestal. This is great if the partners understand that their chosen one is number 1 and the most important person in life (along with close relatives).

Remember: happiness loves silence. Everything that happens between you and your man concerns only the two of you. You should not tell in detail about everything to your relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Usually, it can only hurt your relationship. In the telling, you violate the principle of mutual trust, which is necessary to maintain intimacy with a lover. Your partner will be immensely grateful to you, if everything that bothers you in your relationship, you will discuss only with him.


Any relationship, even ideal (as it sometimes seems from the outside), requires that both partners make certain efforts to strengthen and maintain them. And this process cannot go as planned. The rules we have listed are just recommendations. It is you who are responsible for your life and love relationships. You can listen to my advice, but you will have to make important decisions yourself.

Yes, you will often hurt each other. You will both make mistakes that you will regret. But if you understand the reasons for your actions, be aware of desires and make efforts, then an ideal relationship can become a reality.

Cheryl Hearts

Cheryl Hearts

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