The Most Attractive Part of a Man's Body According to Women

Most Attractive Part Of Man's Body According to Women - Forearms Photo: "Construction" by Walt Stoneburner is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Have you ever wondered what physical part of a man's body is most attractive to women? Most men assume that women prefer 6-pack abs, big biceps or muscular legs. However, the answer will likely surprise not only men, but also women! It turns out that the most attractive part of a man's body is... Forearms. Yes, you read that correctly, and we will go into the details and provide the proof!

Obviously, a man's personality is the most attractive part of a man - personality is everything. The face (although a sum of parts) is also at the top as well. However in this article, we will be talking solely about the physical, specific part of the male body that turns women on the most. When talking superficially about the female body, many men will single out boobs, abs or legs as the obvious choices that turn men on. But it is important to realize that the female brain is wired differently, and men admit that the female mind is an enigma - you never know what they really want or what turns them on. So men have pondered: What part of their own bodies turn women on? What can they "show off" to attract more women to them?

The obvious step is to poll women and ask them what they think. We've done some research and found a number of threads on Reddit where the question was asked over the years. Hundreds of real women came up with many different answers, some of them are pretty interesting and unexpected. However, forearms and hands came up pretty consistently, followed by shoulders, collarbone and butt. When you have free time, we invite you to surf these interesting threads and read the comments on what women are thinking about!

Reddit Polls: What women enjoyed most about a man's body

It turns out that the forearms do not even have to be "jacked" or "very" muscular as many men would expect. So there is no need to have a forearm workout day at the gym! One woman explains: "Forearms. If you're smooth rolling up shirt sleeves to reveal glorious forearms then I'm all yours.". A different red headed lady responded that "Forearms" was most attractive. When asked what specifically about the forearms was attractive, she responded: "Just the way that it looks. It's like pure muscle or something. IDK. It just turns me on."

Forearms that excite womenPhoto: "make some noise" by istolethetv is licensed under CC BY 2.0
It's the forearms.

Later on in another poll, a woman explains: "Forearms...purrr! My boyfriend has nice muscular (not bubbly/bumpy muscles) forearms. When he's on top it emphasizes them a lot. Mmmm!". Another woman responds and adds to the discussion: "Yes, yes, yes!!! It's always where my eyes seem to go when a guy is present. So damn attractive!"

Again, it appears that most women simply like well-defined forearms, not the really muscular, "jacked" ones. One woman explains what she likes best: "Forearms in general, don't care about the shirt. They're just sexy as fuck. But not the muscley veiny ones (bleh), I like the slim well defined ones.". In a different post, another woman goes on to explain: "Forearms also, nice and strong. It doesn't matter if you are lean or muscular, just not flabby forearms.". Even a man chimed in and explained what his girlfriend told him: "A girl once told me that guys forearms are like cleavage to girls. not sure why or if it's true, but you can bet i incorporated wrist curls into my workout."

Women are attracted to forearms - proof is in culture and television
It is not an accident that many male actors in movies and television have their forearms prominently exposed. One example is shown in the photo above, featuring Sam and Dean Winchester in the TV show "Supernatural" - forearms exposed. The marketing geniuses know that sex (and forearms) sells for women.

After going through all of the polls, it seems that many times, the hands (long fingers) and the forearms combination is a big turn on for women. Also, quite a few women note that they enjoy men in dress shirts with their sleeves rolled up, showing off their manly forearms. Oftentimes when women mention "arms", they typically mean the forearms and extremities. There is even an entire Reddit thread dedicated to photos of men's sexy forearms: r/ForearmPorn!

More evidence that forearms are in style

Again, not all women consider forearms as the sexiest part of the male body, but that answer comes up quite often. It's not a phenomena limited to Reddit either. These results have appeared high up on the lists of other polls as well. For example, here is a poll from listing what some of the top choices are: What parts of a male's body do women find attractive to stare at?. Multiple women have also mentioned forearms among other items.

A study by Fashion Beans also declares that forearms are one of the top items for women: The 5 Hottest Male Body Parts According To Women. Even the popular Cosmopolitan has forearms as #2 in their rankings: The 11 Hottest Male Body Parts, Ranked. Women seem to like well-defined and slightly vascular (veiny) forearms on men, but not the really muscular, jacked type of forearms. One theory on why women may be really turned on by these is noted by Cosmopolitan's female writer: "I have this theory where forearms are visually like a dick substitute, because of the veins and stuff. But it also might be as simple as "big, muscular, moderately-hairy forearms mean that you can kill food and keep me warm." It also signifies that the guy is holding back his strength when he touches you/me/women, which is cute.". Others on Reddit and Quora had a similar viewpoint.

Runner Ups: More of the hottest parts of the male body that women enjoy.

Besides forearms, there are a number of other choices that are very close to the top according to the polls and averages:

  1. Forearms
  2. Hands / Long Fingers - Right next to the forearms, many women get turned on by man hands and long fingers. Women are used to their small hands and get turned on by a man's much larger and stronger hands holding them.
  3. Shoulders - This is one of the obvious picks that women like, and is high up in the rankings. Women enjoy broad, muscular shoulders that are wider than them.
  4. Collarbone / Neck - Pretty close to the shoulders in rankings (and physically), is the collarbone and neck area. Quite a large number of women are turned on by a man's collarbone/neck area. Interestingly enough, it turns out that many men enjoy this same part of a woman's body as well (although not as highly ranked). They don't have to be muscular or jacked, women simply like solid, boney collarbones!
  5. The "V" / Happy Trail - There isn't a great name for this, but it's basically the lower abs, the part of the body between the belly button and crotch area. Women like this area as it is more muscular and defined than what women have. One female writer explains: "When a dude stretches, his shirt goes up, and you see a tiny bit of happy trail, it has the same effect as a girl's cleavage does on a guy.". Women like it flat and slightly muscular. Not surprisingly, this is also one of the most favorite parts of a women's body that men enjoy (although with less muscle).
  6. Butt / Hips - Another obvious pick is the butt and thighs area. This is also one of the higher ranked parts of the women's body that men enjoy as well. Women prefer thinner, defined hips on men.
  7. Abs - Abs are one of the obvious choices again, however it is lower on the list than many would expect.
  8. Back - A well-defined back is also a top pick among women
  9. Penis - This is an item that many men would imagine would be high up on the list. However to women, this is very close to the bottom. They still enjoy it as an attractive item to look at, but there are a lot of things much higher up in the list. Also, women prefer the entire package group in the crotch area, not just the penis alone!

When it comes down to it, women like the whole package deal - a sum of the parts, not just a single body part. Again, we haven't mentioned personality or facial features, as these would single-handedly be at the top of the list and there are just too many specific and complex variations to list (it would depend too uniquely on each individual guy).

Forearms that excite women
The forearm lifestyle that excite women.

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