Ladies who are real (2)

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    LTRWanted36 OP 16 Posts FRESNO, California, USA
    Jun 7, 2022 2:11 AM UTC
    If truly think you know what love is and you are truly interested in sharing your heart with a awesome and loving soul, a great guy who truly doesn't even know what love is anymore and well just wants to have someone who is going to love me for me and not use me and break my heart or belittle me betray me and make me second guess myself every single day and night and seriously think about everything I have done leading up to this point in time as a mistake seriously don't message me at all. I have been heart to much from loved ones such as my mom. She lied to me about my step dad Tommy who was my second father to die my first dad died when I was ten years old and well my mom has even lost a son before I was born March 25th 1985. Her son died at 3 years old on March 15th 1985. And well my first wife was great but she lied to me and cheated on me when I survived overseas and well she had a kid with this person. And my second wife didn't know what the hell she wanted cause she couldn't deal with her past and we were always fighting and Furthermore I waisted 11 years of my life with her and for 5 years we honestly hardly ever even had sex seriously I can honestly say that in five years we had sex maybe 6 times tops and well I was ready to go to find someone else cause she always blamed me for everything and she truly loved telling me that I was nothing and she had thrill's putting me down and making excuses for her and her kids all the time and well she had no problem telling me how stupid my Mom was and my brother and well I knew staying there I was going to end my life seriously so I took and seriously left her I'm still going through the divorce right now so I seriously would love to be able to meet someone who is interested in having a fun time with me and who truly wants to be my friend and my lover and who truly wants to share their life with me and I wouldn't mind meeting someone who just truly wouldn't mind letting me give it to you all the time and pound your sexy body and just straight up get the sexual frustrations out of my last sexless marriage and truly give you some awesome memories of the thrilling time's I'm going to be giving you and well if you are interested in having fun with me, and having true love let me know and if you are locked to me here in Fresno CA and willing to host or pick me up. Cause can't drive due to a war injury and want to straight up having a long term sexual companionship and moan and squirt all over the place then hit me up cause I would love to have someone who is interested in having sex with me and letting me ravage your sexy body all day and night long baby girl then please hit me up cause I would love to have you to pound my p*nis into every single day and make you moan loud and squirt all over the place then hit me up cause daddy aims to please you all the time.
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    JuicyE 3 Posts Lima, Ohio, USA
    Jun 9, 2022 5:14 AM UTC
    100% Women
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