Romantic Movie: Comfort (AWARD WINNING Film, English, Kevin Ashworth, Love) free full movie (3)

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    Comfort (2016): A late night courier boy agrees to pick up the feisty daughter of an important client. The two youngsters form a close connection and spend two nights exploring LA's local food scene while their romance blossoms.

    Director: William Lu
    Writer: William Lu
    Stars: Julie Zhan, Kevin Ashworth, Michael Boucher, Michael Bow
    Country: USA
    Language: English
    Release Date: 5 March 2016 (USA)
    Filming Locations: Nvisionate Studios, Van Nuys, California, USA

    User Review (

    "For everyone who is done with watching nightly escapades and immoral, provocative love, this tender movie is a tip. See the true romance, close by. Completed with a little humor and a bit of immersion.

    Courier Cameron (Chris Dinh) has to pick up one of his clients daughter of the airport: Jasmine (Julie Zhan). He is immediately charmed by her. And what does a crushing man do in a tender film? He does not actively open the hunt, no he buys a purple cuddle pony of one hundred dollars. Dating 2.0.

    To see, or not to see? Comfort is a bit different than you are used to from the average romantic movie. Two adults who interact with each other in an extremely correct way. No l*st and wild behavior, but politeness and sincerity. I found it a nice movie, but there are some clichés in it and sometimes it's all too unrealistic and predictable. The bravery can sometimes be boring.

    Particularly see this movie if you are in the mood for something sweet and do not mind that the film is mainly about dialogue. The quality is good, so I still recommended it." Written by Lilian-van-Ooijen
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    Thank you for posting a decent romantic movie with no smut. I haven't watched it yet but " comfort " and safe touch is something that I crave so it appeals to me a whole lot. Thumbsup smilie emoji/emoticon smiley
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    You are Welcome Hattip smilie emoji/emoticon smiley May You Find "The One" You are Seeking 🍀 Good Luck!

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