All Expense Paid Arizona Sexcation - Ladies only please (2)

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  • CreampieLover Dating Profile
    CreampieLover OP 19 Posts Globe, Arizona, USA
    Jan 21, 2023 6:21 AM UTC
    Would you be willing to drop everything without warning and come to Arizona if I paid for all your travel expenses? Round trip tickets, if you choose lodging and all amenities, car rental if you like, A surprise gift of my choosing everyday plus one for a hello and another for goodbye. Spending cash within reason. In addition you will be spoiled, pampered, doted upon, and treated like a queen for 4 days, including massages, full body oil rubs, sexual favors of any kind anytime, long slow drives in the country, camping on the 3rd tallest mountain in Arizona, and any other demand or wish you desire. I have the ability to offer this to you. It is a no strings attached, once in a lifetime opportunity that you can extend (up to 7-days) or end at anytime. If you will say yes, I can almost 100% promise that you will experience many of your sexual desires and fantasies, Yes all of those kinky desires you, so often, fantasize and masturbate over, will come to life and become memories rather than fantasy. This is a serious and real offer, all you have to say is yes and tell me WHY YOU DESERVE OR WANT THIS MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE. Since there will certainly be more than one lady who would like this opportunity, The one who writes the most compelling and honest entry will start packing.
  • CreampieLover Dating Profile
    CreampieLover OP 19 Posts Globe, Arizona, USA
    Jan 23, 2023 2:58 AM UTC
    Come on, there has to be a gal out there somewhere that wants to be pampered and spoiled for a week?
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