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65 year old Man, 5'9" (175 cm)
Woman, for Lets Hang Out / Chat / Friends
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Free Thinker
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Regular Smoker, Drinks Sometimes, No Drugs
one of my creations currently residing in my placeperfect moment with my perfect companion
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About Me:

But you'll likely remember me if we have a conversation. I'm a lifelong student which in and of itself is a challenge. I love to learn. But I'm also discerning and only interested in truth so if you voted for the orange one, we likely won't find common ground.

I've lived a unique life in that I've followed my heart and scratched a lot of my curiosity itches along the way. Gang counselor on a wagon train treatment program (I walked from outside Phoenix, AZ to Salt Lake City via Yuma and the Colorado River), drove cab in Portland, OR a couple years, have been a road carpenter following commercial jobs across the country, was a prosthetic/orthotic tech another lifetime ago, and tried office work once. I hitchhiked a loop from Missouri to Alabama to California about 15 times during and shortly following college to visit family. I guess one could say I have a sense of adventure along with humor, right and wrong, all blended with a well honed sense of self.

About 12 years ago, I asked myself a tough question. "What is wrong with growing old and dying alone?" When I got honest with myself and came to the conclusion nothing was wrong with this potential reality, the baggage I'd collected over so many years just melted away freeing me to feel this sense of self and contentment like I hadn't known previously. Granted I'd love to meet the love of my life but the years are waning to hold out for that wish to come to fruition. The end result is I love living in the moment and with whomever I might be sharing time with.

I love spontaneity and boldness. I have a wonderful companion, LIbby, who is with me most of the time and my favorite creature on the planet aside from my best friend, my dad. Relationships are important and I don't use the term 'friend' lightly. I've managed to find the other side of an addiction and am stronger for the journey. Finding myself in this life is nothing short of miraculous after those years for which I'm eternally grateful to be past now. Through it all, I've managed to hold tenaciously onto my idealism while keeping my feet planted in realism. I have a deep compassion for the homeless, the less priviledged, the common person so often cast aside in the unfairness of this life. I help when I can and try to maintain my humility through it all.

Getting older isn't for the faint of heart and I'm facing the realities of slowing down physically while my mind is still sharp and agile. I hope I can meet someone who can keep up with that part of me.

Some activities I love are listening to music which I've considered an investment in my own mental health by acquiring quality components to enjoy, taking drives along roads I've never traveled, prospecting, taking pictures, and random conversations with people in the spur of the moment. I have substance, texture, and a good heart with a strong mind. I'm also passionate and unafraid to talk on deeper emotional levels when I feel comfortable with someone.

And for what it's worth, I've enjoyed a couple relationships with younger women who became comfortable calling me daddy. I'm not a dom per se but definitely enjoy the learning process of what pleases a woman along with carrying that learning into actual daily actions.

If any of this piques your interest or curiosity, please do reach out and let's see where a conversation may lead us. And if you're across the country from me, unless you're willing to relocate to where I am, it's rather senseless to click on want to hang out. I'm really only interested in women local to my area of southern Oregon. I'm basically searching for a fellow hedonist who wants to live each day as if it were our last.

My Ideal Match:

Good hearted, smart, seasoned woman who won't play games with my heart or work from an agenda based upon selfishness.

My Dating Discussions & Site Activity:

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  • Libbyshuman Dating Profile
    Libbyshuman Medford, Oregon, USA
    Nov 18, 2023 10:21 PM GMT
    what do you find attractive in women

    I'm sure this question has been asked many times before, but looking back I can't find any answer. So boys, what feature do you find most attractive in a woman?

    The first thing I notice about a woman is her eyes and their expression. So much is told with this single detail. Some people have kind eyes and don't reflect their hurts and scars while others can't seem to help their expression screaming to the world, "I've been hurt and I've given up so don't try." When she smiles and looks me directly in the eye, it tells me she's secure in who she is and knows herself. This is terribly appealing to me.

    Physical attributes are a distant second though I do prefer a woman who still cares about her body and hasn't let herself get terribly overweight...
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  • Libbyshuman Dating Profile
    Libbyshuman OP Medford, Oregon, USA
    Nov 7, 2023 11:58 PM GMT
    What women think about being involved with a bi manI opened my mind to the possibilities of exploring my bi side about 12 or so years ago. I can certainly relate to women's gripes about some of men's shortfalls as a result. But I'm curious what women in general would think of a man who admits to her he's bi? And what would their thought be about him wanting to include another man in their play occasionally? There are a lot of guys playing with guys on the side without their women knowing about it and that would be a huge problem with me. I don't mess with guys playing on the downlow just because I think it's not fair to their woman. If she knows and is fine with it, cool. Otherwise, to me, it undermines my enjoyment knowing what we're doing could damage their marriage or relationship. So what say you ladies?
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  • Libbyshuman Dating Profile
    Libbyshuman Medford, Oregon, USA
    Nov 7, 2023 7:44 PM GMT

    What are the most important qualities that a guy looks for in a woman over 50?

    A woman who hasn't abandoned her own body and takes care of her appearance is the initial observation. If a man is fortunate enough to have a conversation, then the second would be emotional availability. So many women have been hurt so much they've developed a flint like protective shroud which no man can penetrate regardless how innocuous his attempt at conversation may be. Generally, a good look in her eyes tells whether this is the case. It's a harsh reality but some women are simply broken with no hope of ever being repaired after the harm they've experienced. Sometimes the harm of a moment can take a lifetime to overcome if it ever can be.
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  • Libbyshuman Dating Profile
    Libbyshuman Medford, Oregon, USA
    Nov 7, 2023 7:38 PM GMT


    What are the most important qualities that a guy looks for in a woman over 50?

    Well speaking for most guys I don't sugar coat or ever claim to be a playa I'm real I'm ?. We ga god girls different because making s girl my girlfriend is jig Whst comes to mind. Wd first look at a**, breast, face no detail I'm on dog mode. That goes same when
    We spot a 50 year old thats a fantasif fetish again. This is the reason when guys are in a crown theh say stuff like look at that milf you start talking that man talk. I've never heard in a crowd of say of guys anyone say " i just want to hand mind blowing conversations with that girl ". " I really really want to connect with that 50 and see what's on her mind ". It's after the first date that we liked what our conversation where about I notice that beautiful dimple she had now it's. No longer about sex it's more about thd detail

    Is wannabe gangsta your first language with English a distant second? If you talk with a woman of any age like that, do you really expect an intelligent response or a roll of the eyes as you get to see her a** from her walking away?

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  • Libbyshuman Dating Profile
    Libbyshuman OP Medford, Oregon, USA
    Nov 7, 2023 6:51 PM GMT
    Southern Oregon daddyI'm a gentle, kind, yet firm daddy interested in helping younger women learn how to enjoy their bodies through regular contact both online and in person. There's something special about being entrusted with the early development of a woman learning what her body is capable of. I've enjoyed my times with younger women as they have because they keep coming back once we've begun the process. If you're unsure of yourself, lack the confidence to assert your rights to be treated well, or just want to discreetly learn so you can become a better lover, please reach out.
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