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Hello to the special someone I am looking to care about. Just got back from flying around the World and boy are my arms tired :) ( maybe a little silly )...I am a transplant person from SoCal and blessed to be here! I bought my home in Prescott Valley and am starting to make new friends. I have been here about eight months and I left behind twenty three years of friends and family. My parents have been married for over fifty five years and have always been my best friends! I was raised with four sisters and one brother. My sisters are very protective of me, so much so they all became law enforcement agents who carry a gun because of how much they love me... Okay no guns but they do love me. : ) I am looking for someone to work at communicating well with, take out to dinner and go to church with. I can sing and perform music as well as play catch with a baseball, go bowling or tennis or the movies.

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I am looking for a girl who is petite to physically fit as I am, who is certainly open and honest about who she is and is considering a long term relationship.

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  • Faithful Dating Profile
    Faithful Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA
    Apr 14, 2022 10:51 PM GMT
    Are we even more deceived than we thought?YOU HAVE LOST TRACK OF JESUS AND THE SIMPLICITY OF HIS GLORY!!! Mudflood what? The devil has convinced mankind that the Bible message is foolishness and 90% of people have listened! Timelines have been perverted by mankind. Were you there when Noah built the ark? Were you there when JESUS rose from the grave? NOBODY who has lived the last 2000 years was there and 90% of people believe in lies and will except a lgbqteieio instead of fighting against its sins and teaching that all nature says these acts are wrong and hurting those who practice them. The prideful arrogant selfish evil heart of EVERYONE!!! No one is good! No Not One!!! The wages of sin is death! Anybody beat death yet? ONLY JESUS. The Bible is soooo simple! You can't earn your way into heaven cause we all are lying thieving blasphemous adulterers at heart. There has to be just ONE standard of truth or everyone will believe there truth right up to entering Hell... Anyone who wants to comment or put an emoji up against what I've shared this is the emoji I would share with them...Stupid smilie emoji/emoticon smiley
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  • Faithful Dating Profile
    Faithful Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA
    Apr 14, 2022 10:35 PM GMT
    Are we even more deceived than we thought?

    In recent months I've taken a renewed interest in the "mud flood" evidence and other aspects of history relevant to the topic. When I first encountered the mud flood, I can honestly say that I was not prepared for it. The evidence was just too jarring, the possible explanations too limited, and frankly, at the time it seemed like a distraction and even a possible threat to my faith that I was not readily prepared to deal with. This, I believe, was mainly due to the possible explanations being suggested by researchers approaching the subject from "faiths" very different from my own.

    Amazingly, I am now able to have a greater appreciation for the mountains of evidence. Sometimes we're just not prepared to deal with something so radically different from what we always held to be true about our reality. Psychology calls this phenomena Cognitive Dissonance and it is a very common reaction to anything new that causes us to have to question our own experience of reality and possibly change our perceptions.

    Though I am now able to spend more time investigating an appreciating, the mud flood evidence, it is not without the need to reexamine how this new evidence will impact my presently held beliefs at any point in time.

    Each time that I encountered the topic, I racked my brain for how this could be, the implications, possible explanations and hypotheses. After viewing much evidence, pondering every possibility that my imagination would offer up, and many prayers for wisdom and discernment, I have found it necessary to consider a new idea that at the time, I thought was Original. Thankfully, with time, I've discovered that I not the only one to come to this conclusion.

    As we always say, "dont believe me, do your own research" and, preferably, do your own research before attacking me for what I'm about to share...

    The world wide remnants of grand architecture that remains of the past that we're so often told was constructed in the 1800s appears to be something else entirely. They appear to be the remains of a much more beautiful, efficient and culturally advanced "civilization" than that which is currently inhabiting the earth. What remains are buildings, art and antiquitech that are far more pleasant to the eyes and environmentally clean than anything we produce today or have produced in the past 100 years.

    What remains of what is commonly called "Tartaria" is evidence of world-wide free energy, palatial "mansions," "State" buildings, art, sound healing (and healing through sound/vibration), clean and healthy (chemical free) water "treatment" community farming/gardening. There is just so much evidence remaining though it has been largely concealed by the enemy and multitudes of contrived narratives to explain it all away. Long and detailed ways to subliminally convince everyone "there's nothing to see here, move along."

    There is also evidence that time, hundreds of years, have been added to our timeline. It appears that in the first century "AD," now called "CE" (hint hint), a numeral "1" was added in front of the number. So, what has always been 1611 AD to us was in actuality only 611 AD.

    This time deception served multiple purposes, first it put a much greater time divide between us and Christ, and it also gave a great deal more time for the enemy to do what he does best, concoct many new lies to fill in gaps (between other lies) in order to deceive and "create" a grand illusion.

    At first I tried to fit the mud flood puzzle piece into the time of Noah's flood, but that had a lot of problems. I've recently come to the idea that in fact, all of the amazing art and architecture that remains is actually remnants of the 1000 year Reign of Jesus Christ on earth. BOOM!!!

    That would necessarily put us in the time period after the conclusion of the Millennial Reign of Jesus and during the period where Satan is loosed from his prison for a season to deceive the nations once again, the gathering of Gog and Magog gor battle, their destruction, and ultimately the Great White Throne Judgement and the lake of fire.

    I do believe,
    and mountains of evidence strongly testifies,
    we've been dreadfully deceived.
    Seek the truth.

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  • Faithful Dating Profile
    Faithful Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA
    Apr 14, 2022 10:26 PM GMT
    Just figured i'd be the first to post in this sectionThats like saying " if it feels good do it ". Tell that to a pedophile... There has to be a standard of truth to follow or you've created your own cudly forgiving God that will even let Hitler or Manson into heaven. NO, the answer to satisfaction in life is to serve others and be responsible for your actions! Do you want to be lied to? then don't lie to others! Do you want to be robbed? then don't steal from others regardless of value or size. Do you want to walk down the street with your spouse and have that person lusted after by another person? Have you ever looked at another person and thought, " they would be cool to sleep with. " That is actually committing adultery in your heart. To God you are just as guilty as committing the act! I could go on but I will share this. Life is NOT about you but about where you will spend eternity! The 10 commandments was not written to to be perfect and keep but to show you, you can't keep them and you need a God who will forgive you for FREE! Can You Dig It !!!
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