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41 year old Man, 5'11" (180 cm)
Woman, for Lets Hang Out / Chat / Friends
Mixed Race
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Night Owl
Audio / Video Engineer
Some College/University
Non-smoker, Drinks Sometimes, Drugs Regularly
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Much better at conversations then online introductions. For starters I didn't stock up on toilet paper for this Covid 19 deal. Went with tissue instead since I'm not worried about catching the bubble guts... Getting sick doesn't concern my arse.

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Nobody or anything specific. No criteria

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  • Turntablist619 Dating Profile
    Turntablist619 OP San Diego, California, USA
    Dec 14, 2021 4:50 PM GMT
    So Cal ? Cloudy weather today :)Any females in Cali on here?
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  • Turntablist619 Dating Profile
    Turntablist619 OP San Diego, California, USA
    Aug 23, 2021 4:23 PM GMT
    Just figured i'd be the first to post in this sectionNo stance on religion... Whatever story or guidelines to life give you comfort then thumbs up....
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  • Turntablist619 Dating Profile
    Turntablist619 San Diego, California, USA
    Aug 23, 2021 4:08 PM GMT
    an*lI'll lick some a** but never really been into an*l. The va*ina so far is pretty impressive.
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  • Turntablist619 Dating Profile
    Turntablist619 San Diego, California, USA
    Aug 23, 2021 4:00 PM GMT
    What's with everyone around here


    if your from around my area can you tell me what I'm missing on my profile or why there Is never a response back i mean i should of at least had one by now?

    My brother sorry to give you bad news. This is how it is today. Women now think the are entitled. Mostly because they are financially secure. Which means they don’t need a man. Before women relied on men for financial support ergo money = honey. And to marry and secure their future. Then to seal the coffin they have children. Which now means support for life. Note: I am not a shovanist nor a hater nor a basher. Quite the opposite.I love everything woman from tip to toe. So women from 20-30 charge for they’re time because we as men aren’t getting it like we should. 30-40. Either going thru divorce or separated or still have teens at home which always come first no question about it. That’s why the man left because he is not even on the list. And finally to answer your question.40-50+ women these are the worst of all. They have money career g kids are on their own or they become grandma. They now fill their lives with walks and hikes and grandkids visiting and joining woman driven activity’s. If you want to get a woman over 50. Plan on filling your day doing what she wants then dinner which you pay for and the end. A walk to the door a kiss on the cheek and the famous like. Thank You I had a really nice time. So you can go home and beat it. Check their bios. You need to be and do everything listed. Funny they aren’t looking for hook up=sex. Looking for long term relationship. WTF your 50+ you don’t want sex you have new boobs on an old body. Your pictures are all in sexy or skimpy clothesYou stand next to animals foreign places or sports cars. These are all fake advertising to lure you in. If they were as they say. Then why are they on a dating site. It is role reversal my brother. Check it out while driving look at the cars around you. Women are the ones behind the wheel. Men are passengers now. I say to all women Get the F$&K out from behind the wheel get in the passenger seat shut your mouth sit there and look pretty. How hard is that. Also keep your legs open and your mouth closed. Brother go to a third world country. You will have any woman you want. From 18 - 60. These women are taught from birth how to be a woman that a man would like. She wants to go to America then her bring her family over. But for 7 years you will be in heaven. If she’s leaves you revoke her green card. Go back and get another one their are millions of women waiting. I don’t understand why a woman thinks a man wants her for anything other than sex. I have never heard a man wanting a woman for her cooking skills or her earning potential. Maybe when they were young yes. Ladies if you read this. Here is some advice. If you are over 35 and a man gives you the time of day. Consider yourself fortunate. Hope this helps

    This was a very good read btw! lol

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  • Turntablist619 Dating Profile
    Turntablist619 San Diego, California, USA
    May 3, 2020 5:58 PM GMT
    SCAMMERS &FAKESDamn 8 pics.... Some people get worked up from different shit I guess. Can only imagine. I’m old fashion, Show me a 1/4 of a pic and my mind completes the rest and I’m ready to go. Lol
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