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48, San Francisco

member offline Atheist10: 44m sapiosexual very kinky looking for non-poly playmate pnp

48 year old Man, 6'4" (193 cm)
Woman, for Casual Dating / No Commitment
Body Type:
Some Extra Pounds
Some College/University
Smokes Sometimes, Drinks Sometimes, Drugs Sometimes
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Over 10 years
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No Second Language
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1-2 Times Per Week
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No Pets
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I Dont Follow Politics
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94103, CA

About Me:

Easy going, live alone downtown San Francisco, like my clouds among other things but it dosen't rule my life. I am an INTP personality type (look it up) and very much so!! Hygenic, care about my appearance, work steady. I am an accomplished musician , singer / songwriter. Heavy political folk influence. (Townes Van Zandt, John Prine, Ray Lamontagne, Brandi Carlile etc.) Just need some one to chill with who is non-judgmental; ,expect the same in kind. Im very Sapiosexual so she needs to be bright. Must be ok with a rather kinky friendship. What can I say...I'm playful and get bored easily. You will find me both trustworthy and encouraging. I always wanna see my friends excel in life and always have words of support to offer. Not everyone who uses drugs is a thief and smells like a greyhound bus terminal. Famous people who did/do amphetamines...Authors Iriene Welsche, Tao Lin and Megan Boyle, musical artists Townes Van Zandt, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Ted Nugent, & Lester Claypool, famous artists Andy Warhol and Bansky (supposedly) , modern day philosophical lecturers Sam Harris & Christoper Hitchins & do not forget Nobel Prize winners; Werner Von Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger, and my all time favorite and personal hero Richard Feynman. Need i say more. :) Its not the drugs folks .. its weak minded people that do drugs because they lack ambition and make the rest of us look bad.

My Ideal Match:

PNP please. U are kinky non judgmental ok in ur own skin playful . just be u. But have self respect and take pride in how you carry yourself please. Must be able to discuss fantasies openly and be willing to fill out and trade a kink / bdsm checkilst / consent form prior to any play. This both protects us as well as gives me a clear picture of your limits so I can push your buttons without fear of taking it to far. I couldn't live with myself if someone got hurt, physically or emotionally. I would probably never play again and don't want that. Newcomers are welcome. A few xtra lbs welcome too. Sapiosexual is me so please be intelligent ( book smart ...street smarts... don't matter, just have a brain that likes to be in the on position) .. glasses drive me nuts btw. I have fairly current blood tests.( 6 months and havnt played since the virus scare) It would be nice if u did or were willing to. So how about it wanna push a few buttons with me?

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    Atheist10 San Francisco, California, USA
    Feb 20, 2021 11:12 AM GMT
    The universeWanderwick its true you cant violate the light limit but u can beat it in reletivity. the edge of our universe horizon is already moving away from u faster than the speed of light. It may not be but from our frame of refence it is. Think about the speed of a ping pong ball on a train in play. one way its traveling much faster than the other if u include the speed of the train. somebody off the track can see it the people on the train see something different. So if something is moving close to the speed of light and the planet your on goes around the sun and starts moving away at enough relative speed you can see that indeed something in your field of view is moving away from you faster than the speed of light...but here's the real fucked up part ready....the light leaving the object towards your eyeball also is limited by the speed of light. thats why things falling into a black hole never get there. they both freeze in spacetime forever and also fall in the black hole. Cause the gravity is so intense it stops any light of the object actually falling in from ever reaching u. So what realitty is true? Science and Hawking say both are true. @ realities because two frames of reference. That question u asked could take multiple life times to answer but what a great question. Ive spent years thinking about it.
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  • Atheist10 Dating Profile
    Atheist10 San Francisco, California, USA
    Feb 20, 2021 11:01 AM GMT
    The universeI dont know, you talk about strings, the 11th or even M theory but its just so damb small i finally lost interest. I grew up a 6 min bike ride from the Teletron in Illinois and have always been into particle physics ever since the hunt for the top quark. it was exciting. there was a buzz in the air even for those who had no idea what the teletron did. It was more hype than the higgs from my memory. But like i said, i just dont have the math to keep up. But what i can follow and am way hyped on is Susskind and Boussos' (here at Berkeley) Holographic Universe theory. I was in a 4 month Coma and came out of it right when that theory was hot of the presses and still was crazy talk but i remember watching lectures till i got it. Maybe a couple hundred times. But if you are reading this , have the interest but lack the tools (equations) watch this video its clear ,concise and is basically one thought exp. If you know any black hole theory this will be easy. its just another horizon like the Schwartzchield. I mention this cause u mentioned the 11th dimension . this theory says that our four dimensional space time only hold the information content of a three dimensional space time. So what does that do to the quantum I ask you?

    heres that lecture

    if that dosent work search "the world as a hologram Boussos"
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  • Atheist10 Dating Profile
    Atheist10 San Francisco, California, USA
    Feb 20, 2021 9:08 AM GMT
    WonderingI look for that ultra confident take or leave it older lady Dominant type. I am typically a top but some older woman can hold my submission
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  • Atheist10 Dating Profile
    Atheist10 OP San Francisco, California, USA
    Feb 20, 2021 9:04 AM GMT
    San Francisco just blowin a few clouds by my lonesome. You ..F kinky bored safe sane consenual?Hey there.,. I , Daniel just chillin SOMA puffin a few and not much else. I cant get anyone up to my apt right now *Virus rules" but maybe you can. I can bring party favors and a few favorite toys. Maybe you happen to drive like a 74 ford station wagon cruise on over we can party in that. tt4n if you wanna play please be clean and bring protection. Ill spring for it

    Edited: Feb 20, 2021 11:45 PM GMT
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