An older picc of me. not the best, not the worst. Idk why i dont dont have more pictures of me. =D
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45, Killeen

member offline oicu812b4ic: Self Employed Single man, 45

45 year old Man, 6'2"(188 cm)
Woman, for Casual Dating / No Commitment
Body Type:
Some College/University
Smokes Sometimes, Non-Drinker, No Drugs
An older picc of me. not the best, not the worst. Idk why i dont dont have more pictures of me. =D
An older picc of me. not the best, not the worst. Idk why i dont dont have more pictures of me. =D
An older picc of me. not the best, not the worst. Idk why i dont dont have more pictures of me. =D
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Longest Relationship:
Over 10 years
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No Second Language
My Exercise Habits:
3-4 Times Per Week
Has Children?
Yes - All over 18 years old
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Not Specified
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76541, TX

About Me:

I can't upload pictures due to my work if you'd like a picture, ask me.
Looking for friends, men or women. Also looking for FWB. I'd rather not go out on 100 dates and meet 100 people, I don't have time for all that. If your looking for a stable man, in every sense of the form you've found one.
I'm 45, and I've been in 3 long term relationships. Dated VERY little. And I dont plan on alot of dating either, they're expensive, and nothings worse than going out on a date when both parties feel obligated to continue the date when neither are interested, am I right?

I'm a single father of 1, she's 18 and doesn't live with me, (AMAZING story, ask me sometime.) I live in Killeen TX, I've only lived here for 2 years. I have a few friends, but they're all men, which is fine but I seek female companionship.
A little about me. (ok, alot about me)
PRO: I can't drink alcohol. Well, I CAN, but I'm one of those guys that can't hold it. (Also a con.)
PRO: Sex for hours (sometimes thats a con too.) Ask me. I have an EXTREMELY high sex drive, and energy.
PROS: Self Employed I do well here. I'm eventually looking to buy land here (I'm waiting for the housing bubble to pop lol.)
PRO: I'm a Lover, a thinker, and a fixer, I can fix about anything that needs to be fixed, and if I can't fix it, I know someone who can. =)
PRO: Due to my job, I usually work about 4-6 hours a day (sometimes less) And I DO VERY WELL.
Which means I'm home, when you come home off of work. Which is good, because I handle all that other stuff, thats needs to be handled because I have time. I DONT work from home. Im a Tradesman and I work 9 months a year roughly, and I get the winters off.
I'm an Expert Chef, I can cook about anything you can name, if you give me a challenge. I like challenges and new things, I find in life, if theres a will..There's a way.
I'm not your normal PS4 playing guy that sits home all day with his buddies, and plays video games and smokes pot all day either. When I have downtime, and we're all caught up I like to go out and do activities, I'm VERY ACTIVE for my age.(PRO, AND CON)
I think that's part of my relation issues really, I need to get out, when usually the female wants to sit home all weekend and do nothing..Just sit there and watch TV, which is cool sometimes, but not ALWAYS.
PRO: I'm exceptionally smart and I don't "fit into a box." (There's alot on that)
I'm looking for an independent female who basically can take care of herself, and DOESN'T NEED a man. I want you to be with me because you WANT TO be with me, not with me because you don't make enough money to take care of yourself.
I learned this the hard way in life, usually the relation starts 50/50, and when they learn what kind of money I make they get EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE, with coming home, expecting 5 star dinners every night, I buy them things, take them on dates,fix their cars etc, and after awhile it's expected...

We become the "rich couple" who rarely talk, give kisses on the cheek before we head off to work. And Sex is rare.. that's usually the beginning of a divorce and neither of us are happy. Usually that's when couples start cheating, and I'm not all about that.
No I've never been married. (That's a pro,right? =)
PRO: I DON'T LIE, I CAN'T LIE. People lie to me everyday for a living, and it's my job to find out if their lying or not. I've been doing this job for 15 years, and I can spot liars in a heartbeat. It REALLY bothers me when people lie. I have EXTREMELY STRONG morals, if I'm not happy about something I will generally confront it, and try to resolve it, and not let the problem fester and become a meteor in a relationship.
PRO: I WILL NEVER CHEAT ON YOU. I never have, and never will. Even in a bad relationship with NO sex (even for months, it's so frustrating), and after being together for years, I STILL WON'T. (Sorry about caps, trying to emphasize.)
PRO: I LOVE Chevy =D
I have other PROS: but I can't think of anymore, until you point them out lol. They're normal to me, it's the way I am. =D
Anything else, just ask.

My Ideal Match:

CONS: I smoke I'd like to quit, I need help. I need you to remind me.
CONS: I have 1 daughter, she doesn't live with me (that's a con in my book family is important.)
CONS: If you lie to me, like I said I can smell lying, don't believe me? Let's try it on a date it'll be hysterical!
CONS: Stealing, if you steal from me, even one makes no sense, I give them whatever they need and even the things they don't need, and they still steal from me...
CON: I have a GIANT heart and soul, I'm VERY deep, ask me anything. (It's a weakness, I'm a softie sometimes.)
CONS: I LOVE Chevy, lol if you drive any other model of car, and it breaks down on you. I'm gonna hump your leg to get a Chevy. LOLOL!

Right now, I'm looking for friends with benefits ONLY.
If we click, and do well together, the relationship will strengthen itself naturally.
I'm not in a hurry to get into another long term.
I want to go have fun, do all kinds of stuff, get out,meet people,socialize etc.
I'm looking for (like I said) a female who doesn't NEED a relation, I'm looking for a woman who WANTS a relation, theres a difference.
You don't have to be thick or thin tall or short, just be active, honest with yourself (and me) WE WILL GO FAR IN LIFE possibly to our end.
All I ask is to be active in the relationship in every way,have dreams,wishes GOALS and desires and GO FOR THEM! STRIVE for them! WE will make it happen.
And Don't let life beat you down on the way, you have me! =D