RVLoneEagle seeks lady travel mate to share our "Bucket Lists" (1)

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    RVLoneEagle OP 1 Post Diamondhead, Mississippi, USA
    Feb 19, 2021 2:49 PM UTC
    Hoping to share some RV off the Interstate cultural sites with a story behind them. YouTube Search "Santuario de Chimayo " as a example of mine to share together..or what are some of yours???
    Along the way, I need help in creating a YouTube RV Travel Channel with episodes of these trips and stories of cultural interest. Some may be of Navajo Indian Cultural beliefs, from interviewing elders... some may be of Gulf oyster men on boats out of Apalachicola, Fl. We'll choose some really exciting end destinations!
    The RV is a wonderful way of forming a meaningful friendship of shared memories together.This excellently designed Winnebago with expanding slide outs offers all the comforts of home, including two privacy areas to do this in.
    Rather than "Sell my best qualities" I'd rather have them improve with your valued company, and support, in just being a better person for you... and others as we share the Best is Yet to Come! PLEASE, no Texting. I promise I will reply to written interest or calls, only, by exchanging e-mails, then phone numbers with respect for your privacy. Thx. Ben
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